Poker Powher to Host Free Tournament Online March 27

Poker Powher to Host Free Tournament Online March 27

Poker Powher is more than a poker education tool or a group dedicated to fighting for a more inclusive poker community. It an organization dedicated to all of this but also working toward a much larger goal.

“At Poker Powher, we know there’s a strong connection between women’s success, money ownership and the game of poker. So we teach women how to play Texas Hold’em, to compete and succeed in business, finance, and more – all in a fun, supportive, safe-to-fail environment.”

This group believes that too few women learn skills like strategic thinking, emotional control, probability, risk management, and confidence.

Investor and businessowner Jenny Just founded Poker Powher to empower women in business through gaming. “As the co-founder of PEAK6, a multi-billion-dollar investment firm,” she says, “I see the advantages that gaming brings to our traders, our leaders and our employees.”

Further, Poker Powher is an inclusive community, one that focuses on women and those who identify as female. There is no discrimination within on any ethnic, racial, gender or identity, class, or age. Men and those identifying as male are welcomed to support the community and its mission, which is solely focused on empowering females.

This group uses poker to empower women. They claim that poker is more than a game but a “game-changer.” And they want to teach more about that.

Poker Lessons and Beyond

Poker Powher believes the most basic part of the mission is to teach women how to play poker but to do so in a safe environment. There are online courses geared toward different groups: adult women, high school-age girls, and college students/young adults. There are regular lessons available each month in the form of a four-week course with one-hour lessons each week.

Poker instructors include well-known pros like Xuan Liu and Melanie Weisner and author Amanda Botfeld, as well as instructors Dr. Alexandra Chauran, Tammi Endemann, Kyna England, Maddy Fay, Abby Merk, Natalie Ruhana, Lisa Seamans, Sarah Stefan, and Tamara Rubin.

The group offers corporate workshops and tournaments to companies interested in providing more tools to their female employees. Participants will learn the concepts of poker through instruction and hands-on gameplay.

Poker Powher now teaches women via nearly 100 virtual clubs across the United States.

No Limits Tournament

In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, Poker Powher organized a free-play online poker tournament for women around the world. The World College Poker is co-hosting the event to be held on the free-play social gaming app.

The tournament is called No Limits: A First-of-its-Kind Women’s Global Poker Tournament.

Players can register via the World College Tour page dedicated to the event. There is no cost associated but players must register online by midnight on Thursday, March 25.

Poker Powher Managing Director Erin Lydon noted, “Poker Powher is committed to helping women stack their skills through teaching and practicing the game of poker. This tournament will bring leading female poker pros and teachers to the table to inspire women everywhere to play this game-changing card game.”

PokerStars Associate Director of Consumer Engagement and Public Relations Rebecca McAdam added, “We are very passionate about empowering women in poker and bringing more women to the game, so we are excited to host this one-of-a-kind tournament at and help pave the way for more women to get involved in the game.”

World College Poker co-founder Craig Tapscott chimed in, too. “Together, we can flip the table on this male-dominated game and inspire dedicated female players to leave their mark.”

Those who reach the final table of nine players will receive prizes. Those include a vacation package donated by, ladies’ poker night event with Liu and Weisner, and one-on-one poker lessons from Jonathan Little and Alex Fitzgerald.



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