Petrangelo Picks Up WPT World Online Championship Title

Petrangelo Picks Up WPT World Online Championship Title

A passing glance at the WPT World Online Championships shows 12 official World Poker Tour events – unique, WPT-branded, numbered tournaments. Look more closely, though, to see that the massive World Poker Tour series on PartyPoker is a partnership comprised of many, many tournaments. Even the 12 main WPT WOC events each offer three buy-in levels and multiple days of action.

The World Poker Tour is covering more of the news across the series, which began on July 18 and runs through September 17.

We’re focusing on the results of the main WPT WOC tournaments. We recapped the first two events, as well as some of the other highlights, and now Events 3 and 4 are in the books. Let’s take a look at the results.

Event 3: WPT NLHE 8-Max Championship

As with many of the other tournaments on this schedule, there were three buy-in levels: $33 for the Micro, $320 for the Mini, and $3,200 for the Main Event.

The micro level offered a $300K guarantee, so when the 7,765 entries took the prize pool to $232,950, the WPT and PartyPoker put in the rest to make it $300K. Boris Angelov ended up winning it for $44,807.25.

The mini version had a $1 million guarantee on it. The 3,309 entries put the prize pool at $992,700, so close to breaking even. Daniel Mcaulay was the winner for $118,432.51 of that $1M prize pool.

The $3,200 WPT PLO Hi-Lo Championship offered a $500K guarantee. This delivered another overlay and these results, which reflect a three-way deal amongst the top three finishers:

And then there was the Main Event with its $3 million guarantee, and the prize pool went over.

Buy-in: $3,200

Total entries:  1,062

Total prize pool:  $3,186,000

Paid players: 136

Minimum payout: $7,328

1st place:  Gavin Cochrane (UK) $540,664

2nd place:  Thomas Boivin (UK) $388,119

3rd place:  Lars Kamphues (Austria) $256,728

4th place:  Dmitry Yurasov (Belarus) $173,956

5th place:  Shyngis Satubayev (Kazakhstan) $123,298

6th place:  Daniel Colpoys (Mexico) $87,296

7th place:  Jianchen Gong (Canada) $61,171

8th place:  Ognyan Dimov (Bulgaria) $48,427

Event 4: WPT NLHE 6-Max Championship

This offered the exact same buy-ins and guarantees as Event 3: $300K for the $33 Micro, $1 million for the $320 buy-in Mini, and $3 million for the $3,200 buy-in Main Event.

Players contributed a total of 7,524 entries to the lowest buy-in, but the resulting $225,720 in the pot required the WPT to put in the rest to bring it up to $300K. Mats Ullereng took advantage of the overlay and took home $35,859 for the win.

There were 2,979 entries in this Micro action, bringing the total to $893,700. But the WPT and PartyPoker held up their end of the bargain and made it an even $1 million. Bruno Volkmann outlasted all of his opponents and won $121,980.

Registration stopped for the Main Event just one player shy of hitting the guarantee. But they then played it out to finally give one player the win after several close calls in past years.

Buy-in: $3,200

Total entries:  999

Total prize pool:  $2,997,000 (overlay)

Paid players: 120

Minimum payout: $7,137

1st place:  Nick Petrangelo (Canada) $494,550

2nd place:  Artsiom Prostak (Belarus) $368,250

3rd place:  Arsenii Karmatckii (Russia) $278,448

4th place:  Patrice Brandt (UK) $192,900

5th place:  Jiachen Gong (Canada) $128,100

6th place:  Elior Sion (UK) $93,630

Next Up for WPT Fans

Next weekend, Event 5 offers some popular knockout action. The rest of the schedule is as follows:

–Event 5 (Aug 15-18): $33 / $320 / $3,200 WPT NLHE Knockout ($300K / $1M / $3M GTD)

–Event 6 (Aug 22-25): $33 / $320 / $3,200 WPT NLHE Mix-Max ($300K / $1M / $3M GTD)

–Event 7 (Aug 29-Sep 1): $109 / $1,100 WPT Micro/Mini NLHE Main Event ($1M / $5M GTD)

–Event 8 (Sep 2-3): $33 / $320 / $3,200 WPT NLHE Heads-Up ($20K / $100K / $500K GTD)

–Event 9 (Sep 5-8): $10,300 WPT NLHE Main Event ($10M GTD)

–Event 10 (Sep 8): $33 / $320 / $3,200 WPT NLHE Turbo ($300K / $1M / $3M GTD)

–Event 11 (Sep 12-15): $25,500 WPT NLHE High Roller ($10M GTD)

–Event 12 (Sep 16-17): $102K WPT NLHE Super High Roller ($5M GTD)



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