GGPoker Provides Final WSOP 2020 Online Numbers

GGPoker Provides Final WSOP 2020 Online Numbers

The WSOP 2020 Online is over. There were 85 tournaments – 31 for the US market and 54 for those in some parts of the international market – and they are now in the history books.

GGPoker released the numbers for its 54 tournaments, and they include these highlights:

–Total prize pools: $147,789,550

–Total entries: 239,754

–Total participating nationalities: 166

We’ll do a breakdown of the GGPoker and events soon. Meanwhile, let’s look at the updates we provided to this point and the stats and final table results for the last of the official World Series of Poker events for this summer.

End of 31-event series on in US market

WSOP Events 32-40 on GGPoker

WSOP Events 41-46 on GGPoker

WSOP Events 47-53 on GGPoker

WSOP Events 54-64 on GGPoker

WSOP Events 65-69 on GGPoker

–WSOP Events 70-78 on GGPoker

WSOP 2020 Online Main Event summary

With help from live updates by PokerNews, here are the last of the results.

GG Event 79: $25K NLHE Heads-Up (People’s Choice for Most Popular)

This was an event that started on one weekend and finished the next to give fans a chance to rail the final four players in the heads-up high roller tournament. And when it was done, a GGPoker ambassador captured his second WSOP bracelet.

Buy-in: $25K

Total entries: 127

Prize pool: $3,111,500

Paid players: 8

Minimum payout: $194,469

Winner:  Fedor Holz (Germay) $1,077,025

2nd place:  Brunno Botteon (Brazil) $622,300

3rd place:  Oktay Kahyaoglu (Turkey) $311,150

4th place:  Sergi Reixach (Spain) $311,150

GG Event 80: $600 NLHE Six-Max (Pros’ Choice)

Unclear as to who exactly voted in this pros’ choice event, they made the decision to play a six-max tournament. And it ended with one American player winning his first bracelet.

Buy-in: $600

Total entries: 2,408

Prize pool: $1,372,560

Paid players: 350

Minimum payout: $1,259

Winner:  Jeffrey Dobrin (US) $189,666

2nd place:  Idris Ambraisse (France) $144,998

3rd place:  Vahe Martirosyan (Armenia) $104,255

4th place:  Joao Santos (Brazil) $74,960

5th place:  Marc MacDonnell (Ireland) $53,897

6th place:  Sergio Veloso (Croatia) $38,752

GG Event 81: $1K NLHE 6-Handed Bounty (Random Choice)

Two hosts of a GGPoker On-Live webcast determined the details for this event. Dan Stemkoski and Calvin Lee spun a wheel at the very end of this very long video (starting at 2:09:00), and the spins made it a NLHE Bounty event with a $1,050 buy-in to be played six-handed.

Buy-in: $1K

Total entries: 1,925

Prize pool: $1,925,000

Paid players: 278

Minimum payout: $1,184

Winner:  Nicolo “Paquitooo” Molinelli (Italy) $144,199 (plus $99,216 bounties)

2nd place:  Kyle Menard (Canada) $104,644 (plus $23,773 bounties)

3rd place:  Lukas Hafner (Austria) $75,940 (plus $22,959 bounties)

4th place:  Longyun Li (China) $55,110 (plus $11,765 bounties)

5th place:  Sami Kelopuro (Finland) $39,993 (plus $7,828 bounties)

6th place:  Aleksandr Grishchuk (Russia) $29,023 (plus $1,966 bounties)

GG Event 82: $1K NLHE Bounty (Beat the Pros)

This was a tournament with quite a few well-known pros in the event, and it added a progressive bounty element. Bounties started at $250 each but increased in value as the tournament progressed.

Buy-in: $1K

Total players:  2,024

Prize pool:  $2,024,000

Paid players: 26

Minimum payout: $4,012

Winner:  Melika “Melirazavii” Razavi (Iran) $239,180

2nd place:  Dylan Linde (US) $147,447

3rd place:  Andre Difelice (Canada) $114,413

4th place:  Leonid Yanovski (Israel) $66,056

5th place:  Martin Zamani (US) $51,081

6th place:  Mike Leah (Canada) $41,892

7th place:  Peter Chien (Canada) $40,251

8th place:  Elio Fox (US) $28,450

9th place:  Vadim Stoyanov (Russia) $2,704

GG Event 83: $10K NLHE WSOP Super Millions

As the last big buy-in event of the series, players lined up to participate in the Super MILLION$ event. And when it was complete, a well-known US pro captured his first bracelet.

Buy-in: $10K

Total entries:  899

Prize pool: $8,720,300 (far surpassing $5M guarantee)

Paid players: 134

Minimum payout: $21,483

Winner:  Connor Drinan (US) $1,423,049

2nd place:  Daniyar Aubakirov (Kazakhstan) $1,041,414

3rd place:  Viktor Ustimov (Russia) $755,754

4th place:  Chris Oliver (US) $548,450

5th place:  Sylvain Loosli (France) $398,010

6th place:  Suraj Mishra (India) $288,836

7th place:  Christopher Kruk (Canada) $209,609

8th place:  Arsenii Malinov (Russia) $152,113

9th place:  Kenneth Smaron (US) $110,389

GG Event 84: $100 NLHE WSOP Millions

This smaller buy-in version of the MILLION$ allowed more people to participate.

Buy-in: $100

Total entries:  34,787

Prize pool: $3,200,404 (easily surpassing $2M guarantee)

Paid players: 3.600

Minimum payout: $286

Winner:  Alexander “Kobbajun” Kobbeltvedt (Norway) $296,403

2nd place:  Kostiantyn Vovhcenko (Ukraine) $203,081

3rd place:  Anshuman Dash (Germany) $139,151

4th place:  Anthony Cheung (Canada) $95,346

5th place:  Beka Mukhiguli (Turkey) $65,331

6th place:  Edvinas Jankaitis (Austria) $44,764

7th place:  Renato Sakamoto (Brazil) $30,672

8th place:  Kim Jaehyuk (China) $21,016

9th place:  Alexandre Mantovani (Brazil) $14,400

GG Event 85: $500 NLHE Closer

The final chance to win a WSOP bracelet in the main series in 2020 was a $500 opportunity with unlimited reentries. And the winner walked away with serious money and his fourth career WSOP gold bracelet.

Buy-in: $500

Total entries:  4,012

Prize pool: $1,905,700

Paid players: 476

Minimum payout: $1,259

Winner:  Michael “Hneves” Gathy (Belgium) $272,504

2nd place:  Yuan Yuan Li (China) $194,248

3rd place:  Shankar Pillai (US) $138,467

4th place:  Erik Von Buxhoeveden (Germany) $98,704

5th place:  Luis Gustavo Kamei (Brazil) $70,359

6th place:  Craig Mason (US) $50,154

7th place:  Paul Hockin (New Zealand) $35,751

8th place:  Toni Ojala (Finland) $25,485

9th place:  Vitor Adiron (Brazil) $18,166


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