Man Arrested in Rivers Casino after Attempting to Rob an Uber Driver

A man was arrested in the Rivers Casino near Pittsburgh on Saturday morning after he allegedly tried to rob an Uber driver outside the establishment. He was picked up by Pittsburgh police inside the casino after a harrowing ordeal for the Uber driver.

The driver picked up a man identified as Charles Grissom-Warner Jr, age 29, along with two uninvolved women. The three directed the Uber drive to several locations, then finally decided on a single destination: the 1100 block of McKees Rocks.

Robber Made Terroristic Threats

The attemped robber, Grisson-Warner, remained in the front seat. He allegedly grabbed the driver’s cellphone and oxygen cylinder, forcing the man to drive to the Hill District.

The driver, Nick Coban, said he did not see a weapon on the alleged robber, but the man several times gestured to his waistband. Coban claims Grissom-Warner told him to do as he said or he would “put a cap in him”.

Uber Driver Stops Traffic

At a point, Nick Coban decided it would be unsafe to drive to a remote location. Therefore, he used his knowledge of the cityscape to drive to Rivers Casino. Coban told the police “he wanted to go where people wree”.

Nick Coban then stopped his vehicle in the middle of traffic. He grabbed his car keys, left the vehicle, and asked a truck driver for help. This stopped traffic, which caused enough of a scene that the Uber driver could get help. Eventually, four men attempted to assist Nick Coban.

Scuffle in the Lane of Traffic

At this point, Charles Grissom-Warner exited Coban’s vehicle and tried to approach another vehicle. One of the assisting men struck Grissom-Warner in the forehead with a “tire iron”. The alleged carjacker then fled on foot and was struck in the back of the head by a second man, as Grissom-Warner left the seen.

After he fled, Pittsburgh police were called. They followed the carjacker’s path up to the Rivers Casino, where they found Grissom-Warner in a restroom, tending to his wounds.

Arrest inside Rivers Casino

The police arrested the would-be assailant, After identifying the man. They drove him to Allegheny General Hospital for a medical examination. The staff cleared him to be taken to McKees Rocks Station.

After being detained for a short time at McKees Rocks Station, they transported the man to Allegheny County Jail. There, he was processed and arraigned. Charles Grissom-Warner Jr. is charged with terroristic threats, simple assault, and robbery.

What Is Uber?

Uber is a smartphone app which allows people to find reliable rides within a city. With the slogan “One Tap to Ride”, Uber allows people to hook their application to their phone’s GPS system. Uber then finds the location of the nearest verified driver.

The service has 5 different options: UberX, Taxi, Black, SUV, and Lux (Luxury). “UberX” allows you to connect with everyday cars for everyday use. This is generally faster than calling a cab. The “Taxi” option is for riders who do not trust your average Uber driver. It’s a cabbie-calling service with verified Uber-friendly cab services in the city.

Advanced Uber Options

“Black” is more than a ride; it is your own personal driver. Like the Charles Grissom-Warner story, basic Uber rides sometimes have you riding with some other user you don’t know. The Black service allows you to book your own black sedan, delivered to your location directly.

“SUV” is for those who need 6 or more passengers. Simply put, it’s a service for bigger groups. “Lux” is the luxury Uber car service. It’s slogan is “The finest cars with prices to match.

Uber has proven remarkably successful in most American cities. Unfortunately, there is a certain amount of blind faith required to be an Uber driver, as Nick Coban learned. Anyone with a smartphone can download the app and call for a ride. Of course, that’s no different than the potential danger cab drivers have faced for generations.

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