Poker Gives Auction Offers Sexton Memorabilia for Bids

Poker Gives Auction Offers Sexton Memorabilia for Bids

Mike Sexton died more than one month ago. It is difficult to believe, especially for those still sharing stories about and memories of the world’s best poker ambassador.

One of Mike’s final requests was that people donate to Poker Gives. And people have been honoring that wish, most recently with an auction opportunity to benefit the organization he helped found and wanted to carry on long after his life ended.

Linda Johnson is making that happen.

Mike Sexton Personal Collection

According to Linda, Mike’s family donated dozens of personal photos and mementos for an auction to benefit Poker Gives. These were his items, but his family knew that he would want them to do the most good for the most people.

The link to the auction is here. PayBee is hosting it on behalf of Poker Gives.

Numerous items are up for the bidding process, but there are also “buy now” prices for those who simply want to ensure they win those items. The items range from framed photos to awards, from game sets to items of clothing. All proceeds go to Poker Gives.

The auction house added some items as well. There are also numerous non-poker-related items, such as a Queen gold record and a collage of Ronald Reagan photos. Poker Gives receives a percentage of those sales.

Keep scrolling down to the page on the website to see the diversity of items available. There are currently 126 items on the site, with very few of them purchased outright.

The auction only began on October 12 and will run through October 26.

What is Poker Gives?

In 2010, Mike and Linda started Poker Gives alongside Jan Fisher and Lisa Tenner. The four wanted to present a forum through which poker players could funnel their charitable natures. Fundraising poker tournaments had become popular around the country, and they wanted to channel those efforts on a more regular basis.

The nonprofit initially supported four charities: Paralyzed Veterans of America, Special Olympics, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and Step by Step Foundation.

Mike encouraged poker card rooms to host charity events with a percentage of the prize pool dedicated to Poker Gives. He asked that players pledge to donate a portion of their winnings in large events. Not only did the founders refuse payment for their services, they offered poker seminars and other gifts as incentives for players to participate.

The organization hung on through the years, through Black Friday and even into the coronavirus pandemic. Eventually, Poker Gives became a fundraising arm of Vegas Connected, an organization that provided financial assistance to youth in need, military families, and those who find themselves homeless.

In addition to financially supporting numerous organizations, Poker Gives and its volunteers participate first-hand in cooking for and distributing necessities to unhoused people in Las Vegas weekly.

Through the years, the founders have dedicated themselves to giving back to people in need. They work tirelessly to do so, often in ways that have never been publicized.

Mike made some of his contributions known to the public in the hopes of inspiring others to donate a portion of their poker winnings to charitable causes. He did inspire many to do so.

Everyone is encouraged to check out the auction and bid on some memorabilia from Mike’s own collection. The other option is to donate directly to Poker Gives on the organization’s website in honor of Mike’s life and generosity.


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