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Vermont Gambling Laws
Legal Gambling Laws in Vermont

From Mount Mansfield to the Trapp Family Lodge, Vermont is a state filled with seemingly endless natural beauty. What Vermont does not have an abundant supply of, however, is land-based regulated gambling, leaving many of the state's residents to choose between a long haul to a neighboring state or a quick click of the mouse to an online poker room. When the choice is put in those terms, it's not hard to understand why more and more poker players from Vermont are choosing the online format for their poker fix, a choice that's even easier to make after you review our Guide to Playing Online Poker in Vermont.

Overview of Online Poker in Vermont

Best Online Poker Sites for Vermont

So how do we go about putting together a list of the best poker rooms for players from Vermont? We reason that players from the state want more or less the same attributes that other American players are seeking. Our top Vermont online poker rooms feature easy deposits, quick payouts and juicy games - all with a minimum amount of hassle and a maximum amount of reliability. Check back often, as we update this list of poker sites online for Vermont frequently:

How Players From Vermont Can Play Poker Online

Simple as simple gets: pick a room from the list above. Create an account - all you're going to need for that is a valid email address. Then it's on to funding your account, which can be accomplished via credit card or funds transfer. If those options don't work for you, most of the rooms on our Best Poker Sites for Vermont list will work with you to develop a personalized solution to depositing funds into your online poker account.

Is Online Poker Legal to Play in Vermont?

Questions like this often require experience and insight that is simply beyond the scope of an online poker portal such as ours. That's why we're not going to pretend to offer you a definitive answer - such a job is one that should be reserved for a lawyer or legal professional.

So how can we help the average poker player from Vermont better understand their state law? Two ways. First, we've broken down the most important components of Vermont gambling law into an easy-to-read list that you can review below. Second, we've included links after the list that will let you review state law for yourself, aided by our cheat-sheet.

  • Vermont gambling law is rendered murkier than average by the lack of a clear definition of gambling (or definition of a similar term like "bet" or "wager").
  • It's possible to piece together a working definition of gambling by referring to the various gambling-related charges found in Vermont code. Let's start with Section 2133, which criminalizes the act of playing "at cards, dice, tables or other game for money or other valuable in a common gaming or gambling house that is maintained for lucre and gain." Unfortunately, there's no definition of what qualifies as a "gaming or gambling" house to be found in the Vermont statutes.
  • We can then turn to Section 2141, which assigns a fine (no charge mentioned) to those who win or lose anything of value "by play or hazard at any game" or by betting or sharing in the betting on same. This suggests the act of betting is the problem under Vermont law, regardless of what activity is the focus of the betting.
  • It's also illegal to keep a "gambling instrument" (Section 2134) and to sell, lease or rent "gambling machines" (Section 2135).
  • Engaging in "bookmaking" and "pool selling" (both left undefined) carry harsher penalties than other forms of illegal gambling in Vermont.

Continue your research by reviewing the online version of Vermont's state code [1].

Is Vermont Planning to Regulate Online Poker?

Any state that is looking into trying lottery sales online (more on that below) has a better-than-average chance of bringing poker online. While Vermont may have a positive outlook in that sense, there are still a variety of hurdles that would need to be cleared before poker players in Vermont could play in state-backed cash games or tournaments online.

Vermont Gambling Facts

Detailing Vermont's Regulated Gambling

Vermont has one of the shallowest regulated gambling pools in the United State. You won't find any Vegas-style casinos, commercial or tribal. Racing was once a part of the state's regulated gambling landscape, but such wagers aren't available in modern Vermont.

Your choices come down to the Vermont Lottery and charitable gambling. The latter is where poker players find a bit of luck in Vermont; poker, along with bingo and a selection of other gambling games, is allowed under charitable gambling law in Vermont.

Vermont-Licensed Online Gambling

The state of Vermont does not regulate, license or in any way oversee any form of online gambling. You could certainly devise a form of legal online betting that would be in compliance with Vermont state law, but the state does not offer licenses of any sort to online betting operations - regardless of their legality.

Recent Vermont Gambling Headlines

The major gambling news in Vermont is the impending debate over bringing the state lottery online [2]. While the initiative does have the support of some key backers, it's far from assured that online lottery sales will come to Vermont in the near term. We expect this story to dominate the gambling headlines for Vermont through 2013 and potentially beyond.

Learn More About Gambling in Vermont

Vermont Attorney General [3]. Gambling resource page from the Attorney General of Vermont. Summary of state law, links to relevant statutes and recent gambling-related developments in the state.

BallotPedia - Vermont [4]. Track gambling-related ballot initiatives and referendums in Vermont from a single page, and access information about historical initiatives as well.

Vermont Lottery [5]. Everything there is to know about Vermont's largest regulated gambling offering is available at the home page for the Vermont Lottery.

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