PokerStars NJCOOP Awards Over $1.1M in New Jersey

PokerStars NJCOOP Awards Over $1.1M in New Jersey

The annual COOP event for the people of (or in) New Jersey is over, and the numbers were big. PokerStars revealed the final tallies for the 2020 New Jersey Championship of Poker (NJCOOP) that took place October 10-26.

The series offered 54 tournaments and $1 million in guarantees. And when the virtual dealer collected the final cards, PokerStars saw that it doled out more than $1.1 million in prize money to thousands of poker players.

It wasn’t all peaches and cream, though. Some of the tournaments didn’t meet their guarantees, which created a nice overlay for players but forced PokerStars to fork over the money to meet those guaranteed prize pools. Even the Main Event had an overlay.

Even so, a win is a win. In a small market like New Jersey, it’s all good.

Overall NJCOOP 2020 Numbers

As mentioned, the overall series exceeded the cumulative guarantee by more than $100K. And the number of entries in the events, including reentries, was solid, too.

–Total prize money awarded:  $1,126,615

–Total entries in 54 events:  9,743

Some of the tournaments that missed their guarantees were a bit surprising. For example, Event 2 was a $50 buy-in Warm-Up event with the progressive knockout turbo format. It offered a solid $12.5K guarantee, but the 245 total entries created an overlay of $1,352.50. Event 5 was a Sunday Special with a $200 buy-in and $40K guarantee, but only 193 entries put the prize pool $4,102 short.

Interestingly, the Mini Main Event (Event 48) did surpass its guarantee.

–Buy-in:  $50

–Total entries:  578 (358 players, 220 reentries)

–Final prize pool:  $26,299 ($25K GTD)

–Total players paid:  80

–Winner:  Scooby-D0O ($4,645.41)

The Main Event (Event 47), however, did not make its guarantee.

–Buy-in:  $300

–Total entries:  422 (269 players, 153 reentries)

–Final prize pool:  $125,000 ($6,840 overlay)

–Total players paid:  62

–Winner:  DabledoreNJ ($22,444.80)

Player Accomplishments

There were several players who chalked up impressive accomplishments during the 2020 NJCOOP. Even the Main Event winner, DabledoreNJ, won another tournament in the series (Event 25) and made seven other final tables.

Daniel “loxonbagel” Buzgon won three events in this series to collect more than $13K in prize money. On an even bigger scale, though, he is now second on the all-time New Jersey COOP list of winners with 12 to his credit to date.

Buzgon is second only to “AvaGray” in New Jersey COOP wins to date, who has 16 wins. “AvaGray” made it 16 with a win in Event 7 of this NJCOOP 2020.

There were numerous players dedicated to this series, and several of them took home two titles each: Scooby-D0O, BurntBagels, JohnnyMania, ISlowRollYou, coldandwarm, TobogganM.D., and laura33188.


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