Aido and Adams Among EPT Monte Carlo Winners

Aido and Adams Among EPT Monte Carlo Winners

The European Poker Tour has been a staple on the world poker scene for more than a dozen years. Locations have changed throughout those years, and the number of players in the events has varied, but the EPT has been and remains a signature part of the PokerStars live tour offering.

This year, the EPT again held its season finale in Monaco, with the Sporting Monte-Carlo as the home for the EPT Grand Final. The 14th running of the series offered a variety of tournaments, but there were several that held highly-coveted titles.

Of course, there was the EPT Main Event, but there were also several major high roller tournaments.

Let’s get to the results.

Loosli Wins €10K NLHE

The first large buy-in of the 2019 PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo produced these numbers:

Event:  €10K NLHE

Entries:  70

Prize pool:  €679,000

Players paid:  9

Minimum payout:  €19,690

Erik Seidel finished Day 1 with the chip lead, and Day 2 took nine players into the money after Philipp Gruissem busted on the bubble. Then, Pablo Melogno cashed, as did Thomas Muehloecker, Ole Schemion, leaving a six-handed final table with Charlie Carrel holding a massive lead over his competitors going into Day 3. He could not hold it, though, and Sylvain Loosli came from behind to win.

1st place:  Sylvain Loosli (France) €198,610

2nd place:  Georgios Kitsios (Greece) €142,590

3rd place:  Seth Davies (US) €92,680

4th place:  Charlie Carrel (UK) €69,940

5th place:  Erik Seidel (US) €54,320

6th place:  Joao Vieira (Portugal) €42,100

Aido Wins €100K Super High Roller

The largest of the buy-ins at this year’s series resulted in many of the usual high roller players in action:

Event:  €100K NLHE Super High Roller

Entries:  52

Prize pool:  €5,045,040

Players paid:  7

Minimum payout:  €264,860

Wiktor Malinowski held the first day’s chip lead, and he did make it through Day 2 with eight other players, but it was Daniel Dvoress holding the biggest stack. Sam Greenwood was in the top three and trying to repeat his 2018 win in this event. Day 3 saw Luc Greenwood ousted first and then Koray Aldemir out on the money bubble. Malinowski busted in seventh, and the official final table began with Greenwood in the lead. But Sergio Aido had the momentum on Day 3 and took it to victory.

1st place:  Sergio Aido (Spain) €1,589,190

2nd place:  Jesus Cortes (Spain) €1,147,750

3rd place:  Sam Greenwood (Canada) €731,530

4th place:  Daniel Dvoress (Canada) €554,950

5th place:  Mikita Badziakouski (Belarus) €428,830

6th place:  Charlie Carrel (UK) €327,930

Adams Wins €25K High Roller

On April 29, the €25K NLHE High Roller was on tap, and it was a single-day event with unlimited reentries. That delivered the following numbers:

Event:  €25K NLHE High Roller

Entries:  83

Prize pool:  €1,992,830

Players paid:  11

Minimum payout:  €55,699

Sergio Aido bubbled the tournament, leaving the payouts to be delivered to Tsugunari Toma, then Matthias Eibinger, Ole Schemion, Chan Wei Leong, and Ali Reza Fatehi. Charlie Carrel and Kazuhiko Yotsushika dominated much of the final-six action. But Sean Winter made a comeback, only to suffer elimination at the hands of winner Timothy Adams.

1st place:  Tim Adams (Canada) €548,030

2nd place:  Sean Winter (US) €389,600

3rd place:  Kazuhiko Yotsushika (Japan) €255,080

4th place:  Charlie Carrel (UK) €196,290

5th place:  Alex Foxen (US) €155,440

6th place:  Isaac Haxton (US) €121,560

Eibinger Wins €50K High Roller

Another single-day event offered a €50K buy-in to the high-stakes players in Monte Carlo, and the tournament had a good turnout:

Event:  €50K NLHE High Roller

Entries:  58

Prize pool:  €2,842,000

Players paid:  8

Minimum payout:  €112,540

By the dinner break, only nine players remained. A double-bustout hand then ousted Daniel Dvoress on the money bubble and Seth Davies as the first player paid. Michael Soyza then took seventh place as Michael Eibinger took a solid lead into play, and he struggled at the final table but still claimed the win in the end.

1st place:  Matthias Eibinger (Austria) €844,080

2nd place:  Alex Foxen (US) €610,550

3rd place:  Wai Leong Chan (Malaysia) €393,900

4th place:  Ben Heath (UK) €298,240

5th place:  Alexander Uskov (Russia) €230,710

6th place:  Jean-Noel Thorel (France) €180,070

Pollak Wins €25K High Roller

Another €25K event took the spotlight, though this was not a single-day event as was the previous one. But this one drew more players to its slower structure:

Event:  €25K NLHE High Roller


Prize pool:  €3,374,630

Players paid:  20

Minimum payout:  €43,870

Mike Watson jumped out to the lead on Day 1. After the dinner break on Day 2, the money bubble burst as Richard Yong exited in 21st place. Kristin Bicknell was the first to cash in the event, and others who followed included Erik Seidel, Sean Winter, Mohsin Charania, Luc Greenwood, and Watson in 13th place. Sergio Aido led the final nine players, and Day 3 saw Joao Vieiera, Daniel Dvoress, and Laurynas Levinskas out to leave only six. When Benjamin Pollak and Koray Aldemir finally made it to heads-up, the two agreed on a deal to each take home €665,840 but play for the trophy and an additional €50K. And it was Pollak who finished in the top spot.

1st place:  Benjamin Pollak (France) €705,840

2nd place:  Koray Aldemir (Germany) €665,840

3rd place:  Marton Czuczor (Hungary) €364,460

4th place:  Laszlo Bujtas (Hungary) €300,340

5th place:  Michael Addamo (Australia) €241,290

6th place:  Sergio Aido (Spain) €188,980

Kempe Wins €25K NLHE

One of the last tournaments on the EPT Monte Carlo schedule was a last €25K opportunity, and there were certainly enough players anxious to get into the May 3-4 event.

Event:  €25K NLHE

Entries:  53

Prize pool:  €1,272,530

Players paid:  7

Minimum payout:  €66,800

Of the 17 players who made it through Day 1, Adrian Mateos held the chip lead. But Mateos was the player who bubbled the money on Day 2. Richard Yong then busted in the money, and Joao Simao kept his chip lead going until heads-up play against Rainer Kempe. And it was Kempe who had the chip lead then and ended up with the win.

1st place:  Rainer Kempe (Germany) €400,850

2nd place:  Joao Simao (Brazil) €289,500

3rd place:  Andre Akkari (Brazil) €184,520

4th place:  David Peters (US) €139,980

5th place:  Steve O’Dwyer (Ireland) €108,170

6th place:  Seth Davies (US) €82,710


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