Massive WSOP Super Circuit Series Wraps on GGPoker

Massive WSOP Super Circuit Series Wraps on GGPoker

The numbers are in for one of the largest online poker tournament series in the history of the game. The World Series of Poker wanted to host an online series for its international WSOP Circuit players, and GGPoker wanted to envelop those events into a much larger series. They did it all with a great deal of success.

It was the WSOP Super Circuit Online Series with GGPoker. The two partnered to offer an online version of the international WSOPC events that all had to be cancelled in the past several months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The only alternative was to take it online.

The WSOP and GGPoker originally announced that they would offer 18 WSOPC ring-awarding events. GGPoker then announced its intention to run 595 tournaments in total. From May 3-31, the tournaments would pay out at least $100 million per their guarantees.

All of those numbers changed a bit, but the results still represented a success for all involved.

Final WSOP Super Circuit Numbers

As mentioned, the original plan was to offer 595 tournaments and $100 million in guarantees. Somehow, in the midst of all of the craziness of such a massive schedule, things changed. Many tournaments disappeared from the schedule, though others saw their tournament guarantees boosted.

In the end, the final numbers were as follows:

–Total events: 516 (per GGPoker press release)

–Total number of entries:  485,851

–Total guaranteed prize pools:  $102,365,000

–Total prize pools awarded:  $134,706,274

GGPoker Head of Business Development Jean-Christophe Antoine commented on the numbers. “The GGPoker community fully embraced and supported the WSOP Super Circuit Series. It was thrilling to witness all of the action, and to see every single ring event guarantee exceeded was something all players could be happy about1”

WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart also noted, “The support of the gaming community for WSOPC on GGPoker was insane. No guarantees were too big. Congratulations to all 18 ring event winners.”

WSOP-C Tournament Results

The 18 events officially designated as WSOP events showed impressive registration numbers. Every one exceeded its guarantee, and each winner will receive a WSOP Circuit gold ring.

Those winners were as follows, per the live updates of PokerNews:

Event 1:  $1,111 NLHE Charity ($1M GTD)

–1,585 entries, $1,772,045 prize pool

–Winner: TheMadQueen (Canada) for $269,267

–$177,045 raised for Nevada Community Foundation’s Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund

Event 2:  $50 NLHE Kickoff ($500K GTD)

–28,291 entries, $1,330,366 prize pool

–Winner: JuanMartinDelPotro54 (Argentina) for $137,120

Event 3:  $210 NLHE Deepstack Bounty Hunters ($500K GTD)

–3,669 entries, $733,800 prize pool

–Winner: PetitFoxx (Taiwan) for $75,954.16

Event 4:  $200 NLHE Monster Stack ($500K GTD)

–5,155 entries, $948,520 prize pool

–Winner: 274AS (Luxembourg) for $134,909

Event 5:  $500 NLHE Big 500 ($2M GTD)

–7,295 entries, $3,465,125 prize pool

–Winner: BlaireauEnColere (Brazil) for $330,411

Event 6:  $210 NLHE Deepstack Bounty Hunters ($500K GTD)

–3,615 entries, $84,706 prize pool

–Winner: JoaoValli (Brazil) for $84,706

Event 7:  $200 NLHE Monster Stack ($500K GTD)

–5,161 entries, $949,624 prize pool

–Winner: ShopChop96 (Mexico) for $135,965

Event 8:  $25K NLHE High Roller Championship ($10M GTD)

–505 entries, $12,372,500 prize pool

–Winner: 800-522-4700 (Costa Rica) for $2,198,292

Event 9:  $100 NLHE Mini Main Event ($1M GTD)

–4,104 entries, $2,700,844 prize pool

–Winner: Miya111 (Malaysia) for $278,361

Event 10:  $10K PLO High Roller Championship ($1M GTD)

–234 entries, $2,269,800 prize pool

–Winner: Chilax Chuck (Canada) for $442,041

Event 11:  $210 NLHE Deepstack Bounty Hunters ($500K GTD)

–3,297 entries, $659,400 prize pool

–Winner: NeverGambol (Lithuania) for $73,088

Event 12:  $200 NLHE Monster Stack ($500K GTD)

–4,846 entries, $891,664 prize pool

–Winner: 5Dinks4all (Andorra) for $126,949

Event 13:  $400 NLHE Colossus ($2M GTD)

–9,603 entries, $3,649,140 prize pool

–Winner: WhiteChick (Singapore) for $499,366

Event 14:  $210 NLHE Deepstack Bounty Hunters ($500K GTD)

–3,463 entries, $692,600 prize pool

–Winner: BaccaratKing (Mexico) for $88,943

Event 15:  $200 NLHE Monster Stack ($500K GTD)

–5,216 entries, $959,744 prize pool

–Winner: waransan (Germany) for $92,865.68

Event 16:  $1K PLO Main Event ($1M GTD)

–2,614 entries, $2,508,000 prize pool

–Winner: rubbherducky (Canada) for $362,618.93

Event 17:  $1K NLHE Main Event ($5M GTD)

–9,779 entries, $9,290,050 prize pool

–Winner: schimmelgodx (Germany) for $1,271,218

Event 18:  $500 NLHE Turbo Closer ($500K GTD)

–2,405 entries, $1,142,375 prize pool

–Winner: GoBlue (Mexico) for $168,276

Next Up: US Circuit Online Finale

Just this week, the US version of the WSOP Circuit began its online finale for the season. The series runs through June 14 with 12 online tournaments awarding WSOPC gold rings. Only players in Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada can play.

The actual World Series of Poker Circuit season will officially end in August, however, when the WSOP Global Casino Championship will play out online. On August 13, all Main Event winners from the 2019-2020 season will be able to compete, as will all players who won Casino Champion titles and all 12 winners of the current WSOP Online Circuit Season Finale.

Everyone winning a seat may compete for the $1 million prize pool but must play from within the borders of Nevada or New Jersey.



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