BetOnline Builds Dollar Insanity Tournament

BetOnline Builds Dollar Insanity Tournament

Quite often, online poker tournaments with big buy-ins and massive guarantees distort the real world of poker for most players. The majority of players cannot afford to pony up $1,000 or more for one tournament; in reality, a $200 buy-in is tough for many players.

BetOnline knows this. That’s why they created the Dollar Insanity event.

The folks at BetOnline want to give all players a real chance to win, so they devised this tournament with $1 buy-ins and $25,000 guaranteed. Even more, players can qualify to play for free.

What is Dollar Insanity?

The term “insanity” may hit a little close to home for poker players around the world who are quarantined in some way. Even so, the “insanity” for BetOnline refers to the low buy-in and massive guarantee.

On April 26, BetOnline will run a $1 buy-in tournament with a $25,000 prize pool guarantee.

That’s it. There is no catch or requirement. Any player can compete for just $1.

Ways to Play for Free

Some players have micro-stakes bankrolls, and investing a dollar may be more than a normal buy-in. But there are also people who just like a discount. Who wouldn’t want to play a $25K GTD event for free?

BetOnline is running daily qualifiers. They are “Instant All In” events, where players must move all-in on every hand. The atmosphere in these events is exciting and fast-paced, and they are free.

Players simply opt in through the “My Missions” page of the website and generate $1 in rake through cash games to qualify. There are four qualifiers running daily, and the top 15 finishers in each one will win seats to the Dollar Insanity tournament. The qualifiers are as follows:

–7am ET:  For players qualifying between 12am and 5:59am

–1pm ET:  For players qualifying between 6am and 11:59am

–7pm ET:  For players qualifying between 12pm and 5:50pm

–1am ET:  For players qualifying between 6pm and 11:59pm

Upgraded Weekly Tournament Schedule

Those who might be new to BetOnline or haven’t visited the online poker site in awhile will be pleasantly surprised at the new weekly tournaments with guarantees. Now, there are more than $2.5 million in guarantees each week.

One of the primary draws is the Sunday Main Event, which runs each week at 1pm ET with a $100K guaranteed prize pool. The regular buy-in is $109, but players can get in on satellites that start as low as $5.50. There are qualifiers every day of the week, each with at least a few seats guaranteed.

There is also a weekly Mega Satellite for the Sunday Main Event that requires only 38,500 points to enter on Sunday mornings at 11am ET. This one guarantees at least 45 seats to the Main Event.

Keep in mind, there are also weekly Sunday Main Events in mini form with a $22 buy-in and micro form with a $2.20 buy-in.

Check out this list of daily tournaments, all with guaranteed prize pools:

–Daily Dozen: 12 tournaments with $11 to $109 buy-ins

–Daily Mini Dozen:  12 tournaments with $3.30 to $22 buy-ins

–Twisted Turbos:  9 tournaments (including bounties and PKOs) with $2.20 to $55 buy-ins

–Bare Knuckle Bounties:  5 tournaments with $5.50 to $22 buy-ins

–Operation Omaha:  5 tournaments with $2.20 to $22 buy-ins

–Rebuy Frenzy:  $11 buy-in event with unlimited rebuys and $10K GTD

A more complete list of tournaments, complete with their guarantees, start times, and other details, is on the website.



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