WSOP Announces Summer Non-Bracelet Poker Action

WSOP Announces Summer Non-Bracelet Poker Action

The World Series of Poker is putting the final touches on all aspects of the 2020 WSOP. This week’s announcement pertains to non-bracelet poker action to be available at the Rio Convention Center during the summer series.

While there are 101 tournaments on the official WSOP schedule that will result in players winning gold bracelets, there are many other poker opportunities on tap. From the Daily Deepstack tournaments to cash games and all types of satellites, there will be something for everyone.

How to Play the WSOP at a Discount

Every seat in a WSOP gold-bracelet event has a price. That price is the buy-in listed on the official schedule. But every player has an opportunity to win a seat into those same tournaments at a discount.

Single-table satellites will be available in the Pavilion ballroom throughout the summer, from the May 26 start through July 11. They will be hosted around the clock at any time there are 10 players interested in starting one. A single-table satellite (STS) can require as little as $75 for certain WSOP events, and players can buy in with cash or casino chips.

Mega satellites will be offered on a schedule to reward top finishers with tournament buy-in chips. One-tenth of each mega satellite field will win seats into a higher buy-in WSOP event. Players can buy in with cash, casino chips, or credit or debit cards.

The mega schedule will be available May 26 through July 13 as follows:

–9am:  $180 NLHE for $1,500 buy-ins

–2pm:  $580 NLHE for $5K buy-ins (may run as $1,100 for $10K buy-ins if necessary)

–8pm:  $1,100 NLHE for $10K buy-ins

–12noon & 6pm:  will vary from $320 to $625 and $2,700 to $5,300, running as step satellites into $25K buy-ins or higher

Satellites into the $10K Main Event will run from June 30 through July 4 as follows:

–8am:  $140 NLHE turbo to win $1,100 buy-in chips to 1pm mega, must play

–8am:  $1,100 NLHE turbo to win $10K buy-ins (July 1-5 only)

–10am & 4pm:  $580 NLHE to win $10K buy-ins

–1pm:  $1,100 NLHE to win $10K buy-ins

–2pm:  $250 NLHE to win $2,175 buy-in chips to 8pm mega, must play

–8pm:  $2,175 NLHE to win $10K buy-ins

How to Win Braceletless WSOP Tournaments

The Daily Deepstacks are quite popular at the WSOP, as they offer low buy-ins and play out in one day. Most events play to a winner within 8-12 hours.

In past years, as the Daily Deepstacks became more well-attended, seating began to conflict with some of the larger WSOP tournaments. It sometimes created confusion and the cancellation of the dailies. To rectify that situation, the Daily Deepstacks will play out in the Rio Casino, in the Masquerade Village area of the casino. There will also be a registration cage solely for Daily Deepstack players.

These will be separate from the action in the Rio Convention Center but allow for easier parking for those going to the Rio only for the dailies.

This year’s schedule offers more starting chips and a variety of poker games. The following will run every day from May 26 through July 13:

–1pm:  $250 NLHE (25K chips, 30-min levels, late reg until 5:35pm)

–4pm:  $200 NLHE (20K chips, 30-min levels, late reg until 8:35pm)

–7pm:  $400 NLHE (30K chips, 20-min levels, late reg until 10pm)

–10pm:  $150 NLHE (15K chips, 20-min levels, late reg until 1am)

These specialty weekly specials start and end on slightly different dates, as follows:

–Wednesdays 9am:  $250 NLHE Seniors for 50+ (25K chips, 30-min levels) (May 27 to July 8)

–Sundays 5pm:  $250 PLO (25K chips, 30-min levels, late reg until 9:35pm) (May 31 to July 12)

–Mondays 5pm:  $250 HORSE (25K chips, 30-min levels, late reg until 9:35pm) (June 1 to July 13)

Players can use the Bravo Poker Live app to register for Daily Deepstack events a day before and pay online. There will be a kiosk in the Masquerade Village area for those players to simply print their seat cards.

How to Play Cash Games at the Rio

First, players should know that the WSOP staff will be referring to cash games as “live action poker.”

Second, cash game action gets underway on Tuesday, May 26 at 9am and runs nonstop through July 11.

The vast majority of the cash games will be set up in the Pavilion ballroom, as usual, though there will also be some cash games in the regular poker room section of the Rio Casino.

There will be a cashier cage across from the Pavilion specifically for live action players. And the Pavilion itself will set up 95 cash game tables. Of those, there will be 56 from Gorilla Gaming featuring upgraded tables and chairs, automatic shufflers, USB ports, and drink holders at each seat.

Low-stakes players can find games as low as $1/$3 with a $100 minimum buy-in, and high-stakes players can head to the King’s Lounge for games up to $1K/$2K. The King’s Lounge, sponsored by the King’s Resort in the Czech Republic, will offer 16 tables and 24-hour food service for high rollers.

The most common games offered are as follows, though players can request other games and limits to be started at the discretion of the floor staff.

–$1/$3 NLHE ($100 min to $300 max)

–$2/$5 NLHE ($200 min to $1K max)

–$5/$10 NLHE ($400 min, no max)

–$10/$25 NLHE ($1K min, no max)

–$1/$2/$5 PLO ($100 min, $500 max)

–$5/$5 PLO ($200 min, no max)

–$5/$10/$25 PLO ($1K min, no max)

–$25/$25/$50 PLO ($2,500 min, no max)

–$20/$40 Mixed ($300 min, no max)

–$50/$100 Mixed ($1K min, no max)

–$10/$20 Limit O-8 ($200 min, no max)

–$20/$40 Limit O-8 ($400 min, no max)

–$75/$150 Limit O-8 ($1,500 min, no max)

–$1/$2/$5 Big O ($100 min, $500 max)

–$5/$5/$10 Big O ($200 min, no max)

–$50/$100 7-Card Stud-8 ($1K min, no max)

–Pineapple Open-Face Chinese Poker ($5/point min to $100/point max)


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