Novasoft Designs a Licensed Mobile Game for Poker Celebrity Dan Bilzerian

Poker celebrity Dan Bilzerian is getting his own licensed online game. The game, titled “Save Dan”, has the bearded Instagram star fighting zombies with his tell-tale cache of firearms.

In the game, Dan Bilzerian has taken a trip to the Arctic Circle with a group of bikini models. As he is practicing his gun skills, a zombie apocalypse breaks out. Inevitably, his bikini-clad friends are turned into zombies. Bilzerian has to shoot his way out of danger.

“Save Dan” Mobile Game from Novasoft

The game is designed by Novasoft as a free-to-play social game. Novasoft has designed downloadable apps for the Android and IOS operating systems. Interested players can play on their Android smartphone or tablet computer, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Gamers can shoot zombies with a number of Dan Bilzerian’s favorite handguns.

Novasoft says it plans frequent upgrades to the Save Dan applications. In the future, players can expect new weapons, new maps, and leaderboard of the most successful players. If its playability is solid, then Save Dan should be a hit with fans of poker or zombies. It is likely to be a must-play for Dan Bilzerian fans.

About Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is the son of Paul Bilzerian, a Florida-based American-Armenian billionaire who made his fortune as a corporate raider in the 1980s. Dan Bilzerian became known in the poker world during the 2009 World Sreies of Poker Main Event, in which he cashed with $36,000+ in winnings. (He claims to have won $50,000,000 playing poker.)

Though his run at the WSOP Main Event was not a financial boon by Bilzerian standards, it was a public relations boom for the quotable and telegenic son of privilege. Bilzerian appeared on six episodes of ESPN’s World Series of Poker Main Event that year, quickly gaining a following for his style of play and style of living.

Bilzerian’s US Navy Career

Dan Bilzerian is not the conventional son of wealth, though. When he graduated high school, Bilzerian went into the U.S. Navy, where he served honorably for four years. In 2000, he underwent Navy Seals training, though he never qualified to be a Navy Seal. One inquiry into his attempts to join the Navy’s special forces suggested he was thrown out of the program “for a safety violation on the shooting range.”

After leaving the US Navy, Dan Bilzerian went to the University of Florida, where he double-majored in Business and Criminology. It was around the time he was leaving Florida that he entered the 2009 WSOP Main Event.

Poker Stardom and Other Contributions

Since then, Dan Bilzerian has appeared in live and broadcast poker tournaments, existing on the edges of the poker community. He is known for high roller games and big-dollar bets, such as the recent wager in which he bet a friend $600,000 he could ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on a bicycle in a 48-hour period. He won the bet, as well as a subsequent $250,000 wager which involved his private jet.

In the years in-between, Dan Bilzerian has become known as the “Instagram King”. He’s engaged in a variety of publicity stunts and public spectacles. In a few cases, he’s gotten involved in lawsuits and criminal cases. One model claimed he kicked her in the head during a Miami nightclub brawl. Another model claimed he broke her foot when he tossed her over a balcony into a swimming pool (and missed). In his defense, the model had agreed to the stunt, which was for a girly magazine.

Notable Gun Aficionado

Bedides poker and Instagram, Dan Bilzerian is known for two things: guns and bikini-clad women. Most photographs depict the poker celebrity sporting his gun arsenal, which seems to be a key part of his life.

For that reason, the zombie-killing theme of Save Dan is apt, even if the subject matter is fantastical. Players might find the idea of Dan Bilzerian in a zombie apocalypse ludicrous, but they also could see his lifestyle well-suited to a gun-toting, post-apocalyptic future.

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