Lyons and McKeehen Among Latest WSOP 2020 Online Winners

Lyons and McKeehen Among Latest WSOP 2020 Online Winners

The United States portion of this summer’s World Series of Poker is more than half over. In fact, it hit its halfway mark last week. The WSOP 2020 Online playing out in New Jersey and Nevada on is running smoothly, and every day brings a new winner of that WSOP gold bracelet.

This weekend, the larger portion of the WSOP 2020 Online began on GGPoker for players outside of the US. It would be nice to say that went smoothly, too, but that’s another story for another article.

Nonetheless, the US-based WSOP events welcomed more players into the winner’s circle in the past week, the most well-known of whom are former WSOP Main Event champion Joe McKeehen and WPT champion Pat Lyons.

The first two summaries of this series were as follows:

Events 1-5

Events 6-12

Without further ado, we have the basics of the past week’s online poker tournaments on, Events 13-19.

US Event 13: $1,500 NLHE High Roller Freezeout

In live poker and in normal times, a tournament with a $1,500 buy-in would not be dubbed a high roller event. But the coronavirus pandemic created a new reality for all of us. Ultimately, the winner of this tournament was an eight-time WSOP Circuit winner who now has a bracelet to match.

Buy-in: $1,500

Total players: 649

Prize pool: $924,825

Paid players: 99

Minimum payout: $2,035

Winner:  Michael “MiguelFiesta” Lech ($164,248.91)

2nd place:  William Romaine ($110,979.00)

3rd place:  Sean Seifert ($77,407.85)

4th place:  Chun Lin Mo ($56,599.29)

5th place:  Paul Dewald ($40,559.81)

6th place:  Connor Drinan ($29,964.33)

7th place:  Christopher Fuchs ($22,380.76)

8th place:  Megan Milburn ($18,404.01)

9th place:  Michael Dolle ($14,982.16)

US Event 14: $3,200 NLHE High Roller

Still not usually considered a high roller in most live tournament circles, this event did pose an opportunity for players with bigger bankrolls, as it offered two reentries. And the crown ultimately went to a player who already had two WSOP bracelets, one being the most coveted of all for the WSOP Main Event.

Buy-in: $3,200

Unique players: 368

Reentries: 128

Total entries: 496

Prize pool: $1,507,840

Paid players: 63

Minimum payout: $6,031

Winner:  Joe “fanofdapoker” McKeehen ($352,985.34)

2nd place:  Frank Funaro ($219,089.15)

3rd place:  Roland Israelashvili ($148,974.59)

4th place:  Zhi Hong Huang ($103,136.25)

5th place:  Lee Vlastaris ($72,979.45)

6th place:  Clayton Maguire ($52,623.61)

7th place:  Nathan Russler ($38,600.70)

8th place:  David Jackson ($38,950.52)

9th place:  Dave Alfa ($22,316.03)

US Event 15: $1K PLO 8-Max High Roller

Omaha fans came out in force with reentry money in hand for this PLO event, and one player took down his first bracelet at the end.

Buy-in: $1K

Unique players: 386

Reentries: 277

Total entries: 663

Prize pool: $629,850

Paid players: 99

Minimum payout: $1,575

Winner:  Guy “PhilLaak” Dunlap ($133,780.14)

2nd place:  Shane Daniels ($82,069.45)

3rd place:  Todd Sladek ($56,749.48)

4th place:  Jacob Powers ($39,869.50)

5th place:  Keith Ferrera ($28,469.22)

6th place:  Blake Whittington ($20,659.08)

7th place:  Matt Matros ($15,305.35)

8th place:  Anthony Zinno ($11,526.25)

US Event 16: $500 NLHE Turbo

A smaller buy-in with a faster structure, players had the chance to knock this one out quickly.

Buy-in: $500

Unique players: 1,044

Reentries: 484

Total entries: 1,528

Prize pool: $687,600

Paid players: 248

Minimum payout: $688

Winner:  Terrell “Heezahustla” Cheatham ($116,204.40)

2nd place:  Julian Parmann ($71,647.92)

3rd place:  Lev Milman ($51,570.00)

4th place:  Marc Bernal ($37,474.20)

5th place:  Andrea Buonocore ($27,572.76)

6th place:  Daniel Chan ($20,490.48)

7th place:  Jeremy Govert ($15,402.24)

8th place:  Phillip Rhodes ($11,689.20)

9th place:  James Messeroll ($9,007.56)

US Event 17: $777 NLHE

For those who believe in lucky sevens, this was the tournament for them, complete with two reentries. And the winner will collect a shiny gold bracelet to go with one WSOP Circuit ring and several high-profile poker titles.

Buy-in: $777

Unique players: 917

Reentries: 465

Total entries:  1,382

Prize pool: $967,400

Paid players: 207

Minimum payout: $1,064

Winner:  Pat “IchiiKawawa” Lyons ($173,551.56)

2nd place:  Christopher Ginley ($107,478.14)

3rd place:  Barry Wenger ($76,327.86)

4th place:  Jonathan Dokler ($54,948.32)

5th place:  James Collopy ($40,147.10)

6th place:  Vincent Pontrello ($29,602.44)

7th place:  Scott Hempel ($22,250.20)

8th place:  Julian Parmann ($16,832.76)

9th place:  Dave Alfa ($12,963.16)

US Event 18: $1K NLHE 8-Handed Turbo Deepstack

Another Saturday, another turbo, this one with more chips and only eight players per table. When it was over, a Canadian took it down.

Buy-in: $1K

Unique players: 697

Reentries: 290

Total entries:  987

Prize pool: $937,650

Paid players: 143

Minimum payout: $1,594

Winner:  Scott “BudLightLime” Hempel ($181,060.21)

2nd place:  Myles Kotler ($111,955.41)

3rd place:  Andrew Melillo ($78,856.36)

4th place:  Daniel Fischer ($56,259.00)

5th place:  Barry Hutter ($40,694.01)

6th place:  Landon Tice ($29,817.27)

7th place:  Harrison Dobin ($22,222.30)

8th place:  Matthew Parry ($16,783.93)

US Event 19: $400 NLHE

Hold’em fans had a low buy-in opportunity on Sunday with only $400 required, though they could reenter up to three times. Many of them did just that.

Buy-in: $400

Unique players: 1,757

Reentries: 788

Total entries:  2,545

Prize pool: $916,200

Paid players: 371

Minimum payout: $641

Winner:  Kenny “Chopuh” Huynh ($133,856.82)

2nd place:  Matthew Berger ($82,732.86)

3rd place:  Vincent Ablahani ($60,744.06)

4th place:  Sang Lee ($44,985.42)

5th place:  Kenneth Phillips ($33,624.54)

6th place:  Waylon Frey ($25,287.12)

7th place:  Michael Whitman ($19,148.58)

8th place:  Michael Federico ($14,659.20)

9th place:  Paul Gunness ($11,360.88)

What’s Up Next?

Today, the action pulls Omaha players into the mix, with the rest of the week set up for Hold’em. There is a knockout and a turbo in there, though. And all of the buy-ins through this Sunday will be under $1K.

July 20:  $500 PLO 6-Handed (3 reentries)

July 21:  $777 NLHE 6-Handed (2 reentries)

July 22:  $500 NLHE Turbo Deepstack (2 reentries)

July 23:  $500 NLHE Knockout

July 24:  $400 NLHE 8-Handed (2 reentries)

July 25:  $500 NLHE Summer Saver (2 reentries)

July 26:  $500 NLHE Grand Finale (3 reentries)

For complete recaps and live updates of each event, the WSOP and PokerNews websites offer details.

PokerNews WSOP 2020 Online landing page

WSOP 2020 Online updates page



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