Helppi and Romanello Capture WSOP Gold on GGPoker

Helppi and Romanello Capture WSOP Gold on GGPoker

The WSOP 2020 Online turned to the GGPoker network of poker sites to host its international slate of tournaments. The fractured state of online poker today means that offering games in the United States must be on an entirely different platform from those available to other countries. The World Series of Poker executives chose GGPoker for the non-US portion of the games.

The first 31 events of the 85-event 2020 WSOP is nearly over in the US market, with the latest week of tournament results posted here. Starting with Event 32 and running through the end of the series, GGPoker offers 54 gold-bracelet-awarding tournaments, which kicked off in mid-July.

Despite a fairly solid following of players on GGPoker, the network had a bit of a breakdown during its first weekend of WSOP 2020 Online tournaments. The site had to cancel the first two tournaments on its schedule and put them into the mix the following weekend (this past Sunday).

There have been some other glitches, but most of the GGPoker events are now running smoothly.

Let’s get to the bare bones of the GGPoker events and their results.

(Note that live updates for GGPoker events do not list the number of original players and number of reentries. This was available for tournaments but not GGPoker, which means we only know the number of total entries.)

GG Event 32: $100 NLHE Opener (final day)

This event finally played out on July 26 instead of the original date of July 19. Nearly 3,700 players took to the tables for the restart, though the tournament had yet to hit the money bubble. Play went off smoothly and ran through until there was one player standing.

Buy-in: $100

Total entries: 29,306

Prize pool: $2,696,152 (exceeding $2M guarantee)

Paid players: 3,039

Minimum payout: $281.74

Winner:  Marcelo “Marolo” Jakovljevic Pudla (Brazil) $265,880

2nd place:  Ronit Chamani (Israel) $198,067

3rd place:  Dejan Kaladjurdjevic (Montenegro) $141,189

4th place:  Ramiro Petrone (Argentina) $100,644

5th place:  Pablo Silva (Brazil) $71,742

6th place:  Roberto Turrisi (Germany) $51,140

7th place:  Boban Zhivkovikj (Macedonia) $25,986

8th place:  Jonas Mackoff (Canada) $25,986

9th place:  Bret Carson (Canada) $18,524

GG Event 33: $1,111 NLHE Every 1 for Covid Relief (Charity)

This tournament barely got underway on its original starting day of July 19, but the restart ran successfully on July 26. Registration was still open when it restarted and drew a solid field. The total amount of money donated to the coronavirus charity through Caesars Cares was not listed, but it appears to have been $257,853.

Buy-in: $1,111

Total entries: 2,323

Prize pool: $2,580.853

Paid players: 332

Minimum payout: $2,249.38

Winner:  Alek “astazz” Stasiak (Canada) $343,203.53

2nd place:  Martin Ilobera (Argentina) $246,765.50

3rd place:  Harry Lodge (UK) $177,426.43

4th place:  Abhinav Iyer (India) $127,571.28

5th place:  David Montoya (Mexico) $91,724.90

6th place:  Evan Parkes (Canada) $65,951.16

7th place:  Andreas Phouli (UK) $47,419.46

8th place:  Stewart Kilpatrick (UK) $34,095.28

9th place:  Norihiro Otani (Japan) $24,514.89

GG Event 34: $525 NLHE Super Turbo Bounty Six-Handed

This tournament played out on its original day without the technical issues that plagued the others.

Buy-in: $525

Total entries: 2,214

Prize pool: $1,107,000

Paid players: 314

Minimum payout: $567

Winner:  Shoma “pp_syon” Ishikawa (Japan) $117,650

2nd place:  Diego Ostrovich (Argentina) $86,972

3rd place:  Gary Johnson (Canada) $51,801

4th place:  Daniel Strelitz (Canada) $50,431

5th place:  Yulian Bogdanov (Bulgaria) $34,677

6th place:  Tom Delaine (Malta) $20,225

GG Event 35: $5K PLO Championship

The first PLO event of the GGPoker part of the WSOP series was its championship event. And a longtime pro took it down for his second career gold bracelet.

Buy-in: $5K

Total entries:  328

Prize pool: $1,558,000

Paid players: 47

Minimum payout: $10,745

Winner:  Juha Helppi (Finland) $290,286

2nd place:  Jesus Cortes (Spain) $213,270

3rd place:  Belarmino De Souza (Brazil) $156,688

4th place:  Mike Watson (Canada) $115,117

5th place:  Jens Kyllonen (Finland) $84,576

6th place:  Yuri Dzivielevski (Brazil) $62,137

7th place:  Sergi Reixach (Spain) $45,651

8th place:  Marija Andrijasevic (Serbia) $33,540

9th place:  Alex Difelice (Canada) $24,641

GG Event 36: $1,500 NLHE Fifty Stack

The Fifty Stack event is a relatively new one to the annual WSOP lineup, as it was introduced during the 50th Annual WSOP. But its popularity prompted the WSOP to continue it as a deepstacked event.

Buy-in: $1,500

Total entries:  1,342

Prize pool: $297,496

Paid players: 188

Minimum payout: $3,328

Winner:  Michael “YesPlease” Clacher (South Africa) $297,496

2nd place:  Rodrigo Caprioli (Brazil) $215,892

3rd place:  Olivier Rebello (Canada) $156,673

4th place:  Martin Zamani (US) $113,698

5th place:  Joao Viera (Portugal) $82,510

6th place:  Neel Joshi (India) $59,878

7th place:  Rich Dixon (US) $43,453

8th place:  Viktor Zsemlye (Hungary) $31,534

9th place:  Jose Davilla (Mexico) $22,884

GG Event 37: $1,050 PLO Bounty

A non-championship-level Omaha event offered more players the opportunity to participate.

Buy-in: $1,050

Total entries:  971

Prize pool: $971,000

Paid players: 134

Minimum payout: $1,196

Winner:  Hun Wei Lee (Australia) $161,886

2nd place:  Janne Peltoniemi (Finland) $64,246

3rd place:  Craig Timmis (UK) $66,836

4th place:  Bradley Ruben (Canada) $39,472

5th place:  Paul Teoh (Malaysia) $37,083

6th place:  Attila Kuna (Hungary) $25,287

7th place:  Nikolaus Eigners (Austria) $13,537

8th place:  Shaul Meir (Israel) $12,031

9th place:  Alex Defelice (Canada) $10,442

GG Event 38: $600 NLHE 6-Max Monster Stack

Another deepstack event, one that has become a staple at the WSOP each year, served as a tournament conveniently timed for players in the Asia-Pacific time zone.

Buy-in: $600

Total entries:  2,007

Prize pool: $1,143,990

Paid players: 278

Minimum payout: $1,329

Winner:  Aaron “fishnchip” Wijaya (China) $171,389

2nd place:  Toni Bosch Jordada (Andorra) $124,376

3rd place:  Kasper Mellanen (Finland) $90,260

4th place:  Jingxiang Ong (Singapore) $65,501

5th place:  Joao Simao (Brazil) $47,534

6th place:  Blake Bohn (US) $34,496

GG Event 39: $1,500 NLHE

Players in the Asia-Pacific time zone had another tournament aimed at them, this time a standard No Limit Hold’em event. And the winner of the tournament claimed a Triple Crown, as it’s known in poker, by adding a WSOP bracelet to his WPT and EPT victories.

Buy-in: $1,500

Total entries:  922

Prize pool: $1,313,850

Paid players: 134

Minimum payout: $3,237

Winner:  Roberto Romanello (UK) $216,213

2nd place:  Niklas Astedt (Sweden) $156,905

3rd place:  Paul Barnes (UK) $113,866

4th place:  Aleksandr Trofimov (Russia) $82,633

5th place:  Thomas Cazayous (UK) $59,966

6th place:  Hannes Speiser (Austria) $43,518

7th place:  Ravali Krishna (India) $31,581

8th place:  Orkhan Allahverdyiev (Azerbaijan) $22,918

9th place:  Jeffrey Cormier (Canada) $16,632

GG Event 40: $2,500 PLO

Another Pot Limit Omaha event, this time with a bit of a higher buy-in than the previous one.

Buy-in: $2,500

Total entries:  532

Prize pool: $1,263,500

Paid players: 71

Minimum payout: $5,877

Winner:  Simon Lofberg (Sweden) $224,493

2nd place:  Andreas Torbergsen (Norway) $164,553

3rd place:  Shyngis Satubayev (Kazakhstan) $120,617

4th place:  Leon Tsoukernik (Czech Republic) $88,412

5th place:  Sai Wah Shek (Hong Kong) $64,806

6th place:  Arvi Vainionkulma (Finland) $47,502

7th place:  Paul Teoh (Malaysia) $34,819

8th place:  Benjamin Juhasz (Hungary) $25,522

9th place:  “Brahman33” (Ukraine) $18,708

Another Busy Week Underway

Two big tournaments – Colossus and PLOssus – must conclude, and a number of other WSOP 2020 events are on tap.

Event 41 on July 26: $400 NLHE Colossus ($3M GTD)

Event 42 on July 26: $400 PLOSSUS ($1M GTD)

Event 43 on July 28: $10K NLHE Short Deck Championship

Event 44 on July 29: $2,500 NLHE 6-Handed

Event 45 on July 30: $840 NLHE Bounty

Event 46 on August 1: $500 NLHE Deepstack (Asia)

Event 47 on August 2: $1K NLHE Short Deck (Asia)

Event 48 on August 2: $1,500 NLHE Millionaire Maker (2nd of 3 days, $5M GTD, $1M GTD to winner)

Event 49 on August 2 / 16:00 ET: $500 NLHE Turbo Deepstack

Information comes from PokerNews live updates pages and GGPoker.


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