Criminal Is Shot at the Rio Casino; Oregon Gambler Attacked with a Baseball Bat

A violent crime spree came to an end on the Las Vegas Strip when Metro police confronted a casino robber. When the detectives tried to apprehend the man, a violent confrontation occurred, which led to a fatal shooting.

Meanwhile, a game of cards in Gadsden, Oregon led to an attack with a baseball bet. In this case, the violent criminal appears to have been incensed by the losses he incurred at the hands of another gambler. That man remains at large.

Rio Casino Murder Victim Identified

Metro Police have identified the man who was shot and killed by a police officer this past week at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The man shot was Anthony Wade Moore, a 31-year old who is thought to have been responsible for a series of armed robberies of casinos in the recent past. The crime spree ended in an armed confrontation with the police.

Metro police say Anthony Moore was armed with a gun and explosives, at least in some of his robberies. Moore used a threatening note during one of the robberies, which said, “I have a gun and grenade. Do not press the security button. I want all your (money) quickly and $100k within 30 sec or I will shoot someone.

How Detectives Found Moore

Detectives began surveillance of Moore on Saturday evening, when he was spotted driving a rental car. The car’s license plates were changed throughout the night. Moore also changed clothes into attire that was similar to what was worn in previous robberies. The police detectives say they located the man from Metro’s robbery and career criminals section.

Eventually, the police caught up to Anthony Moore in a populated gaming area of the Rio Casino at around 5am on Sunday morning. Detectives Sean Beck and Thomas Faller tried to take Moore into custody, but he began to struggle with law enforcement. When Detective Beck saw Moore pull a gun out of a gym back, the detective told Moore to drop the gun. When Moore disobeyed, Beck fired one round and struck Moore in the neck. Almost simultaneously, Moore fired a shot, too, but missed. Moore was pronounced dead at the scene. This is the 15th shooting a Metro police officer has been involved in throughout 2014.

Surveillance Footage Shows Confrontation

Metro police have released surveillance footage from the Rio Resort, which shows the first part of the encounter. It is suspected Anthony Moore might have robbed the MGM Grand Casino in 2009. Old evidence from the 2009 robbery shows many similarities to that robbery, while the man identified in those crimes also bears a resemblance to Moore.

According to Metro police, Anthony Moore has lived in Oregon and Las Vegas over the past five years.

Oregon Man Attacked While Gambling

A Gadsden, Oregon man claims he was assaulted with a baseball bat while gambling with a neighbor. The undisclosed 48-year old man claimed he was gambling alongside another man, who is described as being 49-years old, around 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm on Monday, December 15, 2014.

The man who filed the police report said the suspect had left, while the supposed victim continue to gamble. Instead, the alleged assaulter had not left, but instead hit the gambler in the chest with a baseball bat.

Hit in the Face by Baseball Bat

The victim of the reported crime said he bent over when he was hit in the chest with the bat. At that point, the alleged criminal began to hit the gambler several times with the bat, including at least one time in the head. The victim was not able to say whether the baseball bat was aluminum, graphite, or wooden.

According to the Gadsden Times, the victim had a small cut on his chin and a scrape to his upper lip. The report did not say whether the attacker stole poker winnings from the man who filed the criminal report. In the week since police received the complaint, no media reports have surfaced indicating an arrest in the case. In fact, Gadsden police have not released a statement on the case at all. It should not be inferred from this that they found the alleged victim’s story to be untrustworthy, but it might imply that the identity of the man in question has not been established yet.

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