McMillen and Depaulo Make Great WSOP 2020 Online Stories

McMillen and Depaulo Make Great WSOP 2020 Online Stories

The inaugural online version of the World Series of Poker completed its first full week of tournaments, having now declared 12 new WSOP gold bracelet winners thus far.

The WSOP 2020 Online got underway in the United States on July 1, offering one bracelet event per day for players located in Nevada and New Jersey on At the completion of the first five events, we provided a list of the events with their stats and winners.

Online poker tournaments certainly lacked the excitement of the actual World Series of Poker at the Rio in Las Vegas, but Covid-19 didn’t leave many alternatives for the traditional summer series. This last week, however, was a bit different.

There were a couple of truly exciting and fun stories from event winners in the past few days. Most notable was Ron McMillen, a player from Iowa with quite a bit of live poker tournament experience. This WSOP 2020 was his first experience playing online, though, and his win was a moment that took the poker world by storm last week.

Just last night, Ryan Depaulo won his first piece of WSOP gold. The New York resident drove to New Jersey and played the WSOP tournament from a Whole Foods parking lot in his car. The self-proclaimed degenerate gambler won the tournament just one year after finishing third in the 2019 WSOP Colossus event.

For complete recaps and live updates of each event, the WSOP and PokerNews websites offer details.

PokerNews WSOP 2020 Online landing page

WSOP 2020 Online updates page

Below is a quick rundown of the facts and figures of events from Monday, July 6 through Sunday, July 12.

US Event 6: $600 PLO-8 6-Handed

The first Omaha tournament of this year’s series delivered a solid turnout for a Monday afternoon event. Complete with three reentries allowed, the totals were solid. And in the end, a player won his second WSOP event, the first one back in 2017.

Buy-in: $600

Unique players: 497

Reentries: 336

Total entries: 833

Prize pool: $449,820

Paid players: 126

Minimum payout: $899

Winner:  Nathan “surfbum” Gamble ($89,424)

2nd place:  Shane Daniels ($55,283)

3rd place:  John Esposito ($38,685)

4th place:  Tom Schwartz ($27,484)

5th place:  Timothy Batow ($19,792)

6th place:  Simon Lam ($14,484)

US Event 7: $800 NLHE Knockout Deepstack

Back to No Limit Hold’em, players got involved and some took starting accumulating bounties immediately in this first Knockout of the series. Every player represented a $200 bounty, and the action was fast and exciting.

Buy-in: $800

Total entries: 989

Prize pool: $731,660

Paid players: 143

Minimum payout: $908

Winner:  Joon “jykpoker” Kim ($106,126.98 including $3,000 KOs)

2nd place:  Stephen McManus ($65,766.76 including $2,000 KOs)

3rd place:  Eric Baldwin ($46,514.44 including $1,600 KOs)

4th place:  Jason Gunn ($33,843.60 including $1,800 KOs)

5th place:  Ian Steinman ($24,578.20 including $1,400 KOs)

6th place:  Lee Gale ($18,383.10 including $1,400 KOs)

7th place:  Jeff Platt ($15,057.22 including $2,400 KOs)

8th place:  Jonathan Love ($10,759.67 including $1,200 KOs)

9th place:  Joseph Hoffman ($8,716.62 including $1,400 KOs)

US Event 8: $500 NLHE Freezeout

This freezeout gave players a chance to play without their opponents making crazy moves just to reenter. Some players still love a good freezeout.

Buy-in: $500

Total players: 1,479

Prize pool: $665,550

Paid players: 207

Minimum payout: $732

Winner:  Alan “GladiusIII” Goehring ($119,399.67)

2nd place:  Ross Gottlieb ($73,942.60)

3rd place:  Randy Ohel ($52,511.89)

4th place:  Robert Kuhn ($37,803.24)

5th place:  Brendan Torrejon ($27,620.32)

6th place:  Drew O’Connell ($20,365.83)

7th place:  Timothy Stearns ($15,307.65)

8th place:  Scott Davies ($11,580.57)

9th place:  Louie Anthony Torres ($8,918.37)

US Event 9: $1K NLHE 6-Max

Fewer players at each table but back to two rebuys, the ninth event of this summer WSOP drew a very nice crowd. And the winner captured the love of poker in his genuine winning video clip.

Buy-in: $1K

Unique players: 568

Reentries: 368

Total entries: 1,026

Prize pool: $974,700

Paid players: 143

Minimum payout: $1,656

Winner:  Ronald “MacDaddy15” McMillen ($188,214.57)

2nd place:  Ryan Torgersen ($116,379.18)

3rd place:  Wade Griffith ($81,972.27)

4th place:  Ruth Ruffman ($58,482.00)

5th place:  Chris Moody ($42,301.98)

6th place:  Ian Steinman ($30,995.46)

7th place:  John Dombroski ($23,100.39)

8th place:  Aram Zobian ($17,447.13)

9th place:  Dan Wach ($13,353.39)

US Event 10: $600 NLHE Monster Stack

It wasn’t just a deepstacked event, Event 10 offered monster stacks. Players also had two reentries available to each of them for some big Friday night action. And for the player who finished in second place the night before, it was his turn to win.

Buy-in: $600

Unique players: 1,505

Reentries: 569

Total entries:  2,074

Prize pool: $1,119,960

Paid players: 330

Minimum payout: $895

Winner:  Ryan “Im.Sorry” Torgersen ($172,361.84)

2nd place:  Brandon Ienn ($106,508.19)

3rd place:  Sam Grizzle ($77,725.22)

4th place:  Eric Blair ($57,229.95)

5th place:  Christopher Carey ($42,558.48)

6th place:  Brent Roberts ($31,918.86)

7th place:  Justin Whitfield ($24,079.14)

8th place:  Nicholas Pupillo ($18,367.34)

9th place:  Thomas Dean ($14,223.49)

US Event 11: $500 NLHE Turbo Deepstack 6-Handed

The Saturday event was a quick structure but with short-handed tables and deep stacks.

Buy-in: $500

Unique players: 1,081

Reentries: 610

Total entries:  1,691

Prize pool: $760,950

Paid players: 248

Minimum payout: $761

Winner:  Raman “Acrogum” Afanasenka ($128,600.55)

2nd place:  Chance Kornuth ($79,290.99)

3rd place:  Brett Apter ($57,071.25)

4th place:  David Prociak ($41,471.77)

5th place:  Neeraj Nayak ($30,514.09)

6th place:  Erica Lindgren ($22,676.31)

US Event 12: $500 NLHE Big 500

Sunday is the ideal day for online poker, and the WSOP brought in the Big 500 for it. Players hopped to it and created a large field and prize pool. And in the end, a poker vlogger who drove into New Jersey and played the tournament in his car claimed victory.

Buy-in: $500

Unique players: 1,624

Reentries: 803

Total entries:  2,427

Prize pool: $1,092,150

Paid players: 371

Minimum payout: $765

Winner:  Ryan “Joeyisamush” Depaulo ($159,563.11)

2nd place:  Jack Salter ($98,621.14)

3rd place:  Sean Ruane ($72,409.54)

4th place:  Hayden Fortini ($53,624.56)

5th place:  Jessica Lanto ($40,081.90)

6th place:  Terry Fleischer ($30,143.34)

7th place:  Shannon Shorr ($22,825.93)

8th place:  Dominic Ricciardi ($17,474.40)

9th place:  Erick But ($13,542.66)

What’s on Tap This Week?

This is a week for the high rollers, as some big buy-ins kick off the week. And the US-based series will pass its halfway mark this week.

July 13:  $1,500 NLHE High Roller Freezeout

July 14:  $3,200 NLHE High Roller (2 reentries)

July 15:  $1K PLO 8-Max High Roller (3 reentries)

July 16:  $500 NLHE Turbo (2 reentries)

July 17:  $777 NLHE (2 reentries)

July 18:  $1K NLHE 8-Handed Turbo Deepstack (2 reentries)

July 19:  $400 NLHE (3 reentries)

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