American Gaming Association Grows Membership by Three

This week saw a big announcement from the powerful gambling lobbying group the American Gaming Association (AGA).

This week the AGA made it known that three well-known gaming companies would be joining its ranks, with Churchill Downs, Wynn Resorts, and Station Casinos all signing on.

Additions help shape AGA’s future plans

“This is a critical step in the AGA’s evolution as a representative of the entire gaming industry. We will continue to be passionate advocates for the enormous value the gaming industry provides and there is increasing support for our agenda,” said Geoff Freeman, the AGA’s relatively new president, via a press release put out earlier this week.

The addition of the three companies will help solidify the organization’s to-do list for 2014, which the press release said “includes widespread promotion of the value the gaming industry provides to local communities, enhancements to the regulatory process that promote greater efficiency and innovation, and a crackdown on entities that engage in gaming in an unlicensed and unregulated manner.”

Good week for Wynn in Massachusetts

Throwing in its lot with the AGA wasn’t the only thing Wynn had to celebrate in recent days.

The company, which was been jockeying to win a competition in Massachusetts to gain the sole land-based casino license that will be granted for the Boston metropolitan area, saw that process move a step forward this week, with state gaming regulators declaring the company suitable to operate in the Bay State following the completion of a mandatory background investigation.

While the company has been given the all clear by Massachusetts officials, there was one caveat, according to the Boston Herald, that being continued monitoring of the company’s business practices in the Asian gaming mecca of Macau.

“I’ve been doing this for 47 years. I must say I’ve had good days and bad days on this job. People who seek to trick people, to connive or misbehave, they have unlimited resources to find new ways of doing it. We pretty much stay ahead of that,” Wynn said at a hearing held by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission last Monday.

“But I have to tell you, in the years I’ve been in Macao, and having been in this business for 47 years, I am thoroughly impressed with the energy, the integrity that has been brought to bear in Macao by that government and that regulatory agency as … It’s the squarest place I’ve ever been. I’m proud to be in Macao,” Wynn continued.

The official deadline for Massachusetts casino license applications is December 31. The state will grant up to three licenses for Nevada-style casino resorts early next year, in addition to one license for a slots only gambling parlor.

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