Ray Lesniak Proposes a New Law to Allow Glenn Straub to Open TEN Casino without a License

New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak is proposing a new law which would allow Glenn Straub to operate TEN Casino without receiving a casino license. The new law comes in the wake of a court decision last week that rejected Straub’s bid to open the newly-branded TEN Building without a full gaming license.

Sen. Ray Lesniak has been a fixture in New Jersey state politics for decades, entering the General Assembly in 1978. Now, he is running to replace Chris Christie as the governor of New Jersey. As one of the frontrunners in a Democratic-dominated state, his proposals could become law.

Straub Would Lease to a Casino Operator

Under Lesniak’s plan, a portion of the TEN Building would be leased to an outside casino company. This company would need to acquire a license, but Glenn Straub and his Polo North real estate and development company would be exempted from the need for a casino license.

Under the current system, Glenn Straub appears to be months away from reopening the TEN Casino in the infamous Revel Building. The Casino Control Commission ruled that Straub must obtain a full casino license before he can reopen the Revel Casino.

Can Open as a Hotel

The Commission said he was allowed to open the property as a hotel, but that is separate from his desire to be exempted from the gambling license. Glenn Straub has complained about the time it has taken to receive a license. He also complained that liquor licensing takes too long in the state.

Glenn Straub bought the $2.4 billion Revel Building in a drawn-out bankruptcy auction for $83 million in the spring of 2015. The Revel Building had a one-sided energy services contract with ACR Energy Partners, so he went to court to get out of that contract. The dispute ended only when he bought out ACR for $30 million.

Glenn Straub’s Licensing Process

Since buying out ACR in late 2015, Glenn Straub has sought to obtain a casino license. He planned on opening 500 rooms of the hotel space in the building in July 2016, and even renamed the building “TEN” in the weeks leading up to the grand opening.

When he was unable to obtain a gaming license by the time of the expected June 15 opening date, Glenn Straub announced that the hotel grand opening was postponed. He complained that regulators would not give him a waiver which would treat him like a landlord and not a full casino operator. He eventually sued the Casino Control Commission, though Straub also continued with the licensing process — just in case. He plans on opening in 2017, but the issue seems to be in limbo.

Ray Lesniak: 2017 New Jersey Governor

Raymond Lesniak is running for election as New Jersey governor on November 7, 2017, though he is one of a long list of candidates in what is considered a wide-open election.

Governor Chris Christie is term-limited, so he cannot run for reelection. With no incumbant, both sides believe they have a legitimate chance to win the governorship. Republicans control 33 governorships and 32 state legislatures, and they believe they can cement control by winning in traditionally-liberal states. Democrats believe voters are ready to end the GOP’s reign in New Jersey, after a Christie administration that many consider a failure.

2017 Republican Candidates for New Jersey Governor

On the Republican side, State Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, Lieutenan Governor Kim Guadagno, Nutley Commissioner of Public Affairs Steven Rodgers, and former US Senatorial candidate Joseph Rudy Rullo are running in the GOP primary.

State Senate Minority Leader Thomas Kean Jr. and comedian/radio show host Joe Piscopo are considering a run for the Republican nomination.

2017 Democrat Candidates for New Jersey Governor

On the Democrat Party’s isde, the list of candidates seems to be legion: Mark Zinna, John Wisniewski, Phil Murphy, Bill Brennan, Monica Brinson, Lisa McCormick, Titus Pierce, Jim Johnson, and Bob Hoatsen. Individuals like Rush Holt Jr., Shavonda E. Sumter, and Tom Byrne all are considering a run. The list of potential candidates involves more than the normal politicians, including business people, former Catholic priests, and Iraqi War veterans.

Of those candidates, Sen. Raymond Lesniak is one of the most prominent options. The primaries later this spring will determine the Republican and Democratic nominees, though run-offs in the primaries are likely, given the number of candidates. The Democratic side is full of candidates, because many believe the Democrats are going to win back the governship in the state of New Jersey.

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