Bovada Holiday Series Underway Through January 7

Bovada Holiday Series Underway Through January 7

Nearly every poker site is celebrating the holidays this year, as well as the celebration of a new year. Bovada is no different and kicked off its Holiday Series 2020 this weekend.

The series offers a wide range of tournament options across its schedule of 63 events. There are buy-ins geared toward the casual player, aimed at providing some fun this holiday season but also the chance to win some bankroll-changing money.

With more than $3 million in prize pool guarantees, the Holiday Series kicked off with a solid turnout this weekend. But there is plenty more action, as the series runs through January 7.

Big Turnout, Bigger Prize Pools

The series started on Saturday, December 26, with solid numbers. But it was the Sunday events that showed the strength of the series. Here are some of the results from Sunday, December 27:

Event 11: $135 NLHE with $20 KO ($30K GTD)

–Total entries: 415

–Total prize pool: $43,575

–Total paid: 90 ($7,018.92 for winner)

Event 13: $325 NLHE High Roller ($120K GTD)

–Total entries: 654

–Total prize pool: $196,200

–Total paid: 135 ($30,527.31 for winner)

Event 14: $44 NLHE ($30K GTD)

–Total entries: 1,171

–Total prize pool: $46,840

–Total paid: 243 ($6,613.47 for winner)

Prize pools are seriously surpassing the guarantees so far.

Much Poker Remains in Series

The 2020 Holiday Series is far from over. Only two days played out so far, so the majority of the 63-event series remains open. Let’s check out the rest of the schedule:

Monday, December 28

-Event 16: $27.50 NLHE w/20K chips ($4K GTD)

-Event 17: $82 NLHE Lucky 7s ($27,777 GTD)

-Event 18: $215 NLHE w/20K chips ($40K GTD)

-Event 19: $109 NLHE Turbo w/20K chips ($30K GTD)

Tuesday, December 29

-Event 20: $27.50 NLHE 2020 Special ($4K GTD)

-Event 21: $162 NLHE w/20K chips ($50K GTD)

-Event 22: $82 NLHE Crazy 8s ($28,888 GTD)

-Event 23: $27.50 NLHE Turbo w/20K chips ($10K GTD)

Wednesday, December 30

-Event 24: $27.50 NLHE w/20K chips ($4K GTD)

-Event 25: $44 NLHE w/20K chips ($20K GTD)

-Event 26: $162 NLHE w/20K chips ($40K GTD)

-Event 27: $215 NLHE Turbo ($30K GTD)

Friday, January 1, 2021

-Event 28: $23.10 NLHE w/21K chips ($4K GTD)

-Event 29: $27.50 NLHE w/21-min levels ($8K GTD)

-Event 30: $109 NLHE w/21K chips ($21K GTD)

-Event 31: $23.10 NLHE 2021 Special ($21K GTD)

-Event 32: $44 NLHE w/21K chips ($21K GTD)

-Event 33: $82 NLHE 6-Handed ($21K GTD)

-Event 34: $215 NLHE Deepstack ($50K GTD)

-Event 35: $162 NLHE Turbo w/21K chips ($21K GTD)

Saturday, January 2

-Event 36: $27.50 NLHE Ante-Up ($2,020 GTD)

-Event 37: $135 NLHE Ante-Up w/$21 KO ($12K GTD)

-Event 38: $16.50 NLHE 6-Handed ($10K GTD)

-Event 39: $270 NLHE 6-Handed SS ($75K GTD)

-Event 40: $215 NLHE Turbo ($21K GTD)

Sunday, January 3

-Event 41: $82 NLHE Early Bird Main Event ($10K GTD)

-Event 42: $44 NLHE Major Niner ($21K GTD)

-Event 43: $109 NLHE Mini Main Event ($75K GTD)

-Event 44: $270 NLHE Main Event ($150K GTD)

-Event 45: $325 NLHE High Roller ($121K GTD)

-Event 46: $27.50 NLHE w/21K chips ($21K GTD)

-Event 47: $215 NLHE Super Turbo ($21K GTD)

Monday, January 4

-Event 48: $27.50 NLHE 6-Handed MS ($4K GTD)

-Event 49: $500 NLHE Super High Roller ($121K GTD)

-Event 50: $82 NLHE w/21K chips ($21K GTD)

-Event 51: $44 PLO Turbo ($5K GTD)

Tuesday, January 5

-Event 52: $27.50 NLHE w/21K chips ($4K GTD)

-Event 53: $1,055 NLHE Super Duper High Roller ($121K GTD)

-Event 54: $2.20 NLHE Micro Roller ($2021 GTD)

-Event 55: $109 NLHE w/55K chips ($21K GTD)

Wednesday, January 6

-Event 56: $27.50 NLHE Deepstack w/21-min levels ($4K GTD)

-Event 57: $23.10 NLHE 2021 Special ($21K GTD)

-Event 58: $162 NLHE Crazy 8s ($38,888 GTD)

-Event 59: $215 NLHE Major Niner ($29K GTD)

Thursday, January 7

-Event 60: $27.50 NLHE Escalating Levels ($4K GTD)

-Event 61: $325 NLHE High Roller ($75K GTD)

-Event 62: $27.50 NLHE Low Roller ($21K GTD)

-Event 63: $162 NLHE Turbo ($40K GTD)

Note that the Main Event options are set for January 3 – a Sunday, of course – with the primary one requiring a $270 buy-in but guaranteeing $150K in the prize pool.

The highest buy-in of the series is on January 5 in Event 53, requiring more than $1K to play. On the other hand, there are tournaments as low as $2.20 on the schedule.

The only remaining Omaha tournament is Event 51 on January 4.

Keep in mind that there are satellites running for all of the events. And satellites to the Main Event start at just $2.20.

Also note that there are Holiday Series Special tournaments running for the next two Sundays, each with 21K chips, a $162 buy-in, and a massive $221K guaranteed. These are not official events of the series but offer the highest guarantees in the coming weeks.


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