Tsang Scoops Second Gold as WSOP 2020 Online Continues

Tsang Scoops Second Gold as WSOP 2020 Online Continues

This year’s World Series of Poker is in its final weeks. Action began in mid-July and will wrap up on GGPoker and its sister sites on Sunday, September 6.

Of the 85 tournaments on the original schedule, only 15 of them remain, one of which is the Main Event.

Speaking of that 2020 WSOP Main Event, flights already began last week for this event. With a $5,000 buy-in offering half-price entries from normal years and a $25 million guarantee on the prize pool, players are anxious to get to the online tables.

The event started with 22 starting flights, plenty of opportunities for players on GGPoker network sites to use up to three entries to bring a starting stack to Day 2 on August 30. The WSOP seems to have added more flights. As of the morning of Monday, August 24, ten starting days were in the books:

–1A: 464 players, 99 survived, Samuel Vousden leads (717,497 chips)

–1B: 114 players, 25 survived, Xuming Qi leads (620,372 chips)

–1C: 110 players, 19 survived, Karim Khayat leads (656,260 chips)

–1D: 68 players, 7 survived, Stuart Wallensteen leads (625,267 chips)

–1E: 83 players, 16 survived, Vlad Martynenko leads (819,099 chips)

–1F: 129 players, 19 survived, Milakai Vaskaboinikau leads (796,176 chips)

–1G: 194 players, 32 survived, Armol Srivats leads (649,699 chips)

–1H: 113 players, 18 survived, Jonathan Dokler leads (1,021,967 chips)

–1I: 233 players, 41 survived, Freez112 leads (749,186 chips)

–1L: 349 players, 66 survived, Christopher Putz leads (757,963 chips)

There are 1,857 entries tallied thus far, with 342 players surviving. The prize pool is at $8,820,750, a long way from the $25 million guarantee.

Back to the completed events, we already covered quite a lot of the WSOP 2020 Online tournaments, which are accessible through these links:

End of 31-event series on WSOP.com in US market

WSOP Events 32-40 on GGPoker

WSOP Events 41-46 on GGPoker

WSOP Events 47-53 on GGPoker

WSOP Events 54-64 on GGPoker

With updates and information provided by PokerNews, let’s get to the most recent results.

GG Event 65: $600 NLHE Deepstack Championship

It is rare to pick up a WSOP bracelet for less than $10K, but this one offered WSOP gold for a $600 buy-in…plus reentries, of course. It was well-attended.

Buy-in: $600

Total entries: 2,911

Prize pool: $1,659,270

Paid players: 368

Minimum payout: $1,424

Winner:  Dmytro “Too Bad” Bystrovzorov (Ukraine) $227,906

2nd place:  Florian Gaugusch (Austria) $172,493

3rd place:  Matthew Train (South Africa) $124,024

4th place:  Christopher Putz (Austria) $89,174

5th place:  Stanley Topol (South Africa) $64,117

6th place:  Ivan Banic (Croatia) $46,101

7th place:  Wojciech Barzantny (Germany) $33,147

8th place:  Ivan Constantin (Romania) $23,833

9th place:  Giovani Torre (Portugal) $17,136

GG Event 66: $800 PLO

Nothing fancy here – no deep stacks, no bounties, no special structure. But it was fancy enough for the winner from Ireland who claimed his first bracelet.

Buy-in: $800

Total entries: 1,281

Prize pool: $973,560

Paid players: 188

Minimum payout: $1,694

Winner:  Toby “shinherrr” Joyce (Ireland) $139,453

2nd place:  Mark Herm (US) $109,909

3rd place:  Maksim Fomin (Russia) $79,761

4th place:  Jonas Kronwitter (Austria) $57,883

5th place:  Ruslan Nazarenko (Ukraine) $42,005

6th place:  Giorgiy Skhulukhiya (Russia) $30,483

7th place:  Grzegorz Derkowski (Germany) $22,122

8th place:  Rahul Gupta (India) $16,054

9th place:  Wilder Brito (Brazil) $11,650

GG Event 67: $500 NLHE   

Again, there was nothing fancy about this tournament, just straight-up low buy-in No Limit Hold’em. And another new bracelet winner emerged when the last cards hit the table.

Buy-in: $500

Total entries: 706

Prize pool: $335,350

Paid players: 98

Minimum payout: $1,126

Winner:  Gregor “soulsntfaces” Muller (Austria) $45,102

2nd place:  Brunno Botteon (Brazil) $41,855

3rd place:  Anmol Srivats (India) $30,680

4th place:  Michiel Van Elsacker (Belgium) $22,488

5th place:  Drew Soik (Austria) $16,484

6th place:  Davide Suriano (Italy) $12,082

7th place:  Michael Schwartz (France) $8,856

8th place:  Hong Kong Nguyen (Canada) $6,492

9th place:  Ken Okada (Japan) $4,758

GG Event 68: $500 NLHE Deepstack

This tournament was set up for players in the Asia-Pacific time zone, and a player from Hong Kong did win it. In fact, he claimed his second career WSOP bracelet by winning this one.

Buy-in: $500

Total players:  2,315

Prize pool:  $1,099,625

Paid players: 332

Minimum payout: $1,065

Winner:  Anson “Tara@0z” Tsang (Hong Kong) $150,460

2nd place:  Mohaiman Ashrafee (Bangladesh) $116,809

3rd place:  Stephen Holford (UK) $83,986

4th place:  Amir Dvir (Israel) $60,387

5th place:  Wong Soon Heong (Hong Kong) $43,419

6th place:  Malcolm Trayner (Australia) $31,219

7th place:  Marc Carola (Mexico) $22,446

8th place:  Nobuaki Sasaki (Japan) $16,139

9th place:  Eder Campana (Brazil) $11,604

GG Event 69: $1,500 NLHE Marathon

This was another weekend offering timed conveniently for the Asia-Pacific players, but it was an American player who took down the tournament after nearly 14 hours.

Buy-in: $1,500

Total entries:  1,438

Prize pool: $2,049,150

Paid players: 206

Minimum payout: $3,243

Winner:  Nick “rdcrsn” Maimone (US) $302,472

2nd place:  Diego Bittar (Brazil) $228,212

3rd place:  Giovani Torre (Portugal) $165,613

4th place:  Nikolay Motsenko (Russia) $120,186

5th place:  Sebastian Sokorski (Canada) $87,219

6th place:  Ermo Kosk (Estonia) $63,295

7th place:  Murilo Nascimento (Portugal) $45,933

8th place:  Erik Lemarquand (Canada) $33,334

9th place:  Bert Stevens (Belgium) $24,190

Only 14 Bracelet Events Left

The next two weeks present 14 bracelets left up for grabs, one being the WSOP Main Event bracelet. It’s not too late to get in on the action…if you live in a country that allows it!

Event 72 on August 25 / 14:00 ET: $1,500 LHE Championship

Event 73 on August 26 / 14:00 ET: $1K NLHE 6-Handed

Event 74 on August 27 / 14:00 ET: $1,500 PLO

Event 75 on August 29 / 8:00 ET: $300 NLHE Double Stack (Asia time zone)

Event 76 on August 30 / 14:00 ET: $400 NLHE Forty Stack

Event 77 on August 30 / 14:30 ET: $5K NLHE Main Event (2nd of 3 days, freezeout flights, $25M GTD)

Event 78 on August 30 / 16:00 ET: $1K NLHE Turbo 6-Handed

Event 79 on September 1 / 14:00 ET: People’s Choice – Most popular

Event 80 on September 2 / 14:00 ET: People’s Choice – Pros vote

Event 81 on September 3 / 14:00 ET: People’s Choice – Spin the wheel

Event 82 on September 5 / 14:00 ET: $1,050 NLHE Beat the Pros Bounty

Event 83 on September 6 / 14:00 ET: $10K NLHE WSOP Super Millions ($5M GTD)

Event 84 on September 6 / 14:30 ET: $100 NLHE WSOP Millions (final day, 1 reentry/flight, $2M GTD)

Event 85 on September 6 / 16:00 ET: $500 NLHE Closer (unlimited reentries)


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