Wynn Summer Classic Adds to Vegas Summer Poker Options

Wynn Summer Classic Adds to Vegas Summer Poker Options

The list of poker tournament schedules for the summer of 2019 in Las Vegas continues to grow. The Wynn Summer Classic was a highly anticipated addition to that list.

In the past several years, Wynn has become a solid competitor for poker players throughout the year, but its tournament series are a force of their own. The release of an extensive summer schedule shows that it wants to compete for the higher-stakes players, as quite a few of its offerings are at the $1K buy-in level. The guarantees are quite sizeable as well, so Wynn is looking to garner solid player pools throughout the May-July series.

The Wynn joins these other Las Vegas casinos in releasing poker tournament schedules for the summer:

World Series of Poker at Rio

ARIA Poker Classic at ARIA

Grand Poker Series at Golden Nugget

Binion’s Summer Series at Binion’s

Orleans Sumer Poker Series at Orleans

DeepStack Championship Poker Series at Venetian

In contrast with some of the other schedules the Wynn Summer Poker Classic tends to offer one major tournament per day and avoids the lower buy-in evening events. The focus is on one big tournament per day with buy-ins ranging from $500 to $1K. While this is higher than most others in Las Vegas during this period, the guarantees are also substantial, as they start at $50K and go up to $2 million.

All in all, there will be 42 tournaments from the end of May through the middle of July, and more than $11 million in listed in total guarantees.

2019 Wynn Summer Classic Schedule

May 30:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

May 31:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

June 1:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 2:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 3:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 4:  $1,510 NLHE ($350K GTD)

June 5:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

June 6:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

June 7:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

June 8:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 9 at 11am:  $1,025 NLHE Seniors ($250K GTD)

June 10:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

June 11:  $1,020 NLHE Day 1A ($1.5M GTD)

June 12:  $1,020 NLHE Day 1B ($1.5M GTD)

June 13:  $1,020 NLHE Day 1C ($1.5M GTD)

June 15:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 16:  $500 PLO ($100K GTD)

June 17:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

June 18:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 19:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 20:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

June 21:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 22:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 23:  $1,510 NLHE ($350K GTD)

June 24:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

June 25 at 11am:  $360 NLHE Ladies ($50K GTD)

June 25:  $1,020 PLO Championship Day 1A ($500K GTD)

June 26:  $1,020 PLO Championship Day 1B ($500K GTD)

June 27:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 28:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

June 29:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

June 30:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

July 1:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

July 2:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

July 3:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

July 4:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

July 5:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

July 6:  $1,025 NLHE ($250K GTD)

July 7 at 11am:  $1,025 NLHE Seniors ($250K GTD)

July 8:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

July 9:  $1,510 NLHE ($350K GTD)

July 10:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

July 11:  $1,500 NLHE Championship Day 1A ($2M GTD)

July 12:  $1,500 NLHE Championship Day 1B ($2M GTD)

July 13:  $1,500 NLHE Championship Day 1C ($2M GTD)

July 15:  $500 NLHE ($100K GTD)

July 16:  $360 NLHE ($50K GTD)

 *All tournaments start at 12pm unless otherwise noted.


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