New Jersey Online Gaming Up, Poker Down Again

New Jersey Online Gaming Up, Poker Down Again
Latest New Jersey numbers set records...again

There are two stories that come from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement each month. One is the continuing growth and records set for online gambling as a whole, as the industry proves its worth every single month. The other story is the one of online poker and its continued revenue downswing, with the situation growing more concerning as the year nears its end.

While the impending interstate online poker network may give the internet poker games a lift, the rest of the industry is booming and keeping hopes alive for other states that want to join the burgeoning industry.

More Records Set in November

Overall, the online gaming industry is still booming in New Jersey. As online poker and casino games together brought in another $20.6 million in November, it made for the ninth consecutive month exceeding the $20 million mark.

That amount also puts the yearly total close to $225 million, far above last year’s total of nearly $197 million. And with another month left to tally results for the full year of 2017, the new record revenue for online gambling will be a new high bar for the US internet gaming industry.

In addition, the November revenue puts the total amount garnered from the New Jersey online gaming industry since its launch more than four years ago past the $700 million mark, another record and achievement for which the state’s regulator and operators can take credit.

Monthly and Yearly Comparisons

The entire casino industry in New Jersey grew in November by 4.6%, according to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. And it was aided by the 20% jump in online gambling revenue.

  • Total gaming industry win in November 2017: $206,435,265

  • Total gaming industry win in November 2016: $197,285,384

  • Total gaming industry win in October 2017: $206,386,081

  • Year-on-year increase of 4.6%

  • Month-on-month increase of .1%

The online casino revenue, which consists of table games and slots, shows continued growth of that particular segment of the online industry, as it has for most of 2017.

  • Online casino revenue in November 2017: $18,800,417

  • Online casino revenue in November 2016: $15,085,936

  • Online casino revenue in October 2017: $18,633,480

  • Year-on-year increase of 24.6%

  • Month-on-month increase of .8%

When online poker is viewed by itself, however, the numbers are not so positive. In fact, they’ve grown increasingly concerning as 2017 saw month after month of decreases. November was no different.

  • Online poker revenue in November 2017: $1,809,799

  • Online poker revenue in November 2016: $2,083,642

  • Online poker revenue in October 2017: $1,934,145

  • Year-on-year decrease of 13.1%

  • Month-on-month decrease of 6.4%

The results of the internet gaming revenue or November put together cement the results.

  • Online gaming revenue in November 2017: $20,610,216

  • Online gaming revenue in November 2016: $17,169,578

  • Online gaming revenue in October 2017: $20,567,625

  • Year-on-year increase of 20%

  • Month-on-month increase of .2%

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the only problem in the above comparisons is poker.

Interstate Poker, Where Art Thou?

New Jersey just joined the interstate online poker network in October, but industry supporters and players anxiously await news of an effective date. Most are simply interested to see how the overall traffic numbers will grow, as well as the tournament opportunities and any enhancements of game variety.

As far as revenue, there is likely to be an increase for New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, though Nevada is the only state that doesn’t release its numbers so that will be impossible to track. New Jersey has the most to gain in revenue, and while it won’t be a significant number, it should be noticeable. The only site to immediately be able to share online poker player pools will be WSOP/888, as it is the only site in operation in Nevada and Delaware.

This means that the only significant progress to be made for US online poker will happen when Pennsylvania launches its operations and then joins the interstate network. The former is very likely to happen in the middle of 2018, but the latter is unclear as no talks have yet taken place.

Is there anything else that can be done to improve online poker numbers in New Jersey?

There may be opportunities if online poker operators decide to invest in marketing or target new and different demographics. At this time, however, it appears that the operators are content with the revenue from online casino games and willing to let poker run its course.



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