WSOP 2020 Online Wraps US Portion of Summer Series

WSOP 2020 Online Wraps US Portion of Summer Series

On Friday night, the first portion of this year’s World Series of Poker ended. The completion of Event 31 wrapped up the part of the WSOP 2020 Online that had been available to players located in Nevada and New Jersey.

Meanwhile, the international portion of the 2020 WSOP continues on GGPoker and its sister sites. It began on July 19 and runs through the first week of September.

As for the US’ set of tournaments, we can report the results of the final events. World Series of Poker executives will reveal the overall series numbers and leaderboard winners this week, most likely, but we can at least list the final results now.

The first four summaries of this series on were as follows:

Events 1-5

Events 6-12

Events 13-19

Events 20-26

The final tournaments, each of which produced a first-time bracelet winner, are listed here.

US Event 27: $400 NLHE Freezeout

Players spotted this rare freezeout event and took advantage. Quite a lot of players jumped in to the cheapest WSOP option of the series’ final week in America.

Buy-in: $400

Total entries: 1,940

Prize pool: $698,400

Paid players: 289

Minimum payout: $559

Winner:  Ian “ApokerJoker2” Steinman ($110,557)

2nd place:  Satoshi Tanaka ($68,373)

3rd place:  Mahyar Ebrahimi ($49,796)

4th place:  Nick Brancato ($36,526)

5th place:  Cameron Rezaie ($27,028)

6th place:  Lokesh Garg ($20,254)

7th place:  Alida Veliu ($15,295)

8th place:  Huiwen Liu ($11,663)

9th place:  Cody Scherer ($9,009)

US Event 28: $1K Omaha-8 Six-Max

The last Omaha bracelet up for grabs in this series offered a little hi-lo action and limited tables to six players. Dedicated Omahalics logged on to participate.

Buy-in: $1K

Unique players: 425

Reentries: 100

Total entries: 525

Prize pool: $498,750

Paid players: 80

Minimum payout: $1,546

Winner:  William “SlaweelRyam” Romaine ($110,673)

2nd place:  Mark Ioli ($68,478)

3rd place:  Vasu Amarapu ($45,287)

4th place:  Stephen Tyson ($30,474)

5th place:  Kyle Sparks ($21,047)

6th place:  Gabriel Ramos ($14,813)

US Event 29: $2K NLHE Deepstack

This was the second-highest buy-in of the US portion of the 2020 WSOP, with its $2K requirement higher only than the $3,200 High Roller that was Event 14. High-stakes players were ready for this.

Buy-in: $2K

Unique players: 580

Reentries: 167

Total entries: 747

Prize pool: $1,419,300

Paid players: 90

Minimum payout: $3,974

Winner:  Nick “shadowjacker” Guagenti ($305,433)

2nd place:  Matthew Parry ($189,193)

3rd place:  Ari Engel ($130,292)

4th place:  Brian Deutschmeister ($91,261)

5th place:  Ryan Tosoc ($65,004)

6th place:  Vinny Pahuja ($47,121)

7th place:  Rory Brown ($34,773)

8th place:  James Gilbert ($26,115)

9th place:  Tom Cannuli ($20,012)

US Event 30: $500 NLHE Seniors

The only segregated event of this portion of the 2020 WSOP brought seniors to the tables. Players had to be at least 50 years old., and quite a few of them came out for this low buy-in action.

Buy-in: $500

Unique players: 541

Reentries: 179

Total entries: 720

Prize pool: $324,000

Paid players: 126

Minimum payout: $648

Winner:  Jonathan “SugarJ” Lessin ($64,411)

2nd place:  James Moore ($39,820)

3rd place:  Allen Pock ($27,864)

4th place:  Brian McGill ($19,796)

5th place:  Gregory Witsch ($14,256)

6th place:  Stuart Kemble ($10,433)

7th place:  Michael Whidden ($7,744)

8th place:  Carmen Dimaria ($5,832)

9th place:  Al Riccobono ($4,471)

US Event 31: $1K NLHE Championship

This was the finale, the championship of the US WSOP 2020 Online. It offered two reentries per player and the last chance to win a World Series of Poker gold bracelet on American soil this summer. Players were ready for it.

Buy-in: $1K

Unique players: 1,455

Reentries: 671

Total entries:  2,216

Prize pool: $2,019,700

Paid players: 330

Minimum payout: $1,616

Winner:  Nahrain “2Rivers” Tamero ($310,832)

2nd place:  Norman Michalek ($192,073)

3rd place:  Andrew Lichtenberger ($140,167)

4th place:  Brian Kirchhoff ($103,207)

5th place:  Edan Sucov ($76,749)

6th place:  Greg Wish ($57,561)

7th place:  Arian Stolt ($43,424)

8th place:  Michael Bailey ($33,123)

9th place:  Kevin Calenzo ($25,650)

Leaderboard Standings?

The 2020 Online charts seems to be updated, but this is not the points-driven leaderboard. This merely shows the rankings of players by the number of bracelets, amount of earnings, and number of cashes.

There was no player who won more than one bracelet in the series.

Regarding earnings, these were the top five players:

-1. Joe McKeehen ($369,632)

-2. Ryan Torgersen ($337,060)

-3. Nahrain Tamero ($310,832)

-4. Nick Guagenti ($305,433)

-5. Tony Dunst ($239,448

And as for the players with the most cashes, these seem to be the final standings:

-1. Ryan Laplante (17)

-2. Ben Yu (16)

-3. Ian Steinman and Daniel Negreanu (15 each)

-4. Roland Israelashvili, Bryan Piccioli, and Anthony Zinno (14 each)

-5. Philip Yeh, Dave Alfa, Max Pescatori, and Omar Mehmood (13 each)

The official leaderboard with $100K up for grabs to the winners may not be updated. At this point, the player named “APokerJoker2,” who appears to be the winner of Event 27, Ian Steinman. However, we will wait to hear from the WSOP for confirmation of the final standings.

For complete recaps and live updates of each event, the PokerNews website offer details via its  PokerNews WSOP 2020 Online landing page.


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