The World Series of Poker Main Event November Nine Is Set for 2015

The November Nine is set in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event. The 9 players who will sit at the final table are vying for $7,680,021 in cash and poker immortality. The players survived a week of poker grind to last longer than over 6000 other gamblers.

All nine players have been given their 9th-place (minimum) payday of $1,001,020. Each goes their separate ways for four months, when they will recovene to settle who wins on November 8, 2015.

Daniel Negreanu Finishes in 11th Place

Hundreds of poker fans had gathered for Day 9 of the event, hoping to cheer fan-favorite Daniel Negreanu to an appearance in the November Nine. Negreanu is one of the most recognizable poker professionals, after years of appearances on television and blogging on the Internet.

Those fans were disappointed when Daniel Negreanu busted out in 11th place. While that is an impressive finish for even the most tested professional players, fans had hoped to have some star power at the final table. The day began with 27 players, so Negreanu’s run had taken most of Day 9.

Donnie Peters of PokerNews told CNBC News, “I’d be lying if I told you the entire poker industry wasn’t holding its breath as one by one, players were eliminated and Negreanu remained.

Alexander Turyansky Finished in 10th Place

Alexander Turyansky ended the day with an unsuccessful all-in call. Turyansky had been one of four Germans to begin the day among the final 27, but all four Germans busted before the final table. Pius Heinz will continue to be the only German to ever make a WSOP Main Event Final Table.

Joseph McKeehen: Chip Stack Leader

Joseph McKeehen will begin the November Nine final table on Nov. 8 as the chip stack leader and prohibitive favorite. McKeehen holds 64,100,000 in chips, which gives him a full one-third of the remaining chips in the tournament. Joseph McKeehen is a 24 year old resident of North Wales, Pennsylvania, and he has $1.99 million in career earnings.

Zvi Stern of Herzilya, Israel has the next-biggest chip stack with 29,800,000. The 36-year old Israeli declined to give his profession, wears a hoodie and sunglasses, and has $49,595. He’ll enter the November Nine as a huge wild card.

Blumenfield and Neuville Show Age Has Its Advantages

61-year old Neil Blumenfield of San Francisco is the 3rd-place chip leader at the moment. The software executive has $130,468 in career winnings. The 72-year old Pierre Neuville, who sits in 4th place at the moment, makes Neil Blumenfield look like a mere youth. Neuville is a retired businessman with $2,174,187 in career winnings, along with a 2nd-place finish in a 2014 WSOP event. He is a resident of Knokke-Heist, Belgium.

Pierre Neuville is a man with personality, and a man with an interesting story to tell. He spent the last 30 years working for the game company, Hasbro, after he sold a game he designed to Hasbro in 1982. Neuville was barred from gambling until recently, but he has long harbored a love of card games.

Both Blumenfield and Neuville are trying to reverse a World Series of Poker trend, because the last seven winners of the WSOP Main Event have been less than 30 years of age.

Max Steinburg: Former WSOP Bracelet Winner

Max Steinburg is the only WSOP bracelet winner to sit at the final table. Steinberg is a 27-year old native of Fairfield, Iowa, and he has $1,936,457 in career earnings. He sits in 5th place with 20,200,000 in chips.

Cannuli and Beckley with 5% of the Chips Apiece

23-year old Thomas Cannuli of Cape May, New Jersey holds 6th place. Cannuli has 12,250,000 in chips and $47,324 in lifetime earning. He considers his profession to be “poker player”.

Joshua Beckley holds 7th place with 10,800,000 in chips. The 24-year old Beckley is a native of Marlton, New Jersey and has $219,185 in career earnings. Both Beckley and Cannuli are going to need to play smartly if they are to make a move and avoid the fate of an early bustout at the final table.

Butteroni and Chan

Patrick Chan is a 26 year old native of Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Chan finished in 3rd palce at the Borgata Fall Poker Open in 2012, and he has $524,263 in career winnings. He holds 8th place at the moment, but just by a hair.

Federico Butteroni is the 9th place member of the November Nine. Butteroni, who lives in Roma, Italy, is a 25-year old professional player. He has $49,255 in lifetime earnings. Prior to the WSOP Main Event, his deepest finish was a 20th-place cash in a 2015 $1,500-Entry WSOP event.

Butteronia and Chan are going to be under the gun when the November Nine continues. Both hold only about 3% of the chips at this point in the tournament. With the blinds set very high, both will need to double up on a couple of occasions to play themselves into serious contention. Of course, both overcame the pressure of being on the bubble at the end of Day 9, so each man is no stranger to pressure poker.

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