Morris Bailey, Owner of Resorts Casino, Predicts PokerStars Approval in New Jersey Is Coming Soon

Morris Bailey, the owner of Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, has revealed that PokerStars is close to being licensed in the New Jersey online gambling market. Resorts Casino signed a parntership deal with PokerStars in June 2013, but the Resorts/PokerStars licensing application has been suspended by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement since October 2013.

Mr. Bailey gave a press conference this week to discuss Resorts Casino’s opening of an online gaming lounge in the brick-and-mortar casino this week. When asked by reporters about the approval process by the DGE, Bailey said it “is coming to its conclusion.”

World-Class Poker Room Expected

Bailey then said, “When PokerStars is approved, we will be building a world-class poker room and they will bring many of their worldwide tournaments to Atlantic City.

Rumors had been circling in recent weeks on the Internet about the PokerStars news. Many of those whispers appeared to be coming from Morris Bailey, who purchased Resorts Casino in 2010.

Rueben Cramer Quotes Bailey on Twitter

Reuben Cramer, who writes for the Press of Atlantic City and AC Press online, tweets twice on April 16 discussing Mr. Bailey’s ideas on the subject. In the first tweet, Mr. Cramer said, “Resorts owner Morris Bailey says regulators r close 2 finishing PokerStars approval process, sez he expects 2 be pleased w/outcome.

In the second April 16 tweet on the subject, “Bailey says Resorts will build big PokerStars poker room if PokerStars approved.

Those posts were mentioned in the online gambling community, but were still in the realm of speculation.  Bailey’s quotes for the papers show confidence in the process, which has played out over a full 22 months, since PokerStars first signed a deal with Resorts Casino.

Since that time, PokerStars was purchased by Amaya Gaming for nearly $5 billion. Many believe that purchase could be the final impetus for the poker site’s inclusion in New Jersey’s gaming market, because the executives still indicted by the US Department of Justice are no longer at PokerStars.

David Baazov Makes Similar Predictions

The buzz came from other sources, as well. David Baazov, the CEO of Amaya Gaming and ultimate owner of the PokerStars brand, confirmed last month that his company expects to see PokerStars in the market by the 3rd Quarter of 2015.

At the time, there was some question about whether Mr. Baazov was giving a generic answer about his hopes his most expensive property would be approved, or whether he had information which showed approval was imminent and he would be able to launch by Q3 of 2015.

PokerStars Impact on NJ Poker

If and when PokerStars is ever approved for licensed online gaming in New Jersey, it is expected the world’s number one poker website is going to dominated the card playing niche. PokerStars offers the largest and most varied poker playing community on the Internet. American players like the software support, while they love the large prize pools which the giant gaming community supports.

With that advantage on its side, Resorts Casino and PokerStars should be able to dominate the poker market in the legal New Jersey online niche. Whether that translates to the online casino play is anyone’s guess. Whatever the case, the card player opportunities should draw more potential gamblers to the New Jersey online gaming market, increasing numbers for the industry and swelling revenues to the state.

US Online Poker

Both of those could have a positive impact on the online gambling debate in the United States. One reason states like California and Pennsylvania have hesitated to enact pro-online gambling laws is the fact New Jersey’s rollout has been disappointing, at least according to the numbers Chris Christie and other proponents had suggested were possible.

If PokerStars increases the number for online poker in New Jersey by a significant margin, then it could encourage lawmakers in other states to pass laws allowing similar activities in their states. With an interstate poker compact in place between Nevada and Delaware, the two other states which allow online gambling, a critical mass could be reached and many states could sign onto the compact, creating a lucrative source of revenues for dozens of states.

That would appear to be a long time in the future, and with considerable speculation about what is to come. For now, Morris Bailey is the latest gaming executive suggesting PokerStars is about to make its return to the U.S. gaming market, whatever that might mean for the industry as a whole.

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