WPT Announces Partnered Events with 888poker and PartyPoker

WPT Announces Partnered Events with 888poker and PartyPoker

The announcements from the World Poker Tour regarding Season XVIII tournaments continue to reveal new events on the schedule. The latest clarifies events that will take place globally in partnership with 888poker and PartyPoker LIVE.

Originally, the WPT released its initial schedule for the new season with its first stop in California, with several stops on its main tour.

Earlier this month, the WPT made official its Asia Swing. This put three stops officially on the Asia Swing, but there are eight tournaments in Asia in total. The Swing takes place throughout September, and the other stops run from October 2019 to April 2020.

Meanwhile, the latest season of the WPT500 series kicked off in June in Las Vegas and WPTDeepStacks launched its current season in June in Tampa.

The latest announcement clarifies all of the events from all tours that will be held in conjunction with either 888poker or PartyPoker LIVE. And they will take place in Canada, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Spain, and France, starting on September 22 and running through April 12, 2020.

WPT + PartyPoker LIVE

The tournaments scheduled to merge the WPT and PartyPoker LIVE events are easy to discern from the announcement, as each of those events are so noted as “powered by PartyPoker LIVE.”

A new feature of PartyPoker LIVE events this year is that players can compete – if they choose – the first ay or two of play online.

Those are listed as follows:

WPT UK Festival powered by PartyPoker LIVE at Dusk Till Dawn Casino

–September 22 – October 6, 2019

–Includes WPT UK Main Event, $3,300 buy-in ($1.5M GTD), October 2-6

–Main Event Days 1 and 2 available online

–Includes WPT Deepstacks UK, $1,500 buy-in ($500K GTD), October 3-6

WPT Montreal Festival powered by PartyPoker LIVE at Playground Poker Club

–October 20 – November 3, 2019

–Includes WPT Montreal Main Event, $3,300 buy-in ($3M GTD), October 28 – November 4

–Main Event Day 1 available online

–Includes WPTDeepStacks Montreal, $1,650 buy-in ($1M GTD), October 31 – November 3

–Includes WPT500 Montreal, $550 buy-in ($1M GTD), October 20 – November 3

WPT Russia Festival powered by PartyPoker LIVE at Casino Sochi

–January 20-26, 2020

–Includes WPT Russia Main Event, ₽198,000 buy-in (₽90M GTD), January 20-26

–Main Event online availability not released

–Includes WPTDeepStacks Russia, ₽99,000 buy-in (₽30M GTD), January 23-26

WPT Germany Festival powered by PartyPoker LIVE at King’s Casino

–February 17-23, 2020

–Includes WPT Germany Main Event, €3,300 buy-in (€1.5M GTD), February 17-23

–Main Event online availability not released

–Includes WPTDeepStacks Germany, €1,500 buy-in (€500K GTD), February 20-23

WPT Barcelona Festival powered by PartyPoker LIVE at Casino Barcelona

–Dates not released

–Includes WPT Germany Main Event, details unknown

WPT + 888poker (Probably)

This is where the schedule is unclear, as there are tournaments in the press release that are not affiliated with PartyPoker LIVE but not clearly with 888poker, either.

These are the events that are probably affiliated with 888poker’s live tournament season:

WPTDeepStacks Brussels at Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE

–November 14-17, 2019

–WPTDS €1,200 buy-in

WPTDeepStacks Berlin at Casino Spielbank

–January 10-13, 2020

–WPTDS €1,200 buy-in

WPTDeepStacks Brussels at Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE

–January 31 – February 3, 2020

–WPTDS €1,200 buy-in

WPTDeepStacks European Championship Deauville at Casino Barriere Deauville

–April 9-12, 2020

–WPTDS €1,500 buy-in

General Information and Unknowns

There are some tournaments listed above that seemed to be in line with the PartyPoker-sponsored events, but they COULD be with 888poker if the pattern of WPTDS events is to be followed. These include the WPTDeepStacks event in the UK in October, WPTDeepStacks Montreal event in Canada, WPTDeepStacks Russia in January, and the WPTDeepStacks Germany in February.

There will still be details to follow for many of the events on the schedules, especially those set in 2020.

Meanwhile, this gives players some idea of the whereabouts of the World Poker Tour outside of the US during Season XVIII.

WPT VP of Europe Hermance Blum noted, “Season XVIII marks another campaign of spectacular events with the WPT and its prestigious partners. The player experience will once again be superb.”

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