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Poker Sites Accepting Prepaid Credit Cards

Once primarily used for gifts or as substitutes for full-fledged credit and debit cards, prepaid Visa cards have emerged as a reliable, secure method for US poker players to deposit at online poker sites.  Easy to acquire, easy to use and fairly private, Visa prepaid cards are a perfect match for online poker players who want to move small amounts of money to online poker sites that accept American players.

Which Poker Sites Accept Prepaid Visa Gift Cards?

If you’re from the US and want to make a prepaid Visa deposit, here is our list of the top US poker sites that will allow you to do so.  Each of the below sites offers superior bonuses, promotions and overall value in addition to accepting prepaid Visa cards as a deposit method.

If you want to deposit to an online poker site using a Prepaid Visa, check out the list below!

Acceptance Rates for Prepaid Visas at US Poker Sites

It’s important to realize that “prepaid Visa” is a generic title for a host of cards issued by a wide collection of different institutions.  These institutions issue the cards and control many of the terms attached to the card – things like fees, where you can use the card and how you can purchase the prepaid Visa.

That variety is good for consumers in one sense: It helps keep fees down.  For online poker players from the US, however, it creates a situation where cards that work at one room may not work at another, while some cards may not work at any rooms.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to this problem associated with depositing at an online poker site from the US using a prepaid Visa: Contact the cashier or support at the poker room and give them some basic information about where you’re located.  Once they have that information, they should be able to provide you with a list of prepaid Visa merchants with high acceptance rates at the room, making the entire process a simple and painless one for US players depositing via prepaid Visa.

One thing you want to be absolutely certain of before you purchase a prepaid Visa for online poker deposits:  If the card reads “Valid only in the United States” on the face, then the card cannot be used to deposit money at a poker site.

Prepaid Visa: Fees for US Online Poker Deposits

The fees that come along with using a prepaid Visa for deposits at online poker sites can be substantial.  As is often the case, many of the fees tend to be fixed or flat fees, so small transactions are often the most expensive in a relative sense.

Terms and conditions of prepaid Visa cards can be pretty dense, so here are a few key fees you’ll want to know about before you decide to use your prepaid Visa to make an online poker deposit from the US:

  1. International Transaction Fee:  Many cards charge you if make an international purchase, and all online poker deposits are going to qualify as such.
  2. Lost Card Fee:  Not always relevant to poker players, but it’s still a good number to know if you’re planning on using your card for a series of small deposits.
  3. Service Fees:  If your card isn’t used for a certain period of time, many prepaid Visa issuers will begin to charge service fees.
  4. Individual Transaction Fee:  These are fairly rare among modern prepaid Visa cards, but you’ll still find one or two that assess an additional charge for each individual transaction.

Purchasing Prepaid Visa for Online Poker Deposits

Prepaid Visa cards have become nearly ubiquitous at US retailers.  Gas stations, drug stores, major big-box stores like WalMart, electronics shops and grocery stores are just a few of the physical locations where you can buy a prepaid Visa card for use at an American online poker room.

Purchasing a prepaid Visa is as easy as buying anything else in the store.  The cards will generally be located close to the register or in a special section close to the front of the store.  Prepaid Visa cards that can be used to deposit at the top US online poker sites are often marketed alongside phone cards and gift cards, so keep an eye out for those products if you’re having trouble locating the prepaid Visas.

Once you’ve found the cards, just take one to the register.  Most prepaid Visa have preloaded amounts, so pay attention to the front of the card to determine the value.  Some prepaid Visas that are accepted by US online poker sites are reloadable and can be initially loaded with a variable amount.  The maximum amounts are determined by the issuer, not Visa, so if you can’t find a card that allows the amount you want to deposit at a US poker site that accepts prepaid Visa at a particular retailer, you may still be able to find that amount available from a competing merchant.

You can also purchase Visa prepaid cards online from services such as Western Union, along with many banks.  Since the cards are physical objects, ordering them from the Internet means you’ll have to wait a day or two for the card to be shipped out to you before it can be used to deposit at a poker site from the United States.  For this reason, the majority of American online poker players who deposit via prepaid Visa prefer to purchase the cards in person.

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