Bovada and Ignition Host Golden Spade Poker Open

Bovada and Ignition Host Golden Spade Poker Open

Poker players have had their pick of online tournament series this year, from PokerStars to PartyPoker and GGPoker… Oh wait, not if they live in the United States, though. Those in Nevada, Delaware, and Pennsylvania each have one option for state-regulated online poker, while players in New Jersey have several choices.

The rest of the American players do have something. There are poker sites that accept American players.

Bovada and Ignition are two of those sites, and luckily for players, they operate on the same poker network. This means they share player pools, creating opportunities for larger tournament guarantees and more game choices.

Both sites are now offering their tournament series called the Golden Spade Poker Open (GSPO). There are 166 tournaments and more than $10 million in prize pool guarantees.

GSPO Series Details

The eighth running of the Golden Spade Poker Open is showing its popularity this year. So many new players signed up for accounts on Bovada and Ignition this year that the sites upped the options.

The growth speaks for itself:

2016 GSPO = 100 events with $3.5M GTD

2017 GSPO = 112 events with $3M GTD

2018 GSPO = 119 events with $3.5M GTD

2019 GSPO = 140 events with $5M GTD

2020 GSPO = 166 events with $10M GTD

The action kicks off today, October 17, and runs through November 18.

Of course, there is a Main Event, but there is a miniature version, too. Both allow two reentries each and will take place on Sunday, November 15.

–Event 150:  $109 buy-in NLHE Mini Main Event ($200K GTD)

–Event 151:  $450 buy-in NLHE Main Event ($500K GTD)

There are other highlights throughout the series. Some of them are for the high rollers, and others are simply bonus tournaments at key times during the month of festivities. These are some of the most interesting:

–Event 1 (TODAY!):  $38.50 NLHE Warm-Up ($25K GTD)

–Event 2 (TODAY!):  $82 NLHE Kickoff ($30K GTD)

–Event 5 (Oct. 18):  $27.50 NLHE High Fives ($5,555 GTD)

–Event 6 (Oct. 18): $215 NLHE Sixty Six ($66,666 GTD)

–Event 7 (Oct. 18):  $82 NLHE Lucky Sevens ($77,777 GTD)

–Event 8 (Oct. 18):  $325 NLHE Anniversary ($208K GTD)

–Event 9 (Oct. 18):  $38.50 NLHE Mini Anniversary ($38,888 GTD)

–Event 14 (Oct. 19):  $500 NLHE Super High Roller ($150K GTD)

–Event 18 (Oct. 20):  $162 NLHE ($88,888 GTD)

–Event 19 (Oct. 20):  $1,055 NLHE Super Duper High Roller ($150K GTD)

–Event 44 (Oct. 25):  $325 NLHE High Roller ($200K GTD)

–Event 50 (Oct. 26):  $500 NLHE Super High Roller ($150K GTD)

–Event 58 (Oct. 28):  $270 NLHE ($100K GTD)

–Event 78 (Nov. 1):  $270 NLHE Monster Stack ($150K GTD)

–Event 80 (Nov. 1):  $325 NLHE High Roller ($200K GTD)

–Event 86 (Nov. 2):  $500 NLHE Super High Roller ($150K GTD)

–Event 88 (Nov. 3):  $27.50 NLHE Crazy Eights ($8,888 GTD)

–Event 91 (Nov. 3):  $1,055 NLHE Super Duper High Roller ($150K GTD)

–Event 95 (Nov. 4):  $55 PLO Niner ($9,999 GTD)

–Event 99 (Nov. 5):  $270 NLHE Major Niner ($99,999 GTD)

–Event 116 (Nov. 8):  $325 NLHE High Roller ($200K GTD)

–Event 122 (Nov. 9):  $500 NLHE Super High Roller ($150K GTD)

–Event 149 (Nov. 15):  $82 NLHE Early Bird Main Event ($15K GTD)

–Event 152 (Nov. 15):  $325 NLHE High Roller ($200K GTD)

–Event 153 (Nov. 15):  $82 NLHE 2nd Chance ($50K GTD)

–Event 157 (Nov. 16):  $500 NLHE Super High Roller ($150K GTD)

–Event 160 (Nov. 17):  $5.50 NLHE Micro Roller ($7,500 GTD)

–Event 161 (Nov. 17):  $1,055 NLHE Super Duper High Roller ($150K GTD)

–Event 163 (Nov. 18):  $27.50 NLHE Early Closer ($5K GTD)

The series may be mostly No Limit Hold’em, but there is some Pot Limit Omaha action in there, along with plenty of variety in the structures and formats. There are unlimited reentry events, those with turbo structures, and quite a few offering more chips – even monster chips! – than the standard event. There are knockouts and ante-up events, low rollers and low buy-ins.

Bovada and Ignition are running satellites now and throughout the GSPO. Get in for as little as $1.


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