WSOP Adds 12 More Events to 2020 Schedule

WSOP Adds 12 More Events to 2020 Schedule

Poker Santa returned this week with another gift for World Series of Poker fans.

Little more than a week ago, the WSOP released the core dates for its 2020 summer series. Players had the starting and ending dates, dates for the Big 50 and Seniors Championship, and the 2020 WSOP Main Event.

Now, players have dates for the Ladies Championship, Colossus, Little One for One Drop, other seniors’ events, and more key tournaments. All of these are tournaments around which players like to plan their trips to Las Vegas, reserve their hotel rooms early, and put the dates on their new 2020 calendars.

The timing is also proper for poker players who want to ask Santa for their tournament buy-ins. There’s still time!

A Schedule Begins to Form

Without further ado, here are the details for all of the events confirmed thus far for the 2020 WSOP:

–May 27 at 3pm:  $500 Casino Employees NLHE w/1 reentry

     (25K chips, 40-minute levels)

–May 28-31 at 10am:  $500 Big 50 NLHE w/1 entry per flight

     (4 flights, 50K chips, 50-minute levels)

–June 5-6 at 10am:  $1,500 Millionaire Maker NLHE w/1 entry per flight

     (2 flights, 25K chips, 60-minute levels)

–June 12-13 at 10am:  $1,500 Monster Stack NLHE w/no reentries

     (50K chips, 60-minute levels)

–June 17 at 11am:  $1K Ladies NLHE w/1 reentry ($10K buy-in reduced to $1K for women)

     (20K chips, 60-minute levels)

–June 18 at 10am:  $1K Seniors NLHE w/1 reentry (players must be aged 50+)

     (20K chips, 60-minute levels)

–June 19-20 at 10am:  $1K Double Stack NLHE w/1 entry per flight

     (40K chips, 60-minute levels)

–June 22 at 10am:  $1K Super Seniors NLHE w/1 entry per flight (players must be aged 60+)

     (unknown number of flights, 20K chips, 60-minute levels)

–June 22 at 2pm:  $1K/team Tag Team NLHE w/no reentries (2 players per team)

     (20K chips, 60-minute levels)

–June 24-25 at 10am:  $400 Colossus NLHE w/1 entry per flight

     (2 flights, 40K chips, 40-minute levels)

–June 26-27 at 10am & 5pm:  $888 Crazy Eights 8-Handed NLHE w/1 entry per flight

     (40K chips, 30/40-minute levels)

–June 29 at 11am:  $1K Mini NLHE Main Event w/no reentries

     (60K chips, 30-minute levels)

–July 1-3 at 11am:  $10K NLHE Main Event w/no reentries

     (3 flights, 60K chips, 120-minute levels)

–July 4-6 at 12pm:  $1K + $111 Little One for One Drop NLHE w/unlimited reentries

     (3 flights, 40K chips, 60-minute levels)

–July 10-11 at 12pm:  $1,500 Closer NLHE w/1 entry per flight

     (2 flights, 25K chips, 30-minute levels)

As per past years, the added $111 to the Little One for One Drop buy-in is for the One Drop Foundation. In return, there is no rake for the event. Created by Cirque du Soleil founder and poker player Guy Laliberte, the One Drop organization focuses on one mission that extends around the globe:

“Together, we aim to ensure sustainable access to safe water and sanitation for the most vulnerable communities through innovative partnerships, creativity, and the power of art.”

Putting It All Together

The information released last week revealed that the 51st World Series of Poker will open on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. That day will focus on cash games and satellites, with the first bracelet events beginning the next day.

The first bracelet event is usually the one for casino employees, and per the schedule released this week, it will begin on May 27 to kick things off.

Action will then run through mid-July. The Main Event final table will conclude on July 14, and the last of the other bracelet events and cash games will wrap up on July 15.

With the new events figured in, more players can begin setting their summer poker schedules. Per WSOP Vice President Jack Effel, “While we are still putting together the 2020 WSOP schedule in its entirety, we have cemented the key No-Limit Hold’em events that anchor it all.”

Effel said he will provide updates as more WSOP events are set with firm dates and details.


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