Best Sunshine Casino in Saipan Interested in Hiring 180 U.S. Casino Workers

Saipan’s Best Sunshine International Casino plans to hire 180 experience U.S. casino workers, including dealers, cashiers, and shift managers. Saipan is a commonwealth of the United States, located in the Marianas Island chain. The inhabitants of the island of 48,220 people are considered U.S. citizens and the island is governed by American federal laws. Any of the 8,000 Atlantic City casino employees who lost their job due to closings in 2014 are welcome to apply.

The only catch for the Atlantic City casino workers is this: the Best Sunshine International Casino is 8,000 miles away from Atlantic City. Still, the new employment opportunity is a chance to see a far-flung part of the American landscape, while enjoying exotic customs and scenery.

Job Fair in Atlantic City

The job search was conducted by Renard International Hospitality Search. RIHS held a job fair on Wednesday and Thursday this week in Atlantic City. Best Sunshine Casino is offering a signing bonus to any experienced casino workers willing to relocate by July 10, 2015. To do so, they would have to be willing to move to the U.S. Commonwealth in the Northern Mariana Islands.

Signing Bonuses Offered

Besides the signing bonus, pay starts at $40,000 for casino workers and $45,000 to $70,000 for management positions. The full package of benefits includes free travel between Saipan and Atlantic City, health insurance, free accommodations, and one free meal during working hours.

The owners want to hire people with experience who know the language and can cater to a group of tourists which includes American vacationers and local residents, along with Asian high-rollers and mass market players.

While gaming at the Best Sunshine International Casino is likely to be slightly different than in the United States–due to the influx of Asian gamblers–most of the games are likely to be quite similar to what was played at the Showboat, Revel Casino, Trump Plaza, and Atlantic Club. When those 4 Atlantic City casinos closed in 2014, eight thousand jobs were lost. Subsequent stories show that many of the casino employees never found gainful employement in the months since.

Revel Casino Reopening

Casino workers who do not care to relocate might be able to find a job at the Revel Casino in the near-future. Glenn Straub, who purchased the casino for $83 million earlier this spring, says the Revel will not reopen anytime this summer. Still, he expects to open for business later in 2015. When this happens, the Revel Casino is likely to hire over a thousand dealers, cashiers, and managers.

About Saipan: Where You Might Live

For those who want to know about Saipan, it it located in the central Pacific Ocean. During the Colonial Period, Saipan was controlled by the Spanish Empire, the 2nd German Reich, and the Empire of Japan.

Thus, it has an interesting ethnic mix. Fifty percent of the population is Asian in origin, mainly from China and the Philippines. 33.6% is Pacific Islander, including natives who are known as Chamorro. 12.9% is mixed race, while 2% is listed as Caucasian. The remaining 1.5% of the population consists of people of Hispanic and African descent.

Why Saipan Is a US Territory

Saipan played a key role in United States history. It is one of 15 islands in the Northern Mariana Islands. Along with Guam, it forms the Mariana Islands, a U.S. commonwealth. The island came into U.S. possession in 1944, when the U.S. Navy seized the island from Japanese imperial forces. The Battle of Saipan took place from June 15 until July 9, 1944.

Combat cost the American side 3,426 killed and 10,364 wounded, out of a force of 71,000 soldiers, marines, and sailors. The casualties for Japan were much higher: 24,000 killed, 5,000 additional suicides, and 921 prisoners out of a force of 31,000 troops. Also, 22,000 citizens died in the battle, mostly by suicide.

Battle of the Philippine Sea

The islands were also the site of a naval battle, The Battle of the Philippine Sea (June 19-20), also dubbed the A-Go Offensive. In the so-called “Marianas Turkey Shoot”, this battle led to the destruction of 3 Japanese aircraft carriers and about 50% of its remaining naval air power, thus ending Japan’s ability to conduct major naval operations in the Pacific. Due to the loss of Saipan, Guam, and Tinian, Prime Minister Hideki Tojo fell from power in Japan, because he had been unable to keep his promise that the US would never break through the Japanese home island’s defensive perimeter.

Possession of the Marianas allowed the United States to send Boeing B-29 Superfortress long-range bombers to bomb the Japanese mainland, due to its proximity within 1,500 miles of Japan. Over the course of the next year, the U.S. Army Air Corps pounded Japanese cities, eventually laying waste to all but the holy city of Kyoto, which was spared. From nearby Tinian Island in August 1945, the US launched the atom bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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