BetOnline Dollar Insanity and April Main Event April 25

BetOnline Dollar Insanity and April Main Event April 25

Online poker sites around the world are hosting April tournament series. They signal the beginning of the spring and summer tournament seasons as well as the welcoming of spring.

BetOnline decided to do something a little different this month.

Players will find a $100 buy-in Main Event on Sunday, April 18 with a substantial $150K guarantee. Then, there will be two big tournaments set for Sunday, April 25 on BetOnline. One is the April Main Event with a $100 buy-in and $225K guarantee. The other is Dollar Insanity, wherein players must qualify for the event with a $10K guarantee.

Sunday Main Events

Like all other poker sites, BetOnline offers a solid Sunday lineup. The biggest day of online poker on BetOnline gives players options from the $6 buy-in Rebuy with its $5K guarantee up to the $215 Monster with its $50K guarantee. There are other options in the middle of those bookends.

Every Sunday, BetOnline also offers a Main Event. It is typically a $109 buy-in tournament hosted at 1pm ET on Sundays with a $150K guarantee. That is on the calendar already for April 18.

However, taking a look at the April 25 lineup reveals a special Main Event. That April Main Event on the last Sunday of the month keeps the buy-in at $109 but ups the guarantee to $225K.

–$102.25 + $6.75 buy-in NLHE April Main Event ($225K GTD)

—-Starting stack: 200,000 chips

—-Reentries: 9 after initial entry

—-Levels: 10 minutes

—-Breaks: 5 minutes at the end of each hour

—-Late registration: 24 levels

—-Time constraints: 15 seconds for action, 75-second time bank

The biggest satellite for this event is set for April 25 at 10:30am ET. The buy-in of $8.40 will go toward a guarantee of 75 seats to the April Main Event.

Dollar Insanity

The best thing about Dollar Insanity is the buy-in versus the guarantee. The prize pool will be at least $10K. And most players will either win their seats for free or buy-in for $1.10.

–Ticket buy-in NLHE Dollar Insanity ($10K GTD)

—-Starting stack: 1,000 chips

—-Rebuys: allowed, 1 add-on permitted

—-Levels: 5 minutes

—-Late registration: 11 levels

—-Time constraints: 15 seconds for action, 30-second time bank

Anyone can win a ticket in one of two ways.

Players can log in through the BetOnline mobile platform to play in daily Dollar Mobile Freerolls. These take place four times daily: 10am ET, 12noon ET, 7pm ET, and 9pm ET. Second, players can rake $1 in poker to win a ticket to daily Instant All-In Shootouts. These are running all the time and pay out the top 100 players with tickets to the Dollar Insanity tournament.

Simply click on the “My Missions” tab in the lobby or “Contests” via mobile to opt in and get that seat.




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