888poker Shows Off New Site Design in Software Upgrade

888poker Shows Off New Site Design in Software Upgrade

As 888poker prepared to upgrade its software over the past year, it touted the new platform as Poker 8. The phased rollout was going to show its “next-generation poker platform.”

It began last month, and regular players have noted most of the changes by now. New players will find new table designs, new avatars, better overall graphics and design, improved functionality, easier multi-tabling, and an easier rebuy process. There are many updates and improvements to be found across the lobby and throughout the site.

Interestingly, it seems the term Poker 8 has been lost along the way. The 888poker post highlighting most of the platform’s updates doesn’t mention Poker 8 once.

We’ll just call it the 888poker upgrade.

Looks are Important

The sounds and graphics have been enhanced with graphics described as “pin sharp.”

New table designs, of which there are dozens, are themed and include graphics that match. For instance, a writer for 888poker Magazine described the scene at a recent PKO God of the Arena tournament that included a sandy arena-style table design, swords and shields around the table, and sound effects to match a slashed red cross as a player exited. He also mentioned someone at another table throwing a cake at that newly-emptied seat.

It sounds like the graphics are as close to virtual reality-style gaming as possible without diving all the way into VR.

Other new features delineate the poker variants, and the tables are lit to give the feel of a televised final table. SNAP! Tables are dressed in neon, and all tables feature illuminated community and hole cards when a hand ends so the winning hand is more obvious than before.

In addition, multi-tabling is easier to view and use, with the necessary tables pushing to the foreground when action is required.

Substance is More Important

Enhanced graphics and sleek table designs can impress all players but are probably more important for new or recreational players. Those who will be staying at the tables for long periods of time need more substance, and it seems that 888poker took that into consideration.

The poker tables now have features to show hand options and a current chip stack total, as well as the option to use the bet slider or new configurations to bet, raise, or fold. There is also a hand history tab in the upper right of the screen to show previous hands in full. Replays can be fast-forwarded or slowed for easier examination of one’s own play or that of other players.

Rebuys are also easier, as a button on the screen has been added to manage and track reentries. In addition, there is now a way to deposit more money into one’s online account in order to rebuy, all from the tournament screen.

What’s in a Name?

Technically, it doesn’t matter if the upgraded online poker platform is called Poker 8 or not. Most sites simply upgrade and tout the results, as has happened with 888poker in this instance.

It is curious as to why the focus has been dropped from the Poker 8 designation, but what matters in the end is the product.


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