Poker Central Partners with CBS for WSOP Coverage

Poker Central Partners with CBS for WSOP Coverage

The 2019 World Series of Poker was going to offer a fair amount of coverage via online live streams, courtesy of its affiliation with Poker Central. PokerGO was to be the platform by which poker fans around the world could log on and view some of the final tables and WSOP Main Event coverage.

Poker Central just took that plan to a new level.

Today, CBS and Poker Central announced a partnership to stream more coverage than originally anticipated on several platforms. Poker fans will now have several choices for viewing action, as there will be a total of 41 days’ worth during this summer’s WSOP.

This revelation has the potential to draw many more viewers than in years past and deliver more content than anyone expected. For those who want all access, they will have to spend more to view both channels, but the total comes to less than $16 per month for the most ardent fans.

Poker Central + CBS

The Poker Central partnership for the 2019 WSOP includes a number of platforms through which viewers can watch events this summer.

–PokerGO ($10 per month, lower cost for annual subscription)

–CBS All Access ($5.99 per month after 7-day free trial, discounted annual subscription)

Those in the United States, Canada, and Australia will be able to view action on CBS, while other markets will be able to use the PokerGO subscription.

In addition, there will be some content in the form of video highlights on, the CBS Sports mobile app, and the CBS Sports HQ streaming sports news network.

The official broadcasters will be Lon McEachern, Ali Nejad, and David Tuchman, but other poker pros will be added throughout the summer to provide additional commentary.

CBS Sports Executive VP of Programming Dan Weinberg noted, “The World Series of Poker, which is the pinnacle of the game, will be a fantastic addition to our digital and cable channels. We’re very pleased to bring this engaging content to poker fans across platforms.”

Programming Schedule

Of the 41 total days of live coverage, there will be 25 available exclusively on CBS, eight exclusively on PokerGO, and eight shared by both platforms.

The following schedule is in Pacific Standard Time and indicates final table coverage, each tournament on a mandatory 30-minute delay per gaming regulations:

May 30 at 1pm:  Event 2 ($10K NLHE Super Turbo Bounty) – CBS All Access & PokerGO

May 31 at 1pm:  Event 3 ($500 NLHE Big 50) – PokerGO

June 2 at 1pm:  Event 4 ($1,500 Omaha-8 Hi-Lo) – CBS All Access

June 3 at TBD:  Event 5 ($50K NLHE High Roller) – PokerGO

June 4 at 7pm:  Event 9 ($600 NLHE Deepstack) – CBS All Access

June 5 at 1pm:  Event 8 ($10K NLHE Short Deck) – PokerGO

June 6 at 1pm:  Event 11 ($5K NLHE) – CBS All Access & PokerGO

June 7 at 1pm:  Event 3 ($500 NLHE Big 50) – CBS All Access

June 8 at 1pm:  Event 15 ($10K NLHE Heads-Up) – PokerGO

June 9 at 1pm:  Event 18 ($10K Omaha-8 Hi-Lo) – CBS All Access

June 10 at 1pm:  Event 20 ($1,500 Seven-Card Stud) – CBS All Access

June 11 at 1pm:  Event 21 ($10K No Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw) – CBS All Access & PokerGO

June 12 at 1pm:  Event 19 ($1,500 NLHE Millionaire Maker) – PokerGO

June 13 at 1pm:  Event 27 ($1,500 Seven-Card Stud-8 Hi-Lo) – CBS All Access

June 14 at 1pm:  Event 29 ($10K HORSE) – CBS All Access & PokerGO

June 15 at 1pm:  Event 26 ($2,620 NLHE Marathon) – CBS All Access

June 16 at 1pm:  Event 32 ($1K NLHE Seniors) – CBS All Access

June 17 at 1pm:  Event 36 ($3K NLHE Shootout) – CBS All Access & PokerGO

June 18 at 3pm:  Event 37 ($800 NLHE Deepstack) – CBS All Access

June 19 at 1pm:  Event 40 ($1,500 PLO) – CBS All Access

June 20 at 1pm:  Event 41 ($10K Seven-Card Stud) – CBS All Access & PokerGO

June 21 at 7pm:  Event 44 ($1,500 NLHE Bounty) – CBS All Access

June 22 at 1pm:  Event 45 ($25K PLO High Roller) – CBS All Access

June 23 at 1pm:  Event 47 ($1K NLHE Ladies) – CBS All Access & PokerGO

June 24 at 9pm:  Event 53 ($800 NLHE Deepstack 8-Handed) – CBS All Access

June 25 at 1pm:  Event 52 ($10K PLO 8-Handed) – PokerGO

June 26 at 1pm:  Event 50 ($1,500 NLHE Monster Stack) – CBS All Access

June 27 at 3pm:  Event 58 ($50K Poker Players Championship) – PokerGO

June 28 at 1pm:  Event 58 ($50K Poker Players Championship) – PokerGO

June 29 at 7pm:  Event 61 ($400 NLHE Colossus) – CBS All Access

June 30 at 1pm:  Event 63 ($1,500 Omaha Mix) – CBS All Access

July 1 at 1pm:  Event 65 ($10K PLO-8 Hi-Lo) – CBS All Access

July 2 at 9pm:  Event 69 ($1K NLHE Mini Main Event) – CBS All Access

July 3 at 7pm:  Event 64 ($888 NLHE Crazy Eights) – CBS All Access

July 4 at 1pm:  Event 70 ($5K NLHE 6-Handed) – CBS All Access

July 11 at 5pm:  Event 75 ($1K NLHE Little One for One Drop) – CBS All Access

July 12 at 1pm:  Event 79 ($3K NLHE) – CBS All Access

July 13 at 1pm:  Event 83 ($100K NLHE High Roller) – CBS All Access & PokerGO

July 14 at 1pm:  Event 81 ($1,500 NLHE Bracelet Winners Only) – CBS All Access

July 15 at 7pm:  Event 84 ($1,500 NLHE Closer) – CBS All Access

July 16 at 1pm:  Event 86 ($10K NLHE 6-Handed) – CBS All Access


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