Nicolas Cage Has Sidewalk Scuffle with Vince Neil outside Aria Resort in Las Vegas

Actor Nicholas Cage and Motley Crue singer Vince Neil are alleged to have gotten in a fight outside the Aria resort on the Las Vegas Strip on Thursday. According to entertainment publication TMZ, the fight happened at around 5 pm outside the casino, apparently when Nicolas Cage took exception to the way Vince Neil was treating a fan.

As they were on the sidewalk, a woman asked Nicolas Cage for an autograph. Neil is said to have grabbed the woman by her hair, according to Las Vegas police. At that point, Nicolas Cage tried to convince the Motley Crue singer to calm down. When Cage tried to force Neil to leave the property, Neil was reluctant. The two men briefly grappled with one another.

Vince Neil Issued Citation

Las Vegas police say Vince Neil was issued a citation for battery against the woman. The police did not take him to jail. Nicolas Cage and Vince Neil are both residents of Las Vegas these days. Each is seen around town fairly frequently.

A video has emerged showing the altercation, which was brief. The 55-year old singer got behind the woman and began pulling her hair. That is when Nicolas Cage took control of the situation, like one of the action movie heroes he’s played on the silver screen.

Video Transcript

In the video, the 52-year old Nicolas Cage began to shout, “Stop this…now.

A bystander tells Vince Neil, “Hey, hey, hey.

Cage, who was holding on to Vince Neil by this time, told the man “give me a break”.

Nicolas Cage was trying to calm down the rock star. Eventually, he ended up pinning Vince Neil’s arm behind him, while placing a choke-hold on his friend.

Then he told Vince Neil: “You’re ok. Don’t do it. I love you.

At that point, Cage begins trying to get the other man in a car.

Vince Neil’s Legal Issues

Vince Neil has had run-ins with the law, including charges of violence. In 2011, he was charged with domestic abuse battery, public drunkenness, and disturbing the peace when he got into an alteraction in New Orleans with his wife, Alice Kim. Three weeks later, the charges were dropped.

The same year, ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs filed charges on Vince Neil for poking her on the chest, as well as two friends. Those events happened in a casino. Vince Neil was charged with a misdemeanour and forced to pay a $1,500 fine. In 2010, the Vince Neil was was arrested for a drunk driving incident.

Motley Crue Career

Vince Neil was known as a bad boy during the hay days of 1980s hard rock. Along with drummer Tommy Lee, bassist Nikki Sixx, and lead guitarist Mick Mars, Vince Neil’s band has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and 25 million in the United States.

Motley Crue was one of the key bands in the glam rock era. Living in Los Angeles, the band became known for its hedonistic lifestyle, centered around booze and women. Albums like Shout at the Devil (1983), Theatre of Pain (1985), and Girls, Girls, Girls (1987) were top sellers in their day. Ultimately, Motley Crue released 9 albums and had 33 musical tours throughout their 27 year career.

Nicolas Cage Career

Nicolas Coppola, better known as Nicolas Cage, is the nephew of Francis Ford Copplola. When he decided to become an actor, Cage changed his name to avoid charges of nepotism. Cage first made a name for himself in the 1987 Cohen Brothers film, Raising Arizona. He won an Academy Award for his role in Leaving Las Vegas (1995) and received a nomination for a second Oscar in 2002 for his role in Adaptation.

Though he received critical acclaim, Nicolas Cage also starred in a number of blockbuster films as a leading man. He starred in big films like The Rock (1996), Face/Off (1997), Con Air (1997), and National Treasure (2004). At one time, Nicolas Cage was a star big enough that he was considered to play Superman, despite lacking the look of a standard Superman actor. Later, he starred in superhero films like Ghost Rider (2007) and Kick-Ass (2010). After he had trouble with the IRS, Cage became less selective about his film roles and was panned for several films, but he remains a recognizable star.

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