Golden Nugget Signs an Online Virtual Sports Deal with Inspired Gaming

Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City has signed a deal with Inspired Gaming to offer “virtual sports”, which is going to be an entirely novel type of game in the United States online gambling market. The games are expected to be integrated into the gaming repertoire of the Spin Games, one of Golden Nugget’s online vendors in the New Jersey market.

In April 2016, Spin Games signed a deal with Inspired Gaming. The deal was inert until Inspired Gaming was able to sign a corporate deal with Golden Nugget, which holds an online gaming license in New Jersey.

What Is Virtual Sports?

Readers might be wondering what “virtual sports” is. Virtual sports are automated video games in which two simulated sports teams play an imaginary game. Real teams are not involved. Real players are not involved. Because the game is simulated, virtual sports is not considered sports betting.

Imagine a game of Madden 16 playing out on your computer screen. Then imagine betting on the outcome of that game. That is how virtual sports works, and it’s a concept some gaming industry observers believe could be popular with American gamblers.

Golden Nugget Statement

Thomas Winter, the VP of Online Gaming for Golden Nugget, said in a statement, “We are thrilled to partner up with Inspired and add their innovative, world-class Virtual Sports to our content portfolio…Virtual Sports brings fun to the next level and shows our restless commitment to remain the destination of choice for New Jersey online players.

Advantages of Virtual Sports

One reason pundits believe virtual sports has a future in the online gambling industry is its visual quality. The 3D animations on simulated games have advanced rapidly in the past 10 to 15 years.

Inspired Gaming’s virtual games are every bit as lifelike and eye-catching as anything XBOX or Wii players see. If anything, the representations are more advanced, at least if a gambler’s computer screen supports advanced graphics.

The concept has worked in a number of countries so far. Inspired Gaming has been a success in the United Kingdom, Italy, and China. Little suggests that gaming-obsessed America would balk at such betting, especially when deprived of online sportsbooks.

No Competition from Sports Betting

Another reason virtual sports has a chance to succeed in the US gaming market is the complete lack of sports betting, outside of Las Vegas (and a few sports lotteries in other states). If online sports betting were legal in New Jersey, then virtual sports might not have much appeal.

The games available from Inspired Gaming include virtual football (soccer), horse racing, basketball, tennis, golf, and cricket. The platform has options like virtual auto racing, dog racing, cycling, and even darts.

Which Games Are Offered?

Some of the games might not appeal to Americans. The terminology of virtual cricket is likely to be as indecipherable to an American as real life cricket. Inspired Gaming is working on virtual boxing and is even licensing Mike Tyson’s image for the game. The possibilities for American sports seem limitless.

Players might be confused for a minute by the names of such games. Inspired Gaming’s list of titles includes Rush Trotting, Rush Cycling, and Rush Stock Car Racing. These games has Razor HD Graphics and a range of conditions.

Many of the sports have up to 20 simulated games per hour, though soccer has only 8 matches per hour. This allows bettors to view an entertaining game without spending the kind of cash they might on a slot machine. League play is available, so gamblers can follow the results and make assumptions based on the unfolding of the season.

Steve Rogers on the Deal

Steve Rogers, the COO of Inspired Gaming’s “Digital Game” line, said of the Golden Nugget signing, “This deal comes as part of Inspired’s ongoing global strategy, and we look forward to announcing further deals and projects in the U.S in the near future.

With its entry into the US gaming market, players should expect to see a Rush Gridiron Football (American football) and Rush Baseball. Rush Hockey and Rush MMA are natural choices down the line.

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