New Jersey Online Poker Not Helped by WSOP in June

New Jersey Online Poker Not Helped by WSOP in June

From the second day of June, there have been weekly World Series of Poker online tournaments awarding gold bracelets to event winners. And those tournaments have all been open to players in the states of both Nevada and New Jersey.

One might have thought that people in New Jersey would flock to the online tables in lieu of traveling to Las Vegas for the WSOP, that the lure of an online poker bracelet would bring more players to the tables.

In addition, poker fans paying attention to the WSOP through live updates, videos, and social media posts would have been likely to log on and play some poker. The ability to do so in a regulated environment and with larger numbers of players than at most any time of the year would have been attractive.

It did not happen in the way that many had anticipated or hoped. The June online poker numbers were down from the previous month. And while there was a slight year-on-year increase, the overall state of online poker in regulated states – especially in New Jersey – is not improving.

It’s all in the numbers.

June Online Poker Figures

From May to June, online poker decreased at a time when it should have flowed easily in the other direction. A slight yearly increase is encouraging in the long term, but it should be noted that online poker had quite a bad year in 2018.

–June 2019 online poker win:  $1,770,178

–May 2019 online poker win:  $1,797,732

–June 2018 online poker win:  $1,757,839

Month-on-month:  1.5% decrease

Year-on-year:  0.7% increase

June Online Casino Figures

The overall gain for online casino games, excluding online poker, was phenomenal on a year-by-year basis, though the number did dip slightly from May to June. The overall track for this sector, though, continues to be very positive.

–June 2019 online casino games win:  $36,288,066

–May 2019 online casino games win:  $36,542,906

–June 2018 online casino games win:  $20,926,255

Month-on-month:  0.7% decrease

Year-on-year:  73.4% increase

June Internet Gaming as a Whole

As online casino games do the heavy lifting for yet another month, the numbers for June were impressive once again.

–June 2019 total internet gaming win:  $38,058,244

–May 2019 total internet gaming win:  $38,340,638

–June 2018 total internet gaming win:  $22,684,094

Month-on-month:  7.4% decrease

Year-on-year:  67.8% increase

June Sports Betting Figures

Online poker isn’t the only part of New Jersey gaming with problems keeping its numbers moving in the right direction. Sports betting revenue has been dropping for several months, showing a troubling trend that is not at all what the experts and supporters of the industry predicted.

–June 2019 sports wagering revenue:  $9,701,925

–May 2019 sports wagering revenue:  $15,536,384

–April 2019 sports wagering revenue:  $21,215,747

–March 2019 sports wagering revenue:  $31,669,387

Month-on-month:  37.6% decrease

Three-month drop:  69.4% decrease


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