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Safe Online Poker Sites for US Players

Perhaps no consideration is more important to poker players when choosing an online poker site than safety.  Given the huge amount of trust players must place in online poker sites when playing for real money, safety is rightfully a critical concern, but how are players meant to tell which sites place a high priority on safety and which sites are cutting corners?

With this article covering the safest poker sites online, we aim to help players through the process of selecting a poker site that satisfies their desire for a secure, reliable online poker environment.  Drawing on our combined decades of experience with online poker rooms, we’ve assembled a helpful guide that should help you to choose the safest poker room possible for your online play.

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The Safest United States Online Poker Site

Our top marks for safest online poker site go to Party Poker.  One of the oldest online poker rooms still in operation, Party Poker can boast something few other rooms can: An unblemished reputation for safety and security.  Not only is your personal and financial information unquestionably safe with Party Poker, but you can also feel assured that the games you play at the room are fair.

Party simply has a level of experience on both counts that only a handful of rooms can match, and that experience allows them to not only protect you against ongoing threats, but also to effectively predict new threats and take preemptive steps to shield you from potential harm.

As we frequently note in our guides to the top poker sites, it’s not enough that an online poker room excel at just one aspect of operation (as Party does with safety and security) – it must also provide players with a quality experience in an overall sense.  As anyone familiar with Party can attest, the room passes this test with flying colors; as one of the top three poker rooms online, game selection and variety are never an issue, and Party has built a strong reputation for offering top-flight promotions to players.  When you take it all together, you get a room that offers the best of all worlds to online poker players.

How Do Sites Protect You Against Cheating?

Quality sites like Party Poker are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure that players are protected from cheaters at the tables.  Through a combination of mathematical analysis, human monitoring, and constant overview of interactions between accounts, online poker sites do a very good job of catching cheaters – often before they even really get a chance to start.

Players are also an important part of the security equation.  Any credible room will have a simple process (generally within the software itself) that players can follow to report suspicious play, and players are certainly encouraged to report anything that seems suspicious.  The security team at the poker site will have the tools and resources to sort out false positives from actual evidence of cheating, so it’s always better to send information to the room if you have any concerns whatsoever.

How Can You Tell That the Games Are Fair?

When you’re investigating an online poker site, there are a few things that you should look for.  As we noted above, you’ll want to be sure that the room has a clear process for reporting suspicious activity.  You should also look for information about the Random Number Generator (RNG) the room uses to ensure the deal of cards is actually random; if a room doesn’t publish this information or doesn’t provide details about the certification of the RNG, it’s probably best to move on.  Finally, review what the site says about encryption – what type does it use, who has issued the certificate and how is the encryption employed – as that is your first line of defense against individuals seeking your personal information or information about the cards you’re playing.

Employ Two-Factor Authentication for Your Accounts

No guide to the safest online poker sites would be complete without an appeal to players to take safety into their own hands.  While players certainly can expect that rooms will provide them with a secure environment for online poker, a poker room can only do so much.  If you’re not protecting your personal information on your end, then no amount of security in the world on the room’s end can offer you protection.

Given that money  – often substantial sums – is in play, online poker accounts are especially attractive targets for hackers.  As a result, anyone playing online poker for real money should use two-factor authentication whenever possible – certainly for the email attached to your poker site accounts, and certainly for the room itself if offered.  While rooms play a part, the responsibility for a safe online poker experience is ultimately in the hands of the player, so make the smart bet and do everything in your power to secure your accounts before you play another hand.

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