Bicknell Wins Bracelet in WSOP 2020 Online on GGPoker

Bicknell Wins Bracelet in WSOP 2020 Online on GGPoker

The World Series of Poker found its groove. Its WSOP 2020 Online series wrapped up the US-directed portion of the action with its 31st tournament on July 31, and the international portion is well underway.

GGPoker moved past its initial hiccups with a site overload and DDoS attack, and tournaments seem to now be running smoothly. More than one dozen poker players have claimed 2020 WSOP bracelets in the past few weeks on GGPoker, including Kristen Bicknell, who claimed her third career bracelet.

To get caught up on the WSOP 2020 Online to this point, check out these links:

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And for full live updates and current tournament information about each 2020 WSOP event, skip the WSOP website and go directly to PokerNews’ coverage.

Let’s pick it up at Event 41 and get current with tournament results.

GG Event 41: $400 NLHE Colossus

After multiple starting flights, Day 2 of the Colossus started on Sunday, July 26, and brought 1,946 survivors to the tables to play down to a final table. Nine players returned the following day and played 90 minutes of poker to find a winner.

Buy-in: $400

Total entries: 12,747

Prize pool: $4,796,632 (far exceeding $3M guarantee)

Paid players: 1,575

Minimum payout: $840

Winner:  Ranno Sootla (Estonia) $595,930

2nd place:  Paraskevas Tsokaridis (Greece) $433,345

3rd place:  Joni Jouhkimainen (Finland) $308,904

4th place:  Andre Figueiredo (Brazil) $220,198

5th place:  Arunas Sapitavicius (Lithuania) $156,964

6th place:  Agate Ose (Austria) $111,890

7th place:  Tom Delaine (Malta) $79,759

8th place:  Lai Sisheng (Singapore) $56,885

9th place:  Ajay Chabra (Canada) $40,529

GG Event 42: $400 PLOssus

With the annual popularity of the Colossus in mind, the WSOP added a PLO version to this year’s schedule. It drew a solid field of players over the unlisted number of starting flights and found the winner on Day 3. That player was a two-time winner, having won his initial bracelet at last year’s WSOP in Las Vegas, and this year’s gold comes with a WSOP Europe prize package worth $15K.

Buy-in: $400

Total entries: 4,356

Prize pool: $1,637,856

Paid players: 548

Minimum payout: $938

Winner:  Yuri Dzivielevski (Brazil) $221,557

2nd place:  Matt Vengrin (US) $165,147

3rd place:  Tautvydas Jokubauskas (Argentina) $116,777

4th place:  Gabi Livshitz (Israel) $82,573

5th place:  Samuel Bernabeu (Spain) $58,388

6th place:  Juan Perez (Mexico) $41,287

7th place:  Chad Layne (US) $29,194

8th place:  Dustin Dirksen (US) $20,643

9th place:  Marcus Cara (Canada) $14,597

GG Event 43: $10K NLHE Short Deck Championship  

Upping the ante, the $10K championship took committed Short Deck players to the tables and found one to call the champion. He is also a first-time bracelet winner.

Buy-in: $10K

Total entries: 130

Prize pool: $1,261,000

Paid players: 17

Minimum payout: $23,915

Winner:  Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb (Mexico) $276,393

2nd place:  Mikita Badziakouski (Belarus) $210,249

3rd place:  Sergi Reixach (UK) $159,933

4th place:  Nobuaki Sasaki (Japan) $121,659

5th place:  Dan Shak (US) $92,545

6th place:  Chi Zhang (UK) $70,397

7th place:  Bjorn Li (Hong Kong) $53,550

8th place:  Carl Schrader (Germany) $40,735

9th place:  Ami Barer (Canada) $30,987

GG Event 44: $2,500 NLHE 6-Handed

A six-handed game with a couple of reentries was the ticket brought a big crowd to GGPoker and its sister sites. And when the tournament finished, the winner picked up her third career WSOP bracelet.

Buy-in: $2,500

Total players:  892

Prize pool: $2,118,500

Paid players: 116

Minimum payout: $6,022

Winner:  Kristen Bicknell (Canada) $356,412

2nd place:  Belarmino De Souza (Brazil) $261,249

3rd place:  Ilya Anatsky (Belarus) $191,494

4th place:  Dong Jiang (China) $140,365

5th place:  Simon Higgins (UK) $140,365

6th place:  Jerome Finck (France) $75,416

GG Event 45: $840 NLHE Bounty

Who doesn’t like a good bounty tournament? This one drew a solid crowd and a prize pool close to $2M. And the ultimate winner took home quite a stash of cash for bounties.

Buy-in: $840

Total entries:  2,382

Prize pool: $1,906,500

Paid players: 332

Minimum payout: $923

Winner:  Patrick “Muddington” Kennedy (UK) $245,448 ($140,768 for 1st + $104,680 for bounties)

2nd place:  Joshua Pollock (US) $113,176 ($101,212 + $11,964 bounties)

3rd place:  Bernardo Dias (Brazil) $80,303 ($72,772 + $7,530 bounties)

4th place:  Franco Spitale (Argentina) $63,078 ($52,324 + $10,694 bounties)

5th place:  Chi Chung Ho (Taiwan) $40,790 ($37,621 + $3,169 bounties)

6th place:  Arie Kliper (Israel) $45,139 ($27,050 + $18,089 bounties)

7th place:  Ho Yin Tai (Hong Kong) $34,918 ($19,449 + $15,469 bounties)

8th place:  Francesco Favia (Italy) $29,350 ($13,984 + $15,366 bounties)

9th place:  Jose Severino (Panama) $14,042 ($10,055 + $3,988 bounties)

GG Event 46: $500 NLHE Deepstack

This one was timed to be more convenient for players in the Asia-Pacific time zone. And someone from that part of the world did win his first piece of WSOP gold.

Buy-in: $500

Total entries:  2,307

Prize pool: $1,095,825

Paid players: 332

Minimum payout: $1,061

Winner:  Sung Joo Hyun (South Korea) $161,898

2nd place:  Yiduo Yu (China) $116,605

3rd place:  Jeffrey Mallach (Canada) $83,696

4th place:  Nikita Kuznetsov (Russia) $60,178

5th place:  Yu Du (Thailand) $43,269

6th place:  Che Li Lin (Taiwan) $31,111

7th place:  Jens Kerper (Germany) $22,369

8th place:  Wei Zhao (China) $16,084

9th place:  Yesha Punjabi (Australia) $11,564

GG Event 47: $1K NLHE Short Deck

The second of two events on the Asia time zone schedule found another winner from that region, this one showing off his Short Deck skills.

Buy-in: $1K

Total entries:  487

Prize pool: $462,560

Paid players: 71

Minimum payout: $2,152

Winner:  Paul Teoh (Malaysia) $82,202

2nd place:  Michelle Shah (US) $60,254

3rd place:  Mike Watson (Canada) $44,166

4th place:  Andrei Konopelko (Belarus) $32,373

5th place:  Joseph Orsino (US) $23,730

6th place:  Jose Luis Maslhia (Argentina) $18,394

7th place:  Mykhailo Krasnytskyi (Ukraine) $12,750

8th place:  Boon Heng Siong (Singapore) $9,345

9th place:  Shota Nakanishi (Japan) $6,850

Series Moving Right Along

Event 48 is the Millionaire Maker, and instead of being a two-day event, organizers stopped it with nine final table players remaining to play it out on Saturday, August 8. Everything else is right on schedule.

Event 48 on August 2: $1,500 NLHE Millionaire Maker (2nd of 3 days, $5M GTD, $1M GTD to winner)

Event 49 on August 2: $500 NLHE Turbo Deepstack

Event 50 on August 4: $2,100 NLHE Bounty Championship

Event 51 on August 5: $400 PLO

Event 52 on August 6: $1K NLHE

Event 53 on August 8: $800 PLO Double Stack (Asia time zone)

Event 54 on August 8: $10K NLHE Heads-Up Championship (freezeout, no late reg, 128-player cap)

Event 55 on August 9: HK$8K NLHE Asia Championship (final day, 1 reentry/flight, HK$8M GTD)

Event 56 on August 9: $1,500 NLHE GGMasters High Roller WSOP Edition (freezeout, $2.5M GTD)

Event 57 on August 9: $150 NLHE GGMasters WSOP Edition (freezeout, $1M GTD)


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