Britney Spears Kicks Off Las Vegas Residency

Anyone who has been to a casino in recent years knows that big-name entertainment is just as important to the experience as the gambling is.

And anyone who follows pop culture has no doubt heard about Britney Spears’ brand new residency at Planet Hollywood, which kicked off last night before what was reported to be a star-studded crowd.

So, in the spirit of one of the biggest celebration and entertainment weekends of the calendar year, this post will focus on the long-reigning pop queen’s entrance onto the Las Vegas stage and a few other amusement notes rather than our usual focus on U.S. casinos and online gambling.

Spears to do shows through next year

The Associated Press reported that the crowd, which included other pop names like Katie Perry and Miley Cyrus, stood up for the duration of Britney’s set, which runs ninety minutes in length.

The show, much discussed in the months running up to its Friday night opened, features “acrobatics, a ring of fire, confetti, and a frequently airborne Spears” according to the AP.

Gossip sites like have breathlessly chattered about whether or not Spears, more noted for her dancing and personal life than for her singing abilities, will be lip-synching her way through her chart topping hits. Caesars Entertainment said that Spears is using some pre-recorded accompaniments because the show’s choreography is “grueling.”

Britney will be performing at Planet Hollywood throughout 2014 and 2015, with fifty shows scheduled in total. The audience capacity was reduced to 4,500 seats from an originally planned 7,000, the AP said.

Casinos offer entertainment aplenty to ring in 2014

For those who prefer their casino entertainment in California rather than Nevada, Lake Tahoe might just be the place to go for New Year’s Eve.

The Sacramento Bee has published a roundup of various events and parties taking place in the beautiful ski resort town on the last day of 2013.

Among the highlights include the Snowglobe Music Festival that will showcase such acts as Snoop Dogg, Tiesto, Beats Antique, and Gramatic, just to name a few. The snow portion of the name will be fulfilled by athletes doing tricks off a 30-foot jump.

For nightclub enthusiasts, New Year’s Eve in Lake Tahoe will feature a “New Year’s Eve Extravaganza” going on at three nightclubs in town, each offering live music and other draws.

A full lineup of recommended events for those who want to ring in 2014 in style is available at the paper’s web site.

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