Galfond Reveals Run It Once Updates and Decisions

Galfond Reveals Run It Once Updates and Decisions

The launch is approaching. Phil Galfond’s online poker site, Run It Once, seems to be close to its debut. His latest update includes a look at the software by way of a 20-minute video.

The verdict is also in several decisions that Galfond put up for public voting via his last update at the beginning of August. Players and fans were able to choose their preferred table cap, card designs, and player avatar details.

It was in 2016 that Galfond began seriously considering and working toward a unique online poker site, one that values players of all stripes, not to mention honesty, transparency, and fairness. While the original goal was to launch the site in the first part of 2017, he and his team ultimately decided that a proper site would take longer and require more input than originally anticipated. He revealed the base site in April of this year, along with the first of several written updates to include players in his thought processes and decisions as his dream site began to take shape.

Player Input Received

Some of the big decisions Galfond faced involved the number at which to cap the tables. He explained his reasons for implementing a cap in the first place, which included keeping seats open for recreational players, discourage bots, and improving overall game speed and quality.

The big decision regarding the cap came down to choosing between a four-table or six-table cap. Galfond leaned toward four tables, but he admitted that many players would see more benefits in six. And he was correct in that 60.3% of participants favored the six-table cap.

The general public also made decisions regarding the fronts and backs of the card decks.

First Look

In Galfond’s latest post, which is actually a video, he gave everyone a first look at the software for Run It Once. It started with choosing an avatar, of which there are few choices at this point but will be better populated before the official launch. Avatars, which were recently increased in size by 25%, will be dynamic, which means they can be made to display various emotions per the player’s choosing. Players then choose the buy-in amount and number of tables up to the cap of six.

As Galfond began to play, he explained that there is one developer dedicated to interface improvements that are mostly based on user feedback. Avatars will continue to be updated, as will the bet slider and buttons for hand actions to be more reactive.

He also revealed that when a player sits out at a table, a clock appears to count down for 12 minutes. If multi-tabling, the 12-minute clock starts with the first sit-out. If a player sits out at one table but continues playing on another, he or she will receive only one minute to prevent players from table-camping. Players can, however, leave only one table and continue on others.

The chat feature is also different from most other sites, as there emojis and sayings from which to choose but no box for typing. It fits with the anonymity of the players and the desire to keep actions from being too personal. A unique time bank feature was also displayed, and Galfond explained the data that appears when hovering over one’s avatar, which provides statistics and categorizations of play thus far.

For several months, the Run It Once development team has been going through the beta-testing phase for real-money games and fixing bugs as they are found. The Run It Once training personnel have also been assisting in the process. There are approximately 40 people involved at this point.

The hope had been to officially launch Run It Once in the summer of 2018, but considering only a few weeks remain in that season, but the testing phase has taken more time than anticipated. Galfond will be inviting 1,000 fans and players to beta-test with the team on September 13, and the results will give them a better idea of how fast they can progress. Participants will be picked randomly from those who sign up at the website.

Overall, viewers of the video got a better idea of the complexities involved in creating and developing an online poker website. Galfond did extend an apology for missed deadlines to date, but he wanted fans to see the progress.

Player feedback seems overwhelmingly positive thus far, as seen in comments on blog posts, the video, and social media.

Run It Once is currently licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission, though no other licenses are currently in the application process. The intent is to launch in select markets and expand as business dictates going forward.


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