2019 WSOP Day 47: Ensan Leads Main Event Final Five

2019 WSOP Day 47: Ensan Leads Main Event Final Five

On Sunday, July 14, this is what happened at the 50th Annual World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Event 73:  $10K NLHE Main Event – Day 8

Total entries:  8,569

Prize pool:  $80,548,600

Players paid:  1,286

Minimum payout:  $15,000

Winner payout:  $10 million

Day 8 players remaining:  5

Final table chip counts:

Hossein Ensan (Germany) – 177 million chips

Garry Gates (USA) – 99.3 million chips

Zhen Cai (USA) – 60.6 million chips

Kevin Maahs (USA) – 43 million chips

Alex Livingston (Canada) – 37.8 million chips

Dario Sammartino (Italy) – 33.4 million chips

Final table payouts thus far:

6th place:  Zhen Cai (USA) – $1.85 million

7th place:  Nick Marchington (UK) – $1.525 million

8th place:  Timothy Su (USA) – $1.25 million

9th place:  Milos Skrbic (Serbia) – $1 million

Next payout:  $2.2 million

Day 9 starting time:  Monday at 6:30pm

Event 82:  $1,500 NLHE Double Stack – Final

Total entries:  2,589

Prize pool:  $3,495,150

Players paid:  389

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Tom Koral (USA) – $530,164

2nd place:  Freek Scholten (Netherlands) – $327,563

3rd place:  Barry Shulman (USA) – $239,187

4th place:  Philip Scaletta (USA) – $176,219

5th place:  Adam Hendrix (USA) – $131,001

6th place:  Darren Rabinowitz (USA) – $98,274

7th place:  Kunal Punjwani (India) – $74,401

8th place:  Kelyan Cheekuri (India) – $56,850

9th place:  Pablo Fernandez Campo (UK) – $43,847

Event 84:  $1,500 NLHE Closer – Day 1B of 4

Day 1A entries:  463

Day 1B entries:  724

Day 1C entries:  1,613

Day 1A prize pool:  $625,050

Day 1A prize pool:  $977,400

Day 1C prize pool:  $2,177,550

Day 1A minimum payout:  $2,247

Day 1B minimum payout:  $2,251

Day 1C minimum payout:  $2,254

Day 1A players paid:  70

Day 1B players paid:  109

Day 1C players paid:  242

Day 1A players remaining:  30

Day 1B players remaining:  45

Day 1C players remaining:  121

Day 1A chip leader:  Roman Korenev (Russia) – 1,198,000 chips

Day 1B chip leader:  Shaun Deeb (USA) – 1,172,000 chips

Day 1C chip leader:  Tam Nguyen (USA) – 1,284,000 chips

Day 2 starting time:  12noon

Event 85:  $3K PLO 6-Handed – Day 3 of 4

Total entries:  835

Prize pool:  $2,254,500

Players paid:  126

Minimum payout:  $4,489

Winner payout:  $448,392

Day 3 players remaining:  6

Final table chip counts:

Millard Hale (USA) – 5,410,000 chips

John Richards (USA) – 4,800,000 chips

Alan Sternberg (USA) – 2,625,000 chips

Evangelos Kokkalis (Greece) – 2,525,000 chips

Ka Kwan Lau (Hong Kong) – 695,000 chips

Joseph Cheong (USA) – 650,000 chips

Day 4 starting time: 12noon

Event 86:  $10K NLHE 6-Handed Championship – Day 2 of 3

Total entries:  272

Prize pool:  $2,556,800

Players paid:  41

Minimum payout:  $15,111

Winner payout:  $630,747

Day 2 players remaining:  16

Chip leader:  Anuj Agarwal (USA) – 2,171,000 chips

Day 3 starting time:  2pm

Event 87:  $3K HORSE – Day 1 of 3

Total entries:  301

Prize pool:  $812,700

Players paid:  46

Minimum payout:  $4,463

Winner payout:  $206,173

Day 1 players remaining:  127

Chip leader:  Harold Klein (USA) – 123,200 chips

Day 2 starting time:  2pm

Event 88:  $500 Online NLHE Summer Saver – Final

Total entries:  1,859

Prize pool:  $836,550

Players paid:  207

Minimum payout:  $1,004

Final table payouts:

1st place:  Taylor “Galactar” Paur – $149,241

2nd place:  Francois “4EverRekt” Evard – $91,268

3rd place:  Satish “Jfksbh” Surapaneni – $65,251

4th place:  John “SquatCobbler” Parker – $47,181

5th place:  Jason “JadedJames” James – $34,550

6th place:  David “SobBaget” Liebeman – $25,598

7th place:  Joseph “Obamacare” Hanrahan – $19,241

8th place:  Timothy “Truthbetold7” Rutherford – $14,556

9th place:  Brian “Penny6” Mancilla – $11,210

Notable Information

When the WSOP $10K Main Event resumed last night, the nine players were in good spirits. And they were ready to play, as evidenced by Milos Skrbic’s all-in move on the sixth hand of the night, which led to his elimination in ninth place.

It took only a few more hands for Timothy Su to push his stack and lose to exit in eighth place.

A couple dozen hands later, Nick Marchington made his shove but lost, relegating him to seventh place.

Since the action was moving along so quickly, the WSOP decided to play on until one more person was eliminated or that particular level came to an end. As it turned out, Cai finally put his tournament on the line but busted in sixth place.

Play then stopped with five players and will resume tonight to play down further.

Earlier in the day, the $1,500 NLHE Double Stack played to its conclusion, and Tom Koral won it to claim his second career bracelet. The mixed game specialist was thrilled to win a Hold’em tournament. “It feels great. It feels incredible,” he said, “and it’s sure gonna take a day or two to settle in.”

Koral credits his “constantly wandering” brain for being able to spend so much time analyzing hands and honing in on the game at hand. “It’s the constant analysis of my own play to get me to where I am.”


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