One Killed in Alabama Casino Shooting, Two Others Injured

One person was killed and two other people were critically injured in a casino shooting on Saturday. The shooting took place at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon at the Greenetrack Casino in Eutaw, Alabama.

Only one of the people injured was shot. Police did not release details on how the other wounded person was injured. The Greenetrack Casino released information stating one member of their security was injured while protecting patrons. That snippet of information suggested the second person injured was still in critical condition, suggesting that the security staff member might not have been as critically injured.

Multiple People Involved in Shooting

Police say that the shooting was perpetrated by multiple people. All involved have been apprehended by the police. At the moment, police still have not released details of what happened or where the shooting took place in the casino. They did say that one suspect fled the scene, but was later apprehended.

Rumors swirled that one member of the Greene County law enforcement had been shot, but police said that was not the case. No member of law enforcement was injured in the shooting.

Chevron Station Arrest also Involved

A Chevron gas station up the street from the Greenetrack Casino also was involved in the case. One of the subjects injured in the shooting drove to the Chevron afterward.

Nobody Is on the Loose

A spokesman for Greene County Sheriff’s Department said, “We don’t have anybody is on the loose. Everyone who was involved is accounted for. There’s nobody involved that is on the run that’s loose. [There are] no loose guns.

The spokesman gave more details on the battle inside the casino. He acknowledged the death was caused by shooting, then said of the wounded, “They were injured throughout the course of the gunfight. One was shot; the other one was just wounded.”

Early Stages of the Investigation

When asked whether the shooting was an attempted robbery, the spokesman said, “We don’t know. As I stated, we are still in the early stages of the investigation, so I really don’t want to speculate.

At that point, a second spokesman for law enforcement ended the press conference. He said, “When we have more information available, we will have a press release for you with more details. Other than that, that is all we can say at this time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Speculation on the Shooting

The speculation appears to be that two or more people entered the casino to rob it. When the crime did not go as planned, two people were shot and one of those people died. A casino staff member sought to rush to the aid of the victims and was injured, though not with a bullet. The two people who did not die were rushed to the hospital with critical injuries.

During the chaos, someone fled to the Chevron Station down the street. This was one of the two wounded people. Police detained that person, though the wounded person might not have been a perpetrator. Since this was one of the wounded, it is reasonable to assume the person at the Chevron was not the casino employee, who presumably would have stayed at their job.

FBI and Judicial Task Force Assisting

The FBI is assisting local law enforcement with their investigation. The 17th Judicial Circuit Task Force and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency are also assisting with the case.

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