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Online Poker Sites That Accept Mastercard

MasterCard is one of the most popular credit cards in the world – in fact, by some measures it is the most popular card in the world.  Online poker players from the United States who want to deposit with MasterCard will find it to be a useful, albeit sometimes frustrating method for depositing at an online poker room.

What’s the top US online poker site that will let you deposit with a MasterCard?  Of all the poker sites accepting MasterCard, we’ve reviewed and analyzed dozens of aspects of each to bring you this list of not just which sites take MasterCard, but the absolute top poker sites that accept MasterCard for deposits.

Each site provides you with the following;

  • A safe and secure backend with full encryption of your personal information
  • A solid base of players to allow for a variety of cash games and tournaments
  • A solid history of paying players on time when they request withdrawals

Below you will find a list of ALL US / United States poker sites accepting MasterCard. This list is complete and is updated often.

How to Deposit at USA Poker Sites Using MasterCard

The top poker sites for MasterCard deposits will offer a variety of ways to use your MasterCard for depositing at the room.  If you have any questions whatsoever regarding deposit transactions at legal US online poker sites, consult support at the room.

Make a Direct Deposit at the Poker Site

This is the most popular option, but the ability to directly deposit at a poker site using MasterCard simply isn’t available at all rooms.  This is due in no small part to the high cost of credit card fraud involved in online poker transactions; such fraud dissuades both rooms and the credit card company from allowing MasterCard transactions.  If the US-friendly poker site of your choice does accept direct MasterCard deposits, great – that is far and away the best option.  If not, read on for additional choices US players have to deposit at online poker sites with MasterCard.

Fund Money Transfer Using Your MasterCard

Money transfer services are a very popular way to get money onto an online poker site from the United States.  Providers such as MoneyGram will let you purchase a money transfer with your MasterCard (for a fee) that can then be sent to the poker room.  You’ll want to contact poker room support for complete details regarding these types of transactions in order to ensure that your money gets where you want it to go.

Use Your MasterCard to Fund an Online Wallet

There are numerous online wallet services that will allow you to deposit at an online poker room.  You fund these wallets using either your bank account or credit card, meaning all you need to do is use your MasterCard to put some money in your online wallet, and then you’ll be able to transfer that money to the online poker room with just a few clicks.  Online wallets are the second-most popular deposit option for US poker players, lagging behind only direct deposits as the most common method for players from the United States to deposit at online poker sites.

Purchase Gift Cards With MasterCard

While you may think of gift cards as being just for gifts, the truth is that they’re basically as good as cash in the modern economy.  Using gift cards for online poker is a relatively new process, so expect a few kinks along the way.  However, the kinks – and the fees – involved should be relatively minimal and easily worth the trouble for United States poker players who want to deposit with MasterCard at an online poker room.

As you can see from the above, playing online poker with a MasterCard is a fairly easy goal to accomplish, even for US players looking for legal poker sites to play online.  If none of the above methods allow you to complete your poker deposit with a room, you have a few options:  You can choose another room, use another card or payment method or get in touch with the cashier at the room and ask if they can provide you with a custom deposit solution using your MasterCard.

MasterCard Background Information

The history of MasterCard dates back to the company’s founding in 1966.  Originally named the “Interbank Card Association,” the company adopted the current MasterCard moniker a bit over a decade after its founding.

MasterCard has a global reach best described as staggering.  The company claims some 1.6 billion issued and active cards that can be used for payment at over 30 million physical locations.  Behind those numbers is a team of approximately 5,600 employees spread across the company’s six regional divisions.  In 2010, the last year for which MasterCard made data available, the company estimated users made over $2.7 trillion in purchases and transactions across the entire portfolio of MasterCard-branded cards.

MasterCard has been a highly attractive choice for online poker players over the last decade, but there are no figures indicating the dollar figure associated with online poker transactions utilizing MasterCard.  While numbers aren’t available, the popularity of MasterCard as a deposit method, especially among US players, suggests that a minimum of several million dollars is generated annually by MasterCard deposits at online poker sites.

MasterCard Current News and Updates

Mastercard stock (NYSE: MA) reached an all-time high in 2020 of about $340 before the coronavirus pandemic caused its stock to tumble. It’s since shot back up, reaching a new high of $366 in August. The stock has been relatively volatile since, but has been improving with prospects of renewed travel around the world. In November, Mastercard also spread to more than 500 new communities around the world.

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