WSOP Europe Completes 10 of 15 Events in Rozvadov

WSOP Europe Completes 10 of 15 Events in Rozvadov

This year’s World Series of Poker Europe is well underway in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. In fact, the WSOP Europe begins this weekend.

Action started on October 13 and runs through November 4 at King’s Casino, the same location as the past several years. This year, though, the schedule was beefed up to 15 bracelet events, as well as some high buy-in special events that did not offer bracelets.

Some of the tournaments were also scheduled for livestreaming on PokerGO, a subscription-based streaming service.

With that, let’s look at the first 10 bracelet events on the official WSOP Europe schedule and how they played out. (Keep in mind that all tournaments allowed at least one reentry.)

Event 1: €350 NLHE Opener

Entries:  1,011

Prize pool:  €302,541 (surpassed €220,700 guarantee)

Paid players:  152

Minimum payout:  €465

1st place:  Renat Bohdanov (Ukraine) – €53,654

2nd place:  Norbert Mosonyi (Hungary) – €33,112

3rd place:  Eyal Bensimhon (Israel) – €23,386

4th place:  Mykhailo Hryhoriev (Ukraine) – €16,736

5th place:  Samuel Mika (Slovakia) – €12,138

6th place:  Michal Kral (Czech Republic) – €8,923

7th place:  Rafi Elharar (Israel) – €6,651

8th place:  Jeff Lisandro (Australia) – €5,026

9th place:  Ricardas Vymeris (Lithuania) – €3,853

This was Bohdanov’s first piece of WSOP jewelry. Lisandro missed out on his seventh WSOP bracelet but couldn’t come back from a short stack.

Event 2: €550 PLO

Entries:  476

Prize pool:  €226,100 (surpassed €100K guarantee)

Paid players:  38

Minimum payout:  €1,075

1st place:  Dash Dudley (USA) – €51,600

2nd place:  Chris Back (Canada) – €31,825

3rd place:  Denis Drobina (Ukraine) – €21,825

4th place:  Ming Juen Teoh (Malaysia) – €15,225

5th place:  Ivo Donev (Austria) – €10,900

6th place:  Oshri Lahmani (Israel) – €7,850

7th place:  Anson Tsang (Hong Kong) – €5,800

8th place:  Naor Slobodskoy (Israel) – €4,365

Dudley captured a second WSOP victory in the same year that he won the $10K PLO Championship in Las Vegas for more than $1 million. This WSOPE was his first time even playing outside of the US.

Event 3: €1,350 NLHE Mini Main

Entries:  766

Prize pool:  €873,240 (surpassed €551,750 guarantee)

Paid players:  115

Minimum payout:  €1,793

1st place:  Vangelis Kaimakamis (Greece) – €167,056

2nd place:  Shahar Levi (Israel) – €103,216

3rd place:  Jose Rivas (Venezuela) – €72,474

4th place:  Markus Jordan (Germany) – €51,628

5th place:  Didier Rabl (Czech Republic) – €37,321

6th place:  Andrew Bak (UK) – €27,382

7th place:  Luigi Macaluso (France) – €20,396

8th place:  Leonid Yanovski (Israel) – €15,426

His first WSOP bracelet was only the fifth one ever claimed by a Greek player. The win was also Kaimakamis’ largest tournament cash to date.

Event 4: €250K Super High Roller NLHE

Entries:  30

Prize pool:  €7,125,000 (surpassed $5M guarantee)

Paid players:  5

Minimum payout: €537,722

1st place:  James Chen (Taiwan) – €2,844,215

2nd place:  Chin Wei Lim (Malaysia) – €1,757,857

3rd place:  Christoph Vogelsang (Germany) – €1,185,161

4th place:  Tony Guoga (Lithuania) – €799,045

5th place:  Cary Katz (USA) – €538,722

The Taiwan native captured his first bracelet and the first ever for Taiwan, a better finish than at the summer WSOP when he finished second in a PLO event.

Event 5: €2,500 8-Game Mix

Entries:  71

Prize pool:  €237,500 (overlay on €250K guarantee)

Paid players:  11

Minimum payout:  €5,654

1st place:  Espen Sandvik (Norway) – €75,426

2nd place:  Ville Haavisto (Finland) – €46,613

3rd place:  Phil Hellmuth (USA) – €31,058

4th place:  Jeff Madsen (USA) – €21,386

5th place:  Thomer Pidun (Germany) – €15,235

6th place:  Jochen Kaiser (Germany) – €11,242

Sandvik became only the fourth Norwegian bracelet winner in WSOP history and did it by eliminating all opponents at the final table. That included Hellmuth, who was aiming to capture his 16th bracelet.

Event 6: €25,500 Short Deck NLHE

Entries:  111

Prize pool:  €2,636,250 (surpassed €2.5M guarantee)

Paid players:  17

Minimum payout: €39,943

1st place:  Siamak Tooran (Germany) – €740,996

2nd place:  Thai Ha (USA) – €457,964

3rd place:  Orpen Kisacikoglu (Turkey) – €323,553

4th place:  Netanel Amedi (Israel) – €230,807

5th place:  Besim Hot (Switzerland) – €166,258

6th place:  Rob Yong (UK) – €118,653

Tooran won his first WSOP gold, pushing Ha out in second for the second time in the second Short Deck tournament in WSOP history.

Event 7: €1,100 Turbo Bounty NLHE

Entries:  377

Prize pool:  €348,631 (surpassed €200K guarantee)

Paid players:  57

Minimum payout:  €1,099

1st place:  Tomas Fara (Czech Republic) – €59,904

2nd place:  Nisad Muratovic (Bosnia) – €37,004

3rd place:  Manig Loeser (Germany) – €24,949

4th place:  David Elyashar (Israel) – €17,172

5th place:  Anson Tsang (Hong Kong) – €12,071

6th place:  Arturs Scerbaks (Latvia) – €8,670

7th place:  Phillip Hui (USA) – €6,366

8th place:  Julian Selinger (Germany) – €4,781

9th place:  Giorgiy Skhulukhiya (Russia) – €3,674

Fara won his first piece of WSOP gold after having been relegated to a single tournament chip but doubling up numerous times to get back into the game.

Event 8: €25,500 Platinum High Roller NLHE

Entries:  83

Prize pool:  €1,971,250 (surpassed $1M guarantee)

Paid players:  13

Minimum payout:  €37,275

1st place:  Kahle Burns (Australia) – €596,883

2nd place:  Sam Trickett (UK) – €368,899

3rd place:  Hossein Ensan (Germany) – €251,837

4th place:  Abdelhakim Zoufri (Netherlands) – €177,062

5th place:  Timothy Adams (Canada) – €128,326

6th place:  Alex Foxen (USA) – €95,962

7th place:  Anton Morgenstern (Germany) – €74,117

8th place:  Robert Campbell (Australia) – €59,189

Burns took home his first WSOP gold bracelet, while reigning WSOP Main Event champion Ensan just missed adding another piece of gold to his collection.

Event 9: €1,650 PLO/NLHE Mix

Entries:  279

Prize pool:  €397,575 (surpassed €200K guarantee

Paid players:  42

Minimum payout:  €2,392

1st place:  Asi Moshe (Israel) – €97,465

2nd place:  Kristoffer Rasmussen (Denmark) – €60,230

3rd place:  Harout Gharazian (Canada) – €41,754

4th place:  William Chattaway (UK) – €29,480

5th place:  Jakob Madsen (Denmark) – €21,206

6th place:  Erik Cajelais (Canada) – €15,548

7th place:  Dragos Trofimov (UK) – €11,622

8th place:  Quan Zhou (China) – €6,893

Moshe grabbed his fourth career WSOP bracelet and his second in 2019. He did it without a lot of Omaha experience but played ICM.

Event 10: €25,500 Mixed Games Championship

Entries:  45

Prize pool:  €1,068,750 (surpassed €1M guarantee)

Paid players:  7

Minimum payout:  €38,389

1st place:  Besim Hot (Switzerland) – €385,911

2nd place:  Phil Hellmuth (USA) – €238,509

3rd place:  Dzmitry Urbanovich (Poland) – €162,463

4th place:  Benny Glaser (UK) – €111,689

5th place:  Julien Martini (France) – €77,502

6th place:  Daniel Negreanu (Canada) – €54,287

7th place:  Alex Livingston (Canada) – €38,389

With his first WSOP win, Hot bcame the second champion ever from Switzerland. And he was the second player at the WSOP Europe to keep Hellmuth from taking home his 16th bracelet.


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