WSOP Super Circuit Series Ends with Matt Stout as Champ

WSOP Super Circuit Series Ends with Matt Stout as Champ

It was one of the most hastily-organized online poker tournament series in recent memory. And it was a resounding success.

The first-ever Super Circuit Series was set up one day after the World Series of Poker cancelled many of its WSOP Circuit events, both in the US and on the international side. As the coronavirus spread across Europe, Asia, and North America, casinos closed. Governments forbade large gatherings of people. And stay-at-home orders began around the world.

The World Series of Poker jumped into action and quickly set up an 18-event online series for players located in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. It wasn’t a fix for the majority of poker players, but it was something for players in a few states right away.

It was a success from the start.

The results from the first 10 events showed most tournaments surpassing their prize pool guarantees by two or three times. Now let’s see how it finished up.

WSOP Online Circuit Results: Events 11-18

These are the results for the last of the tournaments, as the series just wrapped yesterday.

Event 11:  $500 NLHE Big 500 ($75K GTD)

Entries:  5731

Prize pool:  $247,976

Paid players:  50

Minimum payout:  $1,140

Winner:  Matt Stout ($63,234)

Event 12:  $215 NLHE ($50K GTD)

Entries:  844

Prize pool:  $168,800

Paid players: 100

Minimum payout:  $354

Winner:  William Corvino ($40,512)

Event 13:  $320 NLHE 6-Max ($75K GTD)

Entries:  673

Prize pool:  $201,900

Paid players:  75

Minimum payout:  $646

Winner:  Thomas Lim ($49,465)

Event 14:  $250 NLHE Turbo ($50K GTD)

Entries:  636

Prize pool:  $149,459

Paid players:  75

Minimum payout:  $478

Winner:  Sang Lee ($36,618)

Event 15:  $320 NLHE ($75K GTD)

Entries:  731

Prize pool:  $219,300

Paid players:  75

Minimum payout:  $702

Winner:  Andrew Dean ($53,728)

Event 16:  $525 NLHE Main Event ($200K GTD)

Entries:  1,134

Prize pool:  $567,000

Paid players:  150

Minimum payout:  $907

Winner:  Champie Douglas ($130,410)

2nd place:  Scott Blumstein ($68,890)

3rd place:  Gage Doyne ($45,360)

4th place:  Brian Altman ($34,020)

5th place:  Gordon Vayo ($28,350)

6th place:  David Williams ($22,680)

7th place:  Marcus Laffen ($16,443)

8th place:  Robert Brown ($10,206)

9th place:  Jose Noboa ($7,371)

Event 17:  $300 Knockout Freezeout ($30K GTD)

Entries:  435

Prize pool:  $122,669

Paid players:  75

Minimum payout:  $253

Winner:  Valentyn Shabelnyk ($19,396)

Event 18:  $1K NLHE High Roller 6-Max Grand Finale ($75K GTD)

Entries:  358

Prize pool:  $341,890

Paid players:  35

Minimum payout:  $2,393

Winner:  Gage Doyne ($90,600)

2nd place:  Chad Layne ($52,922)

3rd place:  Brandon Eisen ($30,257)

4th place:  Katie Lindsay ($23,248)

5th place:  David Coleman ($19,829)

6th place:  Thomas Carter ($16,410.72)

Matt Stout Wins Series Leaderboard

The WSOP Online Super Circuit Series was no different than any other stop on the WSOP Circuit, at least as far as its leaderboard. The Casino Champion of each stop wins the title for accumulating the most points in that particular series and wins a seat into the 2019/2020 Global Casino Championship. That tournament is set for August 11-13 at Harrah’s Cherokee in North Carolina.

Matt Stout is the player who won the seat from this series, having captured two gold rings, made three final tables, and accumulated six cashes.

The final tally of the leaderboard is as follows:

–1. Matt Stout (140 points)

–2. Jonathan Dokler (127.5 points)

–3. James Carroll (100 points)

–4. Brian Altman (92.5 points)

–5. Brian Sherrier (87.5 points)

–6. Eric Vanauken (80 points)

–7. Chad Layne (77.5 points)

–8. Anthony Zinno (77.5 points)

–9. Andrew Dean (75 points)

–10. Sang Lee (72.5 points)

–11. Thomas Maguire (72.5 points)

At the end of the season, the top 50 on the overall season’s leaderboard will also receive seats into the Global Casino Championship, if they didn’t already have a seat.

There will be a $1 million minimum prize pool for all qualifying players.


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