Full Tilt Remission Deadline This Weekend

This weekend is the deadline for any former Full Tilt Poker accountholders in the United States who would like to file a claim to receive remissions to do so.

November 16 – this coming Saturday – marks the last day that players can submit an application to recover their funds.

No update from administrator in over a month

The claims administrator hired by the United States Justice Department, New Jersey-based Garden City Group, has not released an update on its claims website since mid-October nor has it sent out an email update to so-called victim players who signed up to receive such communications.

The last post, dated October 11, addresses the issue of account recovery by affiliates. As was widely reported at that time, affiliates who did marketing work for Full Tilt will not be eligible to recoup portions of accounts that represented payments for affiliate work.

Affiliates who have poker-sourced money in their accounts, however, will be able to file a claim on those funds.

According to the official remission site, “It has been determined that Affiliates of Full Tilt Poker (“FTP”) will be able to submit Petitions for Remission to recover the portion of their account balances that does not relate to their Affiliate status. Affiliate accounts have been flagged as such because the player signed up with FTP as an Affiliate. If you are an Affiliate, you will be able to submit a Petition for the portion of your account balance that relates to poker transactions, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.”

Other groups who are to be excluded from remission are Full Tilt employees, red pros affiliated with the room, and company shareholders, among others closely tied to the room’s operations.

New chapter in a long saga 

The end of the remission filing period represents the closing of just one chapter in what has proven to be a very long ordeal for U.S.-based players who saw their Full Tilt accounts frozen when the United States government shut down U.S.-facing real money online poker sites run by unregulated offshore gambling companies on Black Friday, April 15, 2011.

Full Tilt, which was purchased by its former rival PokerStars when that company settled its own case in New York federal court in the summer of 2012, was re-launched late last year in regulated poker markets outside the United States. Players in those locations were refunded the value of their accounts at that time.

American players have had to wait considerably longer, a fact that has rankled some. The values of player accounts ranged from relatively small sums of money up into the millions of dollars, so it comes as little surprise that the reaction to the remission process has mostly been positive as most accountholders are just happy to see it moving forward.

Players who have yet to submit their claims to the Garden City Group can do so via the Full Tilt claims site.

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