Delaware Online Poker Starts 2021 on Upswing

Delaware Online Poker Starts 2021 on Upswing

The first month of the new year brought increased revenue from Delaware’s internet gaming sector. According to the Delaware Lottery, video lottery and online poker revenue increased from December 2020 to January 2021, as did the number of new player registrations.

As for most companies, revenue for 2020 was wildly off balance. For Delaware igaming, it was a positive tilt, as the entire sector increased year-over-year. When land-based gambling options closed at various times during 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, players turned to their internet options. For some, it was a temporary form of entertainment. For others, though, the Delaware Lottery gained new customers for the long run.

The full-year 2020 revenue numbers for Delaware’s igaming showed great promise on the whole, even for the constantly-struggling online poker sites.

–Full 2020 online poker rake/fees: $639,943.32 (120% increase year-on-year)

–Full  2020 internet gaming revenue: $8,448,034.75 (137% increase year-on-year)

–Full 2020 new registrations: 8,362 (66% increase year-on-year)

Most analysts expected January 2021 numbers to be solid as well, due to another wave of positive Covid-19 cases that stretched through the holidays and into the new year. They were right.

Online Poker: Positive Start for New Year

As always, it is important to note that the online poker market in Delaware is relatively small, as is the state’s population. The market is especially limited, though, due to all three racinos run by the same operator, which means all three poker sites are on the 888poker/WSOP platform. There is really no competition.

Even so, Delaware is the little market that shows the importance of an additional revenue stream, especially in times of an unexpected crisis like a pandemic.

Online poker numbers rose in January, setting a nice baseline for the new year.

–January 2021 online poker rake/fees: $39,632.77

–January 2020 online poker rake/fees: $31,279.77

–December 2020 online poker rake/fees: $36,013.55

Year-on-year: 26.7% increase

Month-on-month: 10.01% increase

This year will likely be unpredictable, too. The number of coronavirus cases, the availability of vaccines, and the population’s decisions with regard to health and hygiene will determine how land-based gaming will perform in 2021. As such, that will have some effect on poker players, too.

There are two things that could help Delaware’s online poker market in 2021. First, the WSOP could allow players in Delaware to compete for World Series of Poker rings and bracelets throughout the year. Second, the WSOP could launch its online poker sites in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan. If those states then sign the multi-state online poker sharing agreement, the sites will grow with more poker opportunities due to higher liquidity.

Internet Gaming: Significant Boost from Lotto

The entire market grew substantially in January 2021.

In addition to the online poker growth, video lottery sales increased, too. That revenue of $584,443.23 was a 15.7% increase from December to January, and the year-over-year increase was an astounding 134.2%.

The net revenue for tables games didn’t follow the same pattern. Its revenue of $114,449.27 was actually down 27.3% from December and up only 6.9% from the previous January.

The other gains handily offset the table games’ performance, though, to kick off 2021 on a high note for the igaming sector.

–January 2021 igaming net revenue: $738,525.27

–January 2020 igaming net revenue: $387,865.46

–December 2020 igaming net revenue: $698,477.05

Year-on-year: 90.41% increase

Month-on-month: 5.7% increase

As with online poker, revenue should stay on a positive path through most of 2021. But if 2020 showed proved anything, it was that anything can happen.

New Registrations: Welcome to iGaming

Whether it was pandemic fears or simply brutal weather that kept people home, more people signed up for new accounts in January via the Delaware Lottery. That’s certainly a positive way to start the new year.

–January 2021 registrations: 728

–January 2020 registrations: 468

–December 2020 registrations: 572

Year-on-year: 55.56% increase

Month-on-month: 27.27% increase

If the Delaware Lottery can keep its advertising on point and show players that there is an alternative to land-based gambling, the state can continue to count on increased igaming revenue throughout 2021.


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