888poker Announces Millions Superstorm Series for September

888poker Announces Millions Superstorm Series for September

Online poker is the place to be for poker players this year, and 888poker is offering up another tournament series for its players on the international stage.

The last one was the 888poker Freezeout Series, a schedule of 24 tournaments that played out over two weeks in June with $665K in guarantees.

The one just announced, however, is one of 888poker’s strongest offerings. The Millions Superstorm will offer 480 individual tournaments with $8 million guaranteed, and $1 million of that will entice players to compete in the Main Event.

Superstorm Series Details

888poker players have plenty of notice for this Millions Superstorm series, which means plenty of time to play in the plethora of satellites and qualifiers on the site between now and the start of the series.

Speaking of which, the latest Millions Superstorm will kick off on Thursday, September 10, and it will run through Sunday, October 11. One full month of 480 tournaments will feature something for players at nearly every bankroll level, as buy-ins range from $5.50 to $530.

The series includes weekly and daily tournaments, with each one also offering a “mini” version with a smaller buy-in. The weekly offerings will be:

–Every Thursday at 18:00 GMT:  $160 buy-in NLHE PKO 8-Max ($50K GTD)

–Every Friday at 18:00 GMT:  $55 buy-in NLHE Deepstack ($30K GTD)

–Every Saturday at 18:00 GMT:  $109 buy-in NLHE 6-Max ($30K GTD)

–Every Sunday at 18:00 GMT:  $215 buy-in NLHE Sunday Special ($100K GTD)

–Every Monday at 18:00 GMT:  $33 buy-in NLHE R&A ($25K GTD)

–Every Tuesday at 18:00 GMT:  $530 buy-in NLHE High Roller ($100K GTD)

The daily events throughout the series will be:

–13:15 GMT:  $16.50 NLHE PKO ($5K GTD)

–14:15 GMT:  $44 NLHE PKO 8-Max ($5K GTD)

–15:30 GMT:  $88 NLHE PKO 8-Max ($10K GTD)

–15:30 GMT:  $33 NLHE BIG Fish ($12K GTD)

–16:30 GMT:  $109 NLHE Mega Deep ($12K GTD)

–16:30 GMT:  $22 NLHE PKO ($8K GTD)

–17:00 GMT:  $7.50 NLHE PKO 8-Max ($6K GTD)

–17:30 GMT:  $55 NLHE Monsoon ($12K GTD)

–18:00 GMT:  $16.50 NLHE BIG Fish ($15K GTD)

–18:30 GMT:  $33 NLHE BIG Fish ($12K GTD)

–18:31 GMT:  $5.50 NLHE BIG Fish ($7K GTD)

–20:00 GMT:  $55 NLHE PKO 6-Max ($10K GTD)

–21:00 GMT:  $22 NLHE OKO ($8K GTD)

Main Event Action

The 888 Millions Superstorm Main Event is set for October 11 at 20:00 GMT, though that is Day 2 of the tournament.

The Main Event actually begins this weekend on August 23. The $320 buy-in event boasts of a $1 million guarantee on the prize pool and will offer starting days every single day from August 23 to October 10.

As with other events, 888poker will offer a Mini Main Event during the series, which will require only a $55 buy-in and guarantee $75K.

As reference, 888poker ran this same Millions Superstorm series with a $100 buy-in Main Event but with the $1M guarantee. There were 22 starting days that collected 11,618 entries to surpass the set prize pool and put it at $1,068,856. Russian player zaSPARTAK won it for $112,234.54.

There will be many ways to qualify for the Main Event at a discount. One is the $1M BLAST promotion, which start at just $1, complete with three $1M BLAST prize pools. Another is a $1M Giveaway promotion, which will award many tickets via challenge competitions and daily spinner offers for freeroll tickets.


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