First WPT World Online Championships Events in the Books

First WPT World Online Championships Events in the Books

The online poker scene is booming with tournament opportunities this summer in some parts of the world. Players outside of the United States have numerous chances to win everything from World Series of Poker bracelets to World Poker Tour titles.

The WPT World Online Championships started on PartyPoker on July 18 and will continue through September 17. Its officially WPT-branded events span the entirety of the series, with most of the 12 events offering micro, mini, and standard buy-ins. Only a handful of them, however, offer official WPT Main Event champion status, complete with names engraved on the newly-renamed Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup.

Several of the initial events already ran their course, including the Shooting Stars for Charity tournament, so let’s get to those results.

Event 1: WPT PLO Hi-Lo Championship

The smallest of the three buy-ins for this event was the $33 Micro version with a $50K guarantee on the prize pool. That one drew 1,304 total entries, and players saw an overlay. In the end, Stefan Wolfschuetz won it for $8,142.

The next level was the $320 buy-in Mini with a $150K guarantee. There were 438 entries for another overlay, and Viachaslau Mikulich ended up as its winner with $29,459 in cash.

The $3,200 WPT PLO Hi-Lo Championship offered a $500K guarantee. This delivered another overlay and these results, which reflect a three-way deal amongst the top three finishers:

Buy-in: $3,200

Total entries:  145

Total prize pool:  $500,000 (overlay)

Paid players: 18

Minimum payout: $9,175

1st place:  Paul Tedeschi (UK) $92,105

2nd place:  Dan Shak (Monaco) $87,720

3rd place:  Anssi Kinttala (Finland) $86,628

4th place:  Joao Vieira (Netherlands) $42,500

5th place:  Guilherme Decourt (Brazil) $31,250

6th place:  Erik Dahlberg (Sweden) $23,000

7th place:  Ozenc Demir (Netherlands) $18,500

WPT Opener

This was a tournament without an official number on the schedule but a big one nonetheless.

The Micro version offered a $100K guarantee for an $11 buy-in, which drew a total of 4,472 entries. That massive overlay gave players a lot of free money in the pot, and Karl Jasmen Dick of Germany won $15,285.75 as the champ.

Its Mini version was a $109 buy-in with a $500K guarantee. When the entries tallied to 3,349, that signified another sizeable overlay for players. Netherlands player Radjendernath Chigharoe took it down for $78,413.75.

The main WPT Opener required a $1,050 buy-in and garnered 962 entries. The $1 million guarantee went into effect, players got an overlay, and Gabriele Lepore of Malta grabbed the $172,175 first-place prize for the win.

This event also offered a High Roller version with a $10,300 buy-in, also with a $1 million guarantee. The 95 entries again forced the WPT to cover the rest, and Artur Martirosian of Russia claimed victory for $251,250.

Event 2: WPT PLO Championship

The Micro Omaha Championship offered a shot at a $100K guarantee for only $33. That brought a total of 2,128 entries into the event, not nearly enough to clear the guarantee. Derrick Wall was the last player standing and took home $13,506.40 for the win.

The Mini version required $320 to play, which garnered 869 total entries. The WPT and PartyPoker had to kick in the rest to put the prize pool at the promised $300K. Sweden’s Erik Gustav Lars Bystrom won it for $49,800.

When it came down to the official $3,200 WPT PLO Championship, complete with a $1 million guarantee, the tally showed no overlay. And when it came down to the final two players, they agreed to deal, reflected in the payouts here:

Buy-in: $3,200

Total entries:  342

Total prize pool:  $1,026,000

Paid players: 54

Minimum payout: $5,130

1st place:  Alex Manzano (Chile) $176,132

2nd place:  Paresh Doshi (UK) $167,272

3rd place:  Laszlo Bujtas (Hungary) $106,163

4th place:  Mike Leah (Canada) $76,673

5th place:  Alfred Karlsson (Sweden) $54,870

6th place:  Jesse Rockowitz (Canada) $41,148

7th place:  Benny Glaser (Great Britain) $30,759

Shooting Stars for Charity

The charity component of this WPT WOC series was established to benefit the 1 Day Sooner organization. It is dedicated to finding a vaccine for Covid-19 through human challenge trials. Thousands more people sign up to participate each week. Today, more than 32,000 volunteers are registered from 140 countries.

With a buy-in of $1,100 for each entry and a total of 483 entries in the Shooting Stars for Charity, the tournament raised a significant amount of money for the charity. In fact, with other donations added, the total came to $51,200.

When it was all said and done, Timo Kamphues of Austria won the event for $90,498.

On the Schedule Going Forward…

Action rolls on with Event 3 getting underway today. The rest of the schedule is as follows:

–Event 3 (Aug 1-4): $33 / $320 / $3,200 WPT NLHE 8-Max ($300K / $1M / $3M GTD)

–Event 4 (Aug 8-11): $33 / $320 / $3,200 WPT NLHE 6-Max ($300K / $1M / $3M GTD)

–Event 5 (Aug 15-18): $33 / $320 / $3,200 WPT NLHE Knockout ($300K / $1M / $3M GTD)

–Event 6 (Aug 22-25): $33 / $320 / $3,200 WPT NLHE Mix-Max ($300K / $1M / $3M GTD)

–Event 7 (Aug 29-Sep 1): $109 / $1,100 WPT Micro/Mini NLHE Main Event ($1M / $5M GTD)

–Event 8 (Sep 2-3): $33 / $320 / $3,200 WPT NLHE Heads-Up ($20K / $100K / $500K GTD)

–Event 9 (Sep 5-8): $10,300 WPT NLHE Main Event ($10M GTD)

–Event 10 (Sep 8): $33 / $320 / $3,200 WPT NLHE Turbo ($300K / $1M / $3M GTD)

–Event 11 (Sep 12-15): $25,500 WPT NLHE High Roller ($10M GTD)

–Event 12 (Sep 16-17): $102K WPT NLHE Super High Roller ($5M GTD)



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