Dunst and Binger Pick Up WSOP 2020 Bracelets in US

Dunst and Binger Pick Up WSOP 2020 Bracelets in US

This summer’s World Series of Poker is now running simultaneously on two poker networks. The first part of the WSOP 2020 Online began on July 1 on in Nevada and New Jersey for the US market, and GGPoker picked up its part of the series in mid-July for many other parts of the world.

As for the players in the United States, the past week was filled with more exciting tournaments. Several players won a second WSOP bracelet – the first one of this year, though – including WPT commentator Tony Dunst. And well-known poker pro Nick Binger captured a second piece of gold in his career as well. And another player livestreamed his play and his victory this past weekend.

Even more, the first of the WSOP 2020 bracelet winners began receiving their official gold bracelets.

The first three summaries of this series were as follows:

Events 1-5

Events 6-12

Events 13-19

Since we’re here, let’s get to the basics of the past week’s online poker tournaments on, Events 20-26.

US Event 20: $500 PLO Six-Handed

Short-handed PLO drew quite a solid crowd for the $500 buy-in event last Monday, and quite a few of them reentered. And in the end, the winner captured a bracelet to go with his first one that he took down in a Razz event in 2019.

Buy-in: $500

Unique players: 627

Reentries: 510

Total entries: 1,137

Prize pool: $511,650

Paid players: 150

Minimum payout: $819

Winner:  Kevin “TheRealKG” Gerhart ($97,571.65)

2nd place:  Cody Brinn ($60,323.53)

3rd place:  Jenny Svancara ($41,290.15)

4th place:  Chris Moorman ($28,601.23)

5th place:  Adam Jones ($20,210.17)

6th place:  Shanmukha Meruga ($14,479.69)

US Event 21: $777 NLHE 6-Handed

A trio of lucky sevens welcomed players to this event. And one player who watches and analyzes poker regularly took his second career WSOP bracelet with his win.

Buy-in: $777

Unique players: 849

Reentries: 512

Total entries: 1,361

Prize pool: $952,700

Paid players: 206

Minimum payout: $1,048

Winner:  Tony “Panoramic” Dunst ($168,342.09)

2nd place:  James Pace ($103,939.57)

3rd place:  Alec Parslow ($72,214.66)

4th place:  Charles Phillips ($50,778.91)

5th place:  Krista Gifford ($36,202.60)

6th place:  Jon Turner ($26,199.25)

US Event 22: $500 NLHE Turbo Deepstack

Another reasonable buy-in for the middle of the week, but this was a turbo structure with deep stacks. A new bracelet winner emerged.

Buy-in: $500

Unique players: 1,082

Reentries: 497

Total entries: 1,579

Prize pool: $710,550

Paid players: 248

Minimum payout: $711

Winner:  Allan “Treeoflife” Cheung ($120,082.95)

2nd place:  Myles Kotler ($74,039.31)

3rd place:  Brian Altman ($53,291.25)

4th place:  Daniel Buzgon ($37,724.97)

5th place:  Terrell Cheatham ($28,493.05)

6th place:  Louie Valderrama ($21,174.39)

7th place:  Derek Salgals ($15,916.32)

8th place:  Kara Denning ($12,079.35)

9th place:  Robert Natividad ($9,308.20)

US Event 23: $500 NLHE Knockout

Players have fallen in love with knockout tournaments, as picking up bounties on players is a great way to earn the buy-in back before even making it through the money bubble. They lined up for this KO event.

Buy-in: $500

Total players:  1,452

Prize pool: $667,920

Paid players: 207

Minimum payout: $575

Winner:  Raymond “Avant9201” Avant ($95,475.96)

2nd place:  Scott Epstein ($58,574.19)

3rd place:  Ryan Torgersen ($42,342.60)

4th place:  Upeshka De Silva ($30,390.49)

5th place:  Byung Jun Kim ($22,592.88)

6th place:  Zachary Grech ($16,895.23)

7th place:  Dilip Kumar Natarajan ($14,922.56)

8th place:  Michael O’Brien ($9,495.32)

9th place:  Daniel Zack ($7,404.44)

US Event 24: $400 NLHE 8-Handed

Another low buy-in tournament, relatively speaking, brought big numbers to the online tables for this one. And a poker coach and longtime pro was the last player standing to collect his second career bracelet.

Buy-in: $400

Unique players: 1,590

Reentries: 818

Total entries:  2,408

Prize pool: $866,880

Paid players: 330

Minimum payout: $694

Winner:  Nick “samadhi” Binger ($133,412.83)

2nd place:  Ryan Leng ($82,440.28)

3rd place:  Philip Beesley ($60,161.47)

4th place:  Ian Waldron ($44,297.56)

5th place:  Mark Bansemer ($32,941.44)

6th place:  Norman Michalek ($24,706.08)

7th place:  Matt Berkey ($18,637.92)

8th place:  Christian Calcano ($14,216.83)

US Event 25: $500 NLHE Summer Saver

Is the summer over already? It seems not, but regardless, one player hopefully did save his summer with a win in this event.

Buy-in: $500

Unique players: 1,484

Reentries: 671

Total entries:  2,155

Prize pool: $969,750

Paid players: 330

Minimum payout: $776

Winner:  Nicholas “MrFinalT” Kiley ($149,244.52)

2nd place:  Guo Liang Chen ($92,223.22)

3rd place:  Weiyi Mo ($67,300.65)

4th place:  Stephen Russo ($49,554.22)

5th place:  Matt Berkey ($36,850.50)

6th place:  Kevin Calenzo ($27,637.87)

7th place:  Richard Perrin ($20,849.62)

8th place:  Michael Policastro ($15,903.90)

9th place:  Ofir Mor ($12,315.82)

US Event 26: $500 NLHE Grand Finale

Seeing as this was the last Sunday of the American WSOP series, it seemed like a good time to offer a finale. It brought an impressive crowd to the tables and found a new bracelet winner, as he livestreamed it all.

Buy-in: $500

Unique players: 1,677

Reentries: 825

Total entries:  2,502

Prize pool: $1,125,900

Paid players: 371

Minimum payout: $788

Winner:  Ethan “RampageP” Yau ($164,493.99)

2nd place:  Brian Patrick ($101,668.77)

3rd place:  Mohammad Mufti ($74,647.17)

4th place:  Blake Whittington ($55,281.69)

5th place:  David Kim ($41,320.53)

6th place:  Jason Scott ($31,074.84)

7th place:  Matt Iles ($23,531.31)

8th place:  Joon Kim ($18,014.40)

9th place:  Michael Guzzardi ($13,961.16)

What’s Up Next?

Only five tournaments remain for Nevada and New Jersey players. The buy-ins range from $400 to $1K, there’s an Omaha, a freezeout, a turbo, some 6-max action, and one event reserved just for players 50 and older. The Championship event will close it out on Friday night.

July 27:  $400 NLHE Freezeout

July 28:  $1K Omaha-8 6-Max (2 reentries)

July 29:  $600 NLHE Turbo Deepstack 6-Handed (2 reentries)

July 30:  $500 NLHE Seniors (2 reentries, players must be 50 or older)

July 31:  $1K NLHE Championship (2 reentries)

For complete recaps and live updates of each event, the WSOP and PokerNews websites offer details.

PokerNews WSOP 2020 Online landing page

WSOP 2020 Online updates page


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